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  1. If the game is only being slow when you leave the open worlds then I’m inclined to believe its a network issue. The game has to load in all the players and connect to the instance’s server when you get back to town so that could be slowed down considerably by your network speed. If the areas themselves are fine when you’re in them doing stuff, in regards to frame rate and such, then its probably not your computer, and your specs seem fine. You could probably test the issue by turning all the settings down to minimum and see if load times are significantly affected.
  2. An affinity farming node like Hydron (or whatever other node is the best affinity farm) is always going to exist, because no matter what you change there will always be a "best" place to farm affinity, even if every node works. The only way to force people to stop using farming nodes would be to put something crazy in place like a daily affinity cap or a bonus based on going to different nodes over time; but farming affinity is about speed, so people would absolutely RIOT at the idea of limiting affinity gain over time. The alternative solution is to embrace the fact that there will always be a farming node and make unique gamemodes around it. That's how you get stuff like Sanctuary Onslaught, which is far from a perfect solution, but is at least an idea on how to get people playing a unique gamemode for affinity rather than just the same endless mission for hours on end. I think the biggest problem with Affinity right now is how its shared; it encourages leeching. If I want to level Companion gear or a weapon that isn't good enough to keep up with my level of content, the only way to level is to go to a lower-level zone and have a boring time in exchange for less affinity, or unequip as much as possible and level my gear entirely using assist Affinity from other players killing stuff. The solution to this is to look at how Affinity is spread out between items, probably flattening it out so that every kill you make assists all your other gear in some way. For example, Warframe kills should give Affinity to all other gear, so that players are at least encouraged to throw out abilities when their weapons are bad.
  3. The thing about the Orokin Empire was that the actual "Orokin" people were just the extreme upper class, while everyone else was under their rule. For example, the Corpus existed in pretty much the same form as they do during the game's events, and the less advanced structures on Mars were actively inhabited. It could very well be that Orokin do actually live in all these crazy tall structures and stuff, because anyone who couldn't afford that probably wasn't a true Orokin.
  4. The Kuva Shildeg calls itself a rocket hammer so the only difference between it and a hypothetical Kuva Jat Kittag is base puncture damage instead of Impact. Who knows why they decided to make a unique weapon rather than just use a fan favourite hammer, I would have much preferred a KJK over an ugly spike on a stick and Puncture damage.
  5. If it disappears after you’ve reinstalled the game then my first guess would be that your antivirus might be incorrectly flagging it as malware. If you go to your antivirus’s control panel and check its quarantine list, you might find the launcher there. If it is there, you’ll want to restore it (probably an option on the same page) and then also mark Warframe’s install location as an “exception” that the antivirus won’t scan or remove stuff from.
  6. It does seem like one hell of a farm, but from what I’ve seen there are two major mitigating factors: 1. It’s clearly going to be a late game task. It’s gonna be much easier to speed-farm bosses and such to rebuild frames with endgame gear compared to when we were first starting out. Simaris standing is probably going to be a pain for those frames and I wouldn’t say its a bad idea to reduce the costs, but with full access to the Starchart and the ability to essentially ignore non-target enemies due to superior damage reduction and CC, it will be much easier than earlier in a player’s career. 2. It doesn’t seem like you’ll really need to re-farm EVERY frame. There’s no RNG involved with gaining the abilities so you’ll know exactly whether or not a frame’s ability will be useful on other frames. For example, if you don’t like Pull as an ability, you have no need to rebuild Mag. A likely scenario is that there are going to be 4-5 frames with “good” abilities to harvest, that are really worth grinding hard for, and the other frames can just be farmed at your leisure, fighting the relevant boss occasionally or whatever. The only other reason for needing to farm every frame would be for the levels that the Helminth gains as you feed him stuff, but it looks like that can be easily circumvented by just giving him resources in place of frames. It’d probably be a bit more satisfying to farm resources with reliable drop rates than fight bosses over and over for RNG.
  7. If they work like most other "free" gifts they'll come with a free slot and a free potato.
  8. I like this rework, it seems like a much better alternative to Loki's current state. One thing I'd change is the 2 cancelling when you attack an enemy; we kinda need to be able to be attacking enemies at all times. A potential alternative would be an enemy suspicion meter; as you attack enemies while hidden it builds up (possibly a custom HUD element), and not attacking depletes it. When it fills they catch on and attack you. That way it lets you maintain damage avoidance without having to stop fighting. You could also reset the meter by just changing forms again, so you're always hopping between enemies while attacking constantly.
