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    Warframe needs a good difficulty/gameplay challenge system before Raids can be seriously reconsidered. The old Raids were cakewalks once you knew the steps (which you just had to read on the wiki), and getting a team that knows how to do basic cooperation. There was rarely any risk of failure, even on the Nightmare raid, as long as you had on-par gear. If a "difficult" Raid is just high-level enemies then no thanks. We already know that high-level Warframe enemies aren't fun to fight, they're just bullet sponges that can insta-kill you if your damage reduction goes down for more than a second. Other games have enjoyable (and popular) Raids because there's real challenge in those games; in Destiny 2 for instance, there is a real risk of dying/failing the average mission, and Raids feel good to beat because the risk of failure is tangible. Warframe needs this before Raids return.
  2. Would definitely make a cool augment, change EB to two blades and also add a mechanical change to it, something like a scaling bonus based on fast hits or something.
  3. The Komorex is officially classified as a sniper rifle so it really should be able to use the mod, if it definitely can't then it might be a good idea to make a topic in the bugs section.
  4. The Grineer and Corpus (at the lower levels) are probably conditioned to vastly underestimate the Tenno, up until they actually meet one and their superiors won't let them surrender. It seems like most people regard the Tenno as more of a legend post Old War (the Grineer and Corpus probably don't like telling people their military keeps getting pwned by ninjas), except for people like the Ostrons, Fortuna or the Syndicates who have actually met them and understand how they work as a result. The Red Veil worship Rell specifically because he was a unique Tenno, and the Arbiters seem to have knowledge of Tenno ideology (it's a bit vague, Arbiters quest when DE) and believe they'd be better if they deliberated and upheld justice themselves, rather than just being covert operatives for the Lotus's ideals (which are fortunately generically good).
  5. If the name contains a naughty word or whatever then the game throws up a message saying "no you can't do that", you shouldn't need to worry about getting banned later on.
  6. You have to aim (i.e aim down sights at an enemy directly) and then melee to do the leap (assuming you're within range), have you tried that? The mod also gives invulnerability for a moment while you aim so no need to worry about your Hysteria dropping out.
  7. I can agree with wanting a better system than the Burdens, where a player that dies a lot can annoy the other players, but the old system isn't good either. Warframe isn't really a game where you can fully control staying alive, people often complain about getting oneshot out of nowhere by snipers, or getting melted because their damage reduction ability went down for half a second, or any other number of things that can cause a surprise death. "No revives, you lose" after a cheap oneshot doesn't make people enjoy Arbitrations. We need a third option, even if it's just the normal videogame system of "players automatically respawn after a minute or two but if everyone on the squad dies at once it's a failure". The two current options aren't really good enough.
  8. Elemental-wise, you'd want Radiation primarily, maybe with Toxin as a secondary element for some shield-bypassing damage. He has tough shields but the main health is the far tougher part due to his Alloy Armor. Paris Prime would probably do a bit better than Dread just because Slash damage isn't the best against armored robotics while Puncture gets a bonus, but either one would probably do just fine.
  9. If you look at all of the Warframe content Polygon has created (click on the hyperlinked "Warframe" text, the first word of the article), you can see that they actually put out quite a bit of non-fashion-based content about Warframe. They seem to cover most major updates at the very least, and there are also other editorials about the economy, the new player experience and how it's changed in 2019. The only thing they have listed as an official "review" was written in 2014, but I think it's understandable that they don't write a brand new review of the same game every year when its core gameplay stays mostly the same in that time, that wouldn't result in too many views. Nowhere in the article you've linked does it say that the article is a real review, it's just discussing fashion, which I think is a big enough part of the game that it shouldn't be ignored at least.
  10. If too many minions are summoned it gets annoying for players (both the caster and their allies) to fight effectively. Back when Nekros spawned huge crowds, it was basically impossible to tell what was happening, because the Shadows blocked your view of anything. Currently I'd say 7 is right on the limit of player visibility, considering Shadows and Thralls look roughly the same as normal enemies and it's easy to confuse them in the heat of battle. If the minions were to look different to normal enemies, as well as being small enough to not block line of sight, then there could maybe be more.
