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  1. That just looks like the shield's stowed state. Every shield has that; when you don't have the shield equipped, they fold up a bit but stay on your arm, with the "sword" attached to the inside.
  2. I like them when they serve a purpose or a normal roll would look weird (apparently Hildryn is just too buff for a normal roll to work), but I agree they've probably done enough by now. Sevagoth's dodge just looks like a bullet jump; is there any reason he can't just do a normal roll? Same with Protea, she just does a flip instead of a roll for no reason. Alt-dodges can be cool, but if they're gonna do them for every new frame then there's no reason to be that interested in them.
  3. I think the best way to do it would just be specific locations on the ship where you can put specific cosmetic items. Like in a given room there are a few specific spots, maybe the roof, some wall space and a corner, where you can put specific items designated for those spots. That way DE can control which items can be used in which locations, to avoid stuff like lag from too many items, or items getting in the way during combat/moving around. A lot of other games use this system for their "home base" customisation so it's not like DE would have to reinvent the wheel. Other than that, stu
  4. Definitely wish we could keep the elements after casting an ability. It's tedious to have to enter the elements for every single ability cast, especially considering Vial Rush only has a cooldown of a few seconds. Also if we could modify the elements after they've been entered, that'd be great too. This change would probably be mandatory if the above change was made.
  5. A kimono or other style of traditional Japanese clothing would definitely be cool, but they might as well not be gender-specific. If specifically kimonos are a no, then really just any sort of long robe on Operators would be nice as well. All we've got are weird little tassels and strings.
  6. I think this ship has sailed mate. Bladestorm hasn't been "press 4 to kill area" for years now, and since then it's also had 3 major changes. I don't see why DE would ever revert several years of reworks, especially when Ash isn't really in a bad spot right now. Sure he's not top-tier, but he fills a niche and can get by in most reasonably-levelled content, same as most other Warframes. As it is now, you can get pretty effective results by activating then waggling the mouse around for a second. If you want to join the stabbing you can then Teleport onto a marked target. In favourable cond
  7. Looks like Verglas is pretty much objectively better than the Cryotra too, higher fire rate and damage, with essentially the same status chance. The Cryotra basically invalidated the Artax when it came out too. Is this like a Power Girl situation, where some sneaky dev just keeps adding sentinel ice-beam guns forever until someone at the top notices?
  8. It does say that on the actual mission nodes, but not in the alert window, ie on things like Steel Path Alerts and Fissures. It's really dumb, but seems like an oversight more than anything else, so ideally it would be easy to fix.
  9. Change the shield recharge calculations so that shields recharge at a % of max per second, rather than a flat number per second. All problems and exploits are now solved. Shield-based builds go from "reduce shield capacity" to "shield recharge mods", which still leaves room for other shield mods as well.
  10. Power creep isn't just about players getting stronger compared to enemies, it's about new gear making old gear worthless. The Scindo, Galatine and Gram Prime are all equally difficult to get, but why would you bother getting the Scindo when the other two are pretty much objectively better? Why would you bother with almost any Prime weapon released more than a year or so ago if you're looking for a good weapon, when newer Primes are statistically better and actually easier to get? This is power creep in action. When newer gear is designed to appeal to players by being objectively better th
  11. Biggest issue is that Voidrig has damage AND defence. Nothing is gonna be able to beat full-auto artillery cannons dealing millions of damage with ease, and lower HP doesn't make up for Storm Shroud defending far better than the Bonewidow shield. If Bonewidow is to be taken seriously she needs much better wide area damage, and/or better defences. Give her health regen in some way, and maybe give the sword some AOE energy pulses or some junk, just as basic initial additions. Then either change the 3 into a primer that buffs damage for her other abilities, or make the pull go all the way ar
  12. They were just as functional as our current Relays. In fact, nobody could really tell which ones were going to be destroyed (maybe some Fomorians had more health or something to ensure some got through, but it wasn't immediately obvious). You could even enter the Relays and get a Vay Hek transmission right as the Fomorian was about to fire.
  13. Ah, my memory was foggy but the Eyes of Blight wiki page has the details of exactly what happened to every Relay. There indeed wasn't a Jupiter Relay, or any at Mars, Phobos or Ceres either. Just Mercury, Venus, Earth, Saturn, Europa, Eris and Pluto, with 4 destroyed on every platform and one repaired.
  14. The Fomorian and Razorback events are actually rigged, they'll always die before reaching the Relay, no matter what. The original Eyes of Blight operation did feature Fomorians killing Relays; there was originally a Relay for every planet, but they were destroyed until only 3 were left on each platform. One Relay was rebuilt during the Pyrus Project operation, either Earth's or Mercury's depending on platform, and you can tell because it's got a different style. Other than that no Relays have been rebuilt (Maroo's Bazaar technically doesn't count as a Relay). I imagine DE would like to a
  15. On a more serious note, I think if you look at the big picture you'll see that in the last few years, the devs have really listened to the community and added some of the most sought-after changes and additions. For example: Armor scaling changes. People had asking for less dramatic armor scaling ever since level 40+ enemies became feasible to fight. They changed that scaling last year. Editable Warframe abilities. Since forever, people have been saying "hey what if we could change what abilities our Warframes have?". The Helminth system achieved that idea. Open Worlds. This is
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