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  1. If you kill the Lich then you get everything he stole back. They can also steal much rarer stuff than that, people have had Rivens and even Ephemera blueprints stolen.
  2. I think it'd be cool to have a homing mod that makes them home a little bit, like they can veer and hit targets within a short distance from the crosshair, but maybe not directly targeting every enemy in a radius like Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy. That sounds like a recipe for a boring meta where bows are better than everything else because they wipe rooms for free. Bows have some of the highest per-shot damage in the game so they need to be at least partially balanced by the number of targets they can hit in a timeframe. That said, having a single weapon that bounces a projectile between enemies, ie not just a bouncy bullet, could be pretty fun just for the spectacle.
  3. Ordis is most likely, but it also seems that DE is putting in effort to use more characters as mission handlers. Cy is the handler for Railjack, Little Duck does Disruption, Eudico does Vallis missions, Konzu does PoE missions. I think either Ordis will pick up everything that digi-lotus did previously, or a wide range of characters will all help by doing 1 or 2 mission types each.
  4. Yeah, I think they need to turn down the importance of blocking in the order of things that can happen, having blocking cancel attacks and stuff (particularly heavy attacks) is a bit annoying.
  5. Occasionally on Pluto a dropship will fly down and drop off troops, there's a 50% chance (IIRC) that it will drop off an Ambulas mini-boss as well. Defeating and then hacking the Ambulas (like a Bursa) will drop some Animo beacons.
  6. If you hold the melee button weapon switch button it will fully equip your melee weapon (so that aiming doesn't go back to guns), in this state you can manually block and auto-blocking doesn't occur. That's the best solution for if you want to use melee primarily without guns, if you want to use quick melee then the best way to play is to make sure you're shooting when you aren't melee-ing, that way you aren't standing there autoblocking.
  7. So do players just get a pop-up saying "insert a bunch of polarities now", or do they have to level them again, or what? The first problem that springs to mind for me is that Kuva weapons gain more Ranks to complete each time they get a new Forma (up to 5), so if people had multiple of a weapon, they could deliberately forma them all separately and then combine them, to avoid the extra work of having to gain those additional ranks between 30 and 40. Ranking up 5 weapons to level 32 then combining them requires a decent amount less Affinity than ranking one weapon up to 40.
  8. Catalysts and Forma etc. only stay on the weapon you fuse into, IE the weapon you clicked "actions" on. That weapon keeps its element and enhancements, and the other weapon disappears, while the first weapon gets a boost to its elemental bonus. If you didn't do it that way, log a job with support and they'll probably be able to reverse the process and give both weapons back so you can try again. Otherwise you're looking at a bug, in which case still log a job with support I guess.
  9. Give Exalted melee the ability to equip Blood Rush and Combo mods and they should be fine. IMO that's all they need to do. The fact that they can't equip those mods is a relic of old design philosophy that became obsolete when Condition Overload was allowed to be equipped on Exalted melee, and became even more obsolete when Melee 3.0 cemented CO and BR as the two giants of endgame melee.
  10. Something to check is this (from the patch notes): *PS: It matters which order you Valence Fuse them in. The weapon that you START from, the one where you click "Actions", is the one that will be kept with its investments. If you knew that already then you've definitely had a bug occur, as they have specifically stated it should carry Forma across. Make a post in the Feedback section of the Forums (DE doesn't really read General Discussion) and then log a ticket with Support to get your stuff back. They'll probably even give your stuff back if it wasn't a bug and you just messed up the transfer as per the above note.
  11. Games like Warframe thrive on new content. Fixing old stuff doesn't engage players nearly as much as brand new stuff. If a player has finished everything in the game and has nothing to work towards, an old frame getting a rework isn't really going to entice them to continue playing, because other than trying it out for a bit, they aren't going to use it for anything. New content also generates hype and news content, which both bring in new players, while reworks don't. You won't see Kotaku or Polygon or some other site with a headline of "Warframe changes stats on a bunch of stuff" because literally every game does that and more. Lots of games work like this. Most of them add new content specifically in a way that the overall experience remains largely the same, so that constant new additions don't bloat the core gameplay. Path of Exile is full of side activities but the main gameplay is still largely the same, GTA Online has lots of side ventures to buy into but it's still driving cars to places full of people to shoot at its core, MOBAs and hero shooters constantly add more characters but you can usually get by without having to know everything about all of them. Warframe has a LOT of side additions and tangents, but at its core it's still speeding through self-contained missions while throwing out melee, guns and magic powers, and then coming back to your ship to engage in the RPG-esque modding system. No matter what you click on, you can rely on that system existing. As long as Warframe maintains that core experience then it will be able to keep on adding new content for a very long time.
  12. I'd rather DE fix the god-awful grind as opposed to just making them tradeable as a bandaid. It would feel kinda pay-to-win as well; if the only two options are either one of the worst grinds in the game, or player trading which is generally done with premium currency. It would also mean that people who have already done the farm now have access to a low-cost Platinum farm without too much effort on their part required (just farm Orbs and you get enough Toroids for plenty of Systems without a drop of RNG at all). There's no way DE would allow that to happen.
  13. Half of your questions have already been pretty much answered already. Baro Ki'teer already has a quest, Clem has one too even though he's a joke character, Stalker's codex entry pretty adequately covers where he was when the Orokin fell, Maroo wants Ayatans because she wants money and Ayatans are worth money, Darvo's prices are high because he's a shady merchant who steals half of his stock, Vay Hek is angry because he's a megalomaniac in control of Earth and he hates that the Tenno are resisting him. There aren't many settlements shown, but that's probably because we're covert ops squads sent to military targets. We've seen Cetus, Fortuna and Mycona, they all give pretty decent ideas of how people live, especially under the Corpus (basically, for lower class Corpus people their entire life is defined by their work and making it to payday). I don't need a quest where we go shopping in Grineerville or something to be satisfied with a game about magic mute ninjas with guns. There are Codex entries that cover this stuff too. What we're directly shown is the interesting stuff that correlates to gameplay, we don't need to be shown how the boring places work. Overall the key to Warframe's plot is that it isn't given to us freely, we're supposed to figure it out and make theories until they're confirmed. People theorised for years about the big secret behind the Second Dream, and having it confirmed was amazing for the community. People today wonder who the Man In The Wall is, or what's gonna happen to the Lotus; but most people aren't disappointed that we don't know, they're theorising and anticipating the answers, because despite Warframe's many flaws, something it CAN often pull off is an interesting story. /rant, this probably wasn't worth the effort but whatever
  14. First part is pretty easy to figure out, it would be almost any self-damage weapons with high Status Chance. Talons, Castanas, Angstrum, Kulstar, Staticor. Put Heat damage on the weapon, boost Status Chance, then reduce the damage as much as possible because procs don't need damage. With that in mind, Primaries are probably a better choice because you can put Cautious Shot on them. I've never actually done a Mirage build like this, I'm just guessing that those would be the best options for lighting yourself on fire without dying. I also have no idea about the other part of your question, but I imagine someone has made a list on r/Warframe or something.
  15. Oh yeah I agree, i forgot to mention that Intruder is really a filler mod because I don't have any other hacking mods and the Mercy mods are useless. Slowing down Grineer hacks is a slight issue but the slowdown also means that I can more reliably hit the last two pins in quick succession so I feel like it kinda balances out for me, and if I've only got half a second to hack then I'm fine with using a Cipher. I should probably just do some Spy runs and grind all the Mods out.
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