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  1. You don't have to stay in the mech 100% of the time you know, you can use Warframes everywhere except within the Orphix bubbles, and you can even use spoiler mode inside the bubbles for whatever minor travelling you need to do there. Using your mech from the gear wheel while it is already active will teleport it to you with no cooldown if you need to bring it to you. I personally don't mind mech movement too much as they fit through 90% of openings and you can jump/glide over areas with lots of boxes in the way or whatever, but as above, using the mech for movement isn't even required if
  2. No more Heavy Blades, that's my first request. There are too many Prime Heavy Blades and each one just powercreeps the previous one out of existence. Second request is that if we get more Melee weapons, give them a unique charge attack or anything to make them different or unique to other melees outside of having good stats. I know some of them have minor buffs like "+10% sprint speed while held" or whatever, but that's clearly just a cheap attempt at making them unique. For actual weapons, Furis (the single one). A) it's a classic weapon that deserves to be good outside of its Purit
  3. There is no way in hell that isn't a bug. There is no way that DE would look at adding skins and deliberately say "let's make these cosmetic skins make certain weapons objectively weaker". The only other remotely similar example of this is with certain melee skins like the Brokk and Manticore, but those are several years old and essentially irrelevant. I assume DE will fix it with the coming big update next week. If they weren't less than a week away from a new Warframe and Operation then they'd probably have time to do it sooner.
  4. It's "burst" because the Akjagara fires two bullets at once, functionally its just a semi-automatic weapon. In fact, due to the burst property, and the fact that the two bullets hit basically the same spot, you're actually getting ~2x the listed DPS on the weapon. With an effective 20-round magazine plus a speedy 1.4s reload, using 2 bullets per shot is hardly an issue. The description for Akjagara Prime doesn't make any mention of automatic capability so I don't get why you assumed they would work any other way. If you're complaining that non-automatic weapons exist in a shooter game,
  5. The only problem I can think of with this is that if you look at all the explosive weapons in the game, explosion range is way too varied for a single increase number to work properly. For example, compare the Kuva Seer to the Angstrum, or the Lenz to the Acceltra. There's no way that a single number will be useful on one without breaking the other, or vice versa. A similar thing happened with Sinister Reach/Ruinous Extension back when they affected chaining beams like the Atomos and Amprex. The flat increase was normal for most weapons, but because the chains are supposed to be much shor
  6. There’s a sort of half-ring around the top of the orbiter’s main room, I think they look nice going around that. Fortunately the slates tessellate together really well.
  7. Did you do them solo or in a group? Affinity you get from assists (ie other players or allies getting kills) is spread amongst all your gear, as well as affinity you get from completing objectives (such as a Spy vault), but weapon kills only split the affinity between that weapon and your Warframe, and Warframe ability kills don't give weapons any affinity at all. This has been the case for multiple years at the very least, probably since the game launched. If they did actually change something, it would already be at the top of r/Warframe and all over the forums, it definitely wouldn't just b
  8. Depending on what Harrow/Rell's position as the icon of the Red Veil actually is, there's a chance Harrow is bound to celibacy by his "religion". Otherwise, I'd say Valkyr, they're both trauma buddies. Khora might be the obvious match on the surface, but Harrow isn't masochistic, his self-harm tendencies are part of his religion. Khora the kinkframe isn't a good fit for him.
  9. I think the main two things that need to happen are Infested Invasion rewards being balanced to the same quantity as Grineer/Corpus rewards, and longer missions like Survival and Defence getting different time requirements or maybe reducing the number you need to do. There's no reason for Mutagen Mass to be harder to get than the other two. Maybe it made sense 5-6 years ago when Infested Lab weapons were actually better, but not now. Should be changed for consistency. Whether or not 10-15 minutes is actually a long time for a mission, Survival/Defence missions just take a lot longer
  10. All the features are optional on their own, but there is a massive selection of optional tasks. Warframe relies on the idea that with all the optional tasks to do, players will enjoy a varied selection. If you don't enjoy ANY of the optional tasks available, many of which are just core gameplay with a fancy objective, then sure you might want to stop playing. But DE has been largely successful at providing enough content that most players will enjoy most available content to some degree, and the stuff they can't tolerate won't be holding them back. And the time DE puts into improving all those
  11. I'm a bit confused by your argument, because you start with talking about how different mission types are "forcing you to not use Warframes", but then for most of your examples you say that they'd be fine if they just had more content. Eidolons and Operators are pretty much entirely optional. You don't need Arcanes to make a good build. The only other reason to use Operators is wiping Sentient resistances, which is irrelevant to gear as even a single tick from the Mote Amp will do the job. K-Drives are possibly the least required content in Warframe. They are literally skateboards wh
  12. People have already mentioned it but here's another +1 to Octavia from me. Throw out Mallet with a decent range increase (don't bother with Resonator). Make sure to throw out Amp as well, as it will double the range and damage of Mallet. The Necramech will reflect itself to death, you don't even need to shoot it with anything. Definitely don't shoot its gun arm off as it will lose its most consistent DPS (against itself). Use Metronome to turn yourself invisible beforehand, remember to use a song with lots of notes to make it easier. This ensures that the Necramech won't switch targets to
  13. You're right that they're unremarkable on paper, especially compared to normal Arcanes, but I think the key thing missing here is that these Arcanes will probably be much easier to get than normal ones. Maxing normal Arcanes require 21 drops from an RNG table, fighting some of the least accessible/easy-to-understand bosses in the game. This grind requires you to fight the exact 3 bosses over and over, using the same mechanics and same strict loadout metas, and you can only do it during night cycles. It's no small feat to max out any normal Arcane at all, and I think even a lot of veteran playe
  14. I'm looking forward to certain potential features, it's very possible that it could be a rather boring update otherwise: 1. integration with Railjack. Might as well, would be fun. 2. more interesting weapon choices than with Liches. There are too many boring Lich weapons: why should I care about the Quartakk, Hind AND Karak, they all fill the same role. Corpus has a lot of zany weapons, give us Staticors, Convectrixes, Quantas, not Deras, Spectras and Tetras. Make the weapon options interesting, even if they end up as boring assault rifles or whatever, give them unique mechanics.
  15. I'm gonna take a complete stab in the dark and say they're pumping the Helium-3 throughout the facility. They're connected to pipes, but we don't touch them when we sabotage the facilities, and from what I can tell they aren't connected to a loading dock or whatever either. They're just gas pumps, or relays for the gas coming from other places or whatever. If Wukong used Cloud Walker into one he could go on a fantastic journey across the planet.
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