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  1. I was thinking that too but this would only apply to shield frames with decent armor and health. Most shield based frames can't take 3 hits past level 40 let alone 9 and for each damage type. Maybe if we finally get shieldgating that might be a viable way to make all shield frames tanky.
  2. I literally don't comprehend what you're trying to say or argue. Can you articulate your point more clearly? An elite lancer can deal puncture and slash damage. A single volley of shots is enough to reset the damage adaptation. I don't think DE would design a mod that has to ramp up to 9 stacks if it can easily be reset this way in a single volley of shots. 90% dr isn't that great and the dr has to ramp up for each damage type. Seems balanced enough. Probably doesn't help squishy or shield frames that much though.
  3. There's no way. There's too many damage types for a single enemy unit let alone for every possible unit in a mission. They wouldn't give it 9 stacks if that were the case. I think it's more likely that the resistance duration doesn't refresh at max stacks so you can only have 90% reduction for 20s until it resets.
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