  9. Toxic ancients have a roar attack that deals a lot of Toxin damage, which bypasses shields (IIRC including Hildryn's if she doesn't have any overshield). The easiest way to avoid this on Hildryn is to make sure you always have some Overshield available. The other obvious thing is that Hildryn doesn't do too well against Infested because she needs enemy shields and armour for Pillage to work.
  10. DE has specifically avoided doing this because they only want Steel Path to be an optional challenge, not the new primary gamemode. If all the missions in Steel Path dropped more/better loot/xp, then people would only play in Steel Path. Considering all the people saying that Steel Path is primarily just bullet sponge enemies and restricted builds because you can't take high-mid-tier weapons to it, I don't think it'd be a good idea for Steel Path to be the default. Better to focus on the base game and add lategame challenge via external missions, such as Sorties and Arbitrations having their own tiles instead of being a starchart-based requirement.
  11. YUNoJump

    Add Bots

    I think that would result in people deliberately making matches where they're the only player, then farming bots for easy kills until they've finished the Conclave standing off, then they'd never play again. Bots are helpful when there's a few players missing from a match, in a hypothetically more popular PvP game, but a PvP game where everyone else is bots is just a PvE game with no variation between matches.
  12. Aside from the above concerns of abuse, a big problem is that public lobbies aren't really "owned" by anyone. You become a host automatically when there isn't another suitable squad available, otherwise you're randomly assigned to any other squads. As such, the "host" is essentially picked by chance and shouldn't get extra privilege over anyone else. Public squads should stay as 4 equal players working towards goals set by the game only, not one person lauding randomly-assigned power over the other 3. If you want better control over your squad, set one up in Recruiting where you can actually choose to be "in charge" (by way of organising the mission). If there's someone you don't like in the squad, leave it and send new invites to the other 2 players. Still can't solve problems in-mission but that comes back to the abuse issue. In regards to the issue of extraction abuse, it might be feasible for the game to just enable solo extraction. When a player gets to extraction, they get a short countdown of 10-30 seconds ("hold out until your craft arrives Tenno"), and then they extract on their own. That means that people aren't beholden to other players looking for side objectives, but the timer gives other players a chance to say "hey wait, come help us with this/come get this rare drop" and maybe the extracting player will change their mind if it suits them. That's probably another discussion entirely though.
  13. Has it been proven that Steel Essence was deliberately removed from Drop Chance Boosters, or is it just a bug? I wouldn’t be surprised if the unique on/off switch method of accessing Steel Path messed with normal drop table calculations. Either way, they should just enable/re-enable Essence being affected by the Boosters and that would solve 90% of the problem. They can’t just refund every booster bought in that time, as many other people would have been using the boosters for non-Essence-related tasks, so it’d just be handing out free loot. If they needed to compensate players, the best option would just be to give everyone who’s done Steel Path some free Essence and call it a day. Maybe base the amount on how many Planets are complete but it’s not really a big deal. Essence isn’t a high-importance currency, it just buys some cosmetics and one or two other things that are either extremely niche, or might as well be farmed in other ways.
  14. I don't think DE is ever going to add a way to make Forma-ing faster outside of just adding locations which give more xp or whatever. Forma-ing is probably the closest thing Warframe has to a generic endgame; that is to say a grind focused (mostly) around numerically improving the player's build with no official "finish" point. No matter what content is released, many veteran players default back to "Forma-ing like crazy" once they're done, and if they have no items they're really interested in improving there's a good chance they'll stop playing, at least until the next content update. If DE made Forma-ing directly faster in any way at all they'd basically be pushing a button that makes veterans bored with the game quicker.
  15. Mastery Rank is essentially useless past MR15 and even then there will always be new items that can take you to the next MR without having to do the Lich grind. I agree that its a lot of effort to truly max out Lich weapons, but as you say there's not really a need to do it other than for completion's sake. I can't really fault DE for it if the only reason people do it is because they feel they have to have absolutely everything in the game. DE has to get players to spend time in the game; if you're willing to do the grind while complaining about it then clearly it's not so bad that you can't tolerate it, and if you aren't willing then it's entirely optional and you're welcome to simply leave the weapon as-is and find another task. I don't mean to say that in a "if you don't like it go home" kind of way; there really are lots of other things you can be doing in-game instead of that weapon grind. In comparison, a BAD application of that system would be the Paracesis, which unlocks the ability to wipe Sentient adaptation but only with 5 Formas installed. Again it's not required to do well at the game, but locking actual mechanics behind the 5-forma grind feels bad because you really aren't getting the most out of the weapon until you finish it. If I had to choose I'd rather that 40-rank weapons just stick to being an MR booster, without directly increasing stats, than for maxing them out to be a required part of the meta.
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