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  1. Compared to the rest of Warframe they're certainly high up on the difficulty ladder. If you don't bring suitable gear or understanding of the fight, let alone a team with the same stuff, you'll find it difficult. Eidolons are currently easy because people have meta'd the hell out of them, what with Chroma and Snipers and Harrow and such. If you don't use meta gear they're much more challenging. There is no such thing as something made easier for solo players that wouldn't also be easier for a full team. If the Rope dropped any form of feasible rewards for solo players, people would form meta-squads and blast through the mission far faster than a solo player could, once again making Eidolons not worth running due to time factors. There will always be ways to trivialise content with a meta. Warframe is first and foremost a co-op game, solo is feasible, but co-op will always be the focus. DE isn't going to make a piece of co-op heavy content worthless just so that solo players don't need to do it.
  2. Would be amazing if they made Fractures drop Gravimag components in some way. Anything to escape running Phase 2 Profit Taker 100 times.
  3. I think the reason they keep doing it is just because there are some OP procs like Viral and Corrosive, and they keep throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Viral taking a full 50% off of HP is absolutely ridiculous, and although armor scaling is definitely a problem, the fact that Corrosive can completely strip armor in a short time is also kinda OP. DE probably just needs to balance procs better, so that they can all be considered equal rather than 1 or 2 being capable of breaking any enemy to pieces. Once they've done that then they'll be able to consider status resistance more carefully.
  4. It doesn't drop Arcanes for the same reason it doesn't drop Cores or Shards; if people could run a solo-able boss at any time of day and not have a significant chance of failure, then it'd destroy any need to run Eidolons if they didn't drop any unique loot. If the Arcane drop rate from the Rope was low enough for it to be a factor, then it's just balancing through player frustration. Either you're farming Eidolons and facing a harder challenge, or you're farming the Rope and facing tedious RNG. It's not solving a problem if the process is deliberately designed to be frustrating.
  5. I don't mean to say that Maiming Strike builds are fully superior to the most powerful abilities, but it's certainly very high up the tier list for what it is and how simple it is to do once you have the mod. I don't know much about Banshee, but with Equinox you first have to accumulate charge, which takes time and some effort to not die, and at least Saryn requires you to aim at enemies and manage energy costs and such. There's also the fact that any ability-based strategy is going to be severely affected by Nullifiers. Maiming Strike costs nothing to use and hits a decent area with massive damage that can also scale, it also lets you equip any frame so you can be as tanky as you like, or add a damage boost ability. As for the CC angle, stopping enemies in preparation for Maiming Strike is no more useful than preparing them for any other AoE ability.
  6. Because it's using one move over and over and wiping the entire map, compared to any other strategy which involves actually using the game's primary features. Even the most powerful map-clears require you to choose how to activate and aim the ability etc, and as above, they're hated to a degree as well. It's a problem when DE has to specifically say that you aren't allowed to write a macro that autoplays the game with a Maiming Strike build. Personally I dislike Maiming Strike just because it's clearly just a bugged mod, and it highlights DE's nature of avoiding upsetting people too much. It gives a flat increase rather than an increase based on the weapon's base stat; barely any other mod does that and the wording on Maiming Strike implies that it should work the same as everything else. It should have always been +90% of base crit chance, but people started paying hundreds of plat for it so DE left it alone so as not to offend anybody.
  7. Ends on July 5th, at 11:59pm ET to be precise.
  8. Farming solo is definitely viable, but squad farming is much faster. The simple reason is just that you can have roll up to 4 Relics at a time instead of just 1, and the only time you lose anything extra is when you roll 2 parts that you need both of.
  9. That would just result in people maxing out gear with multiple Forma within the span of a few minutes, and then not having anything to do. Formaing gear is possibly the most used timesink in the game and allowing people to pay their way past it would just result in people burning out on the game due to lack of stuff to do. The number of people who don't actually have any use for Endo is a tiny minority. 99% of players still have something they could use Endo on, stuff like Primed mods.
  10. The problem I see with difficulty in its current state is that more often than not an enemy with high stats, and nothing else, isn't that fun to fight. People who want harder content also want engaging content, not just enemies with big numbers in their health and damage boxes. DE could add a level 1 million Wolf or make the Glaxion Target replace every enemy at high levels, and it'd be hard, but it also wouldn't be fun. Creating an enemy that's actually interesting to fight is tricky, the closest we've ever gotten is probably the Nox, and maybe Sentients if it weren't for the Operator removing all challenge from them. Another big problem is that Warframe has some seriously OP weapons and abilities that trivialise all available content, and something that challenges those hyper-powerful builds would be impossible to beat with anything else. DE doesn't want to force people to play exact weapons and Warframes, they promote variety, so we only get content that challenges average loadouts, but is trivial to these OP options. It'd be kind of impossible to find a middle ground between rigid builds and true challenge without first doing something about the ridiculous power gap between the most powerful gear and the majority of available items. If I ever find something really difficult, 9 times out of 10 I can just bring Mesa and atomise everything with Peacemaker, or wipe a room clean with a few Arca Plasmor shots. The only reason I don't bring that to every mission is that repetition is boring.
  11. They tend to do sales on in-game items for holidays and such, usually they sell some exclusive cosmetics at the same time, but I don't think they've ever done a plat sale.