  11. They’re effectively doubling the reward frequency on every mission type except Excavation, how does that not “bring everything up to that level of rewards”?
  12. There are still plenty of other ways to get easy access to groups though. Ask in Recruiting, join a Clan and ask for some help, check which nodes have squads on them and play those, or just play on nodes that you know are popular such as endless missions. You could even make some friends in those missions and get them to help you in other parts of the game. We don't need Alerts for public co-op to be viable. There's a difference between wanting everything instantly and wanting things to be reliable. Fun fact: the Zephyr Tengu helmet didn't appear in a single Alert until 11 months after its release. The runner-up to that was Vauban Armistice at 4 months. This wasn't intentional, it happened because Alerts were entirely dictated by RNG. Then you had the ordeal of getting Vauban himself, which wasn't challenging or enjoyable in any way (pretty much just an RNG-based time gate), and on top of that there was the whole issue of crappy weapons like the Jaw Sword or Ceramic Dagger appearing on Pluto or Sedna in a Catch-22 where if you have progressed far enough to access the Alert, then you don't need to run the Alert for anything other than MR fodder because the Alert weapon is hot trash. People didn't like the system because it had too much RNG to work properly, not because of entitlement. Besides all of this rant, the fact remains that Nightwave doesn't give players instant access to everything either. You need to get Cred from Nightwave itself before you can buy stuff from the store, and from what I can see as a veteran it's pretty obvious that if you don't have anything in the store, it's gonna take quite a while to get enough Cred for everything, especially when Nitain is considered. Your point about entitlement is moot here because nobody has been given any more freebies than before. Nightwave is a far better system for these blueprints because once you've obtained the Cred (which doesn't require any RNG at all, you can see exactly when you'll get it), then other than the very soft RNG of what items are available each week, you can buy stuff whenever you want.
  13. I can't really tell what your actual problem with Nightwave is? Yeah some of the challenges are harder for new players, but that's because those challenges are designed for endgame players. I started in 2014 while I was still in school, and for me Alerts sucked like crazy. I had to use an unofficial app to know if an Alert was up when I wasn't actively in game, 90% of the Alerts I wanted to run happened while I was asleep or at school (a timeframe that most working adults also adhere to), and a lot of the time Alerts appeared on nodes I was miles away from so I had to ask someone to taxi me, and I already had the advantage of being taxi-ed to every boss by my friends when I started playing. By the time I'd actually managed to collect every Alert blueprint, I had surpassed the point where most of them were remotely useful to me, as I was using vastly better weapons by then. The starmap is always going to be mostly empty, there are hundreds of nodes and 90% of them don't have a purpose other than for the sake of progression to a different, useful node.
  14. Regardless of how popular modern Loki is, it's clear he needs a rework just to be brought up to date with modern Warframe design philosophy. Just about every other frame requires you to think about which stats you need most and balance them carefully, but with Loki you either build full Duration for Invis, or full Range for Disarm, usually the former. You can completely ignore Strength in any build, and as such it isn't difficult to get decent Efficiency. Additionally, it's pretty difficult to effectively build for both of his best abilities, pretty much entirely because of Narrow-Minded. Most other Warframes allow you to run an all-round build and be relatively viable, but Loki doesn't have that. He needs to gain additional Power-stat scaling on his abilities to make builds more interesting than "slap on every single mod for one stat" I won't go so far as to say that Disarm is a bad ability (it's still a really good CC), but if you have access to an AoE damage frame Disarm becomes less useful due to the decline of the CC meta. I've said in other threads that a good option for Disarm might be to make it mess with enemy aggro as well as the Disarm; make it much harder for affected enemies to target Tenno and turn it into "Radial Disorient" or something, which turns Disarm from standard CC into an ability that also effectively protects the team by negating enemy damage. That way other Tenno can turn down their own damage reduction/negation and focus on killing.
  15. It sounds like it'd be worth your time to install or buy some sort of external or additional HDD. They're cheap as heck these days. The game will still perform at about the same capacity, it might just load a little bit slower. Not optimizing your game cache is just going to lead to more problems down the road as your WF files get messier, and (unless I'm mistaken) optimizing will actually reduce the size of your installation once it's completed.
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