  12. You don't actually respond to any of my comment other than this and the anime girl thing so I guess this is all I have left to respond to: Many trans people commit suicide because they aren't accepted by people they know, even if they are able to successfully transition. Acceptance and representation is very important to LGBT/trans people looking for progress. Again, you didn't actually respond to this point, but how is it a "me, me, me" scenario if nobody else is being affected negatively? You haven't told me why DE accepting trans people affects you in any way other than by knowing that they have done so. I really want to know why DE taking any amount of time to acknowledge trans people is going to affect you in any negative way whatsoever. They clearly wouldn't be addressing you. This is amazing, you've actually used more space for defending the use of anime girls in an argument involving human rights, than you've used on addressing the argument, and you didn't even properly address why you feel you must put anime girls in your posts. Please, all I want to know is why an anime girl is an important component of why trans people shouldn't be directly acknowledged by DE. I really don't understand.
  13. If we can't use other media as examples then where does the precedent that games can't be political come from? If Warframe is the only viable game to discuss then there's no reason DE can't be political. And you haven't even responded to my explanation of satire, you just called it satire again. Satire is humorous exaggeration used as criticism, not just repeating the theme. Google it. You just spent a whole paragraph talking and I really can't tell what you said. You seem to be saying that even though the inclusion of the movement isn't forced, it will eventually become forceful just by existing. What is the actual thing that would cause a benign belief to become forced on someone else, other than that person seeing that argument and gradually changing their mind naturally? Being important to something doesn't mean that you're attached to that thing, and it especially doesn't mean that you speak for that thing or vice versa. The general population is vital to politicians but that doesn't mean that the people share the same opinions as politicians. Additionally, we're not all the same to DE, because they too support various political stances. Broad ones like "no racism/sexism" and "don't harass people", but the precedent is set. Yeah that's pretty much correct, people want DE to publicly acknowledge that they are accepted. Outside of adding things, doing this would take DE barely any time or effort at all. What's your point? Lol can I see your source on "trans people being accepted doesn't have an effect on people accepting trans rights"? That must be quite the interesting read. DE isn't DE's community. DE not condemning people they affiliate with, who accept trans people, does not mean that DE accepts trans people. Not condemning something is not the same as endorsing something. Evidently a lot of the community doesn't accept LGBT people, considering the high numbers of people in this thread alone dismissing them entirely. I doubt you could go into a public Warframe chat, say "who supports LGBT rights", and get a majority positive response. That can't be changed, but what helps here is knowing that despite the community having mixed feelings, DE supports LGBT rights themselves and won't allow them to be persecuted. Apologies for my entitled request of asking for equal rights for trans people, next time ill think about all the blessings trans people have, like higher suicide rates and generally not being accepted by many people in the world compared to cis people. Truly a great thing to be thankful for. On a side note, what's the deal with the anime girls dude, it's really cringy
  14. Yeah sure, I ran out of arguments and then put forward 5 of them? Satire is when you humorously exaggerate a topic to try and criticise it. CoD MW2's airport scene wasn't humorous, Bioshock's libertarian dystopia wasn't humorous, The Witcher's oppressed and persecuted minorities weren't humorous, the Grineer using biological weaponry on neutral pacifists for the crime of existing isn't really humorous either. These political plot points exist to draw parallels with real life, either to send a message, or to help the reader empathise with certain characters/groups in a story by showing them analogies for real life issues. There's a pretty big difference between saying that you support a cause and forcing other people to believe in that cause. I'll try it now: I believe toast tastes better without butter on it. Do you still have the option to disagree with me without me having to retract my statement? If so, then I haven't forced you to do anything. With that distinction in mind, I still can't find any evidence of a games company announcing that they support LGBT rights and then facing a significant negative impact. I intently await your findings. The community is explicitly separate to DE, the community isn't beholden to DE's ideals, and vice versa. DE has the right to support trans/LGBT rights without being held to the notion that the community forced them to do it. How many people use it is irrelevant, it's about the fact that DE is willing to recognise it. In fact, I don't think you have a reliable source saying that "not that many people" use it. This is coming back to the giving money vs. acceptance argument; the physical utilisation of the gift isn't the same as just being thankful for acceptance. I'm sure lots of people who have interacted with leukemia issues were grateful for the recognition, even if they didn't wear the ribbon in-game. Ah, so you have no problem with it, but if you personally don't care about it then it shouldn't be in the game at all. Other people might want it, but because you don't, it's objectively not worth doing. Not only is it apparently useless, it's apparently useless AND optional, so if it were added to the game it wouldn't even be an "issue" for you, it wouldn't affect you at all other than giving you the knowledge that something in the game isn't for you. You may want to consider the perspective of other people once in a while, it's a healthy habit. Also see above for community vs. DE acceptance. I again need to refer to my community vs. DE acceptance point back at the end of point 2. People aren't asking for community acceptance, they're asking for DE's acceptance, to know that the game trans people enjoy isn't being run by people who don't accept their existence. The community is irrelevant here, the community is also far too big and diverse to say that it gives a specific amount of trans acceptance, compared to all the people who would shut down any form of official recognition by DE. The part you haven't bolded again comes back to my first point; the game clearly supports certain political ideals regardless of why you play it, and those politics aren't forced on you, they're just visible, as per point 2. DE supporting trans rights is no different. My TL:DR is that the general community's existence isn't the same as DE's acceptance, and DE believing in certain ideals doesn't require you to also believe in them. Just because they don't need to in order to keep the game running, doesn't mean that it wouldn't be nice if they did it, and it doesn't mean that doing so would necessarily cause any problems in the game at all outside of people seeing things that they don't care about. This is an old point, but it still stands: If you don't care about something existing, then that means you don't have a reason to stop it from existing, especially in the event that other people do want it to exist.
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