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  1. @(XBOX)CI shadow2397There is no "a stadia" to buy. There is the service, Stadia, that you can subscribe to. There is a Chromecast Ultra, that you can use to play Stadia games on your TV. There is a Stadia controller that you can use with the games. I'm just curious what aspect of it it is that you tried, and what you didn't like about it.
  2. @DarthK3vOf course they're advertising the subscription, wouldn't it be stupid for a business not to? That doesn't negate the fact that you can buy a game and play it without the subscription. The free games from Stadia Pro are at least comparable/competitive with what Games For Gold and Playstation Plus offer, which is impressive for a new platform. And I've already shared my opinion about Microsoft's Game Pass service, it's phenomenal and blows away the competition right now. You appear to not have even tried the service, playing it in the browser is seamless, full-screen, and much
  3. @DarthK3vThe consoles have their own services that you must pay to play online. Furthermore, you've missed where it has been stated that you absolutely do not need to pay the subscription in order to play the games you buy. Explicitly: You can buy a game on Stadia and play it on Stadia without paying for the subscription. Of course it's not quite 1:1, video games are different than movies and shows and music, but your examples don't really illustrate reasons why Stadia wouldn't make sense for some people. Friends and The Office are some of the most watched shows on video streaming servic
  4. @CorvidI don't understand the "buy the games again" argument. If you already have the game, and you want to play the same game on a different platform, then yes, sure, you must buy it again. Same as all platforms. But if you don't have the game at all, then you're just... buying the game as you normally would, regardless of platform. If the comment is specifically in comparison to something like GeForce Now, then yes, that is obviously a perk of using GeForce Now. It streams PC games. Stadia is more like a console platform than a PC-streaming service. I've used both services, the differen
  5. @DarthK3vThe all-digital, all-online aspect of Stadia isn't much different than how Netflix, Spotify, etc. work today, yet those services have millions and millions of subscribers. The business model has been around for many years, and has been accepted by many paying customers. Of course, you and others aren't obligated to partake. @HeivenNot sure if you misunderstood me or not, I'm having a hard time understanding your reply in the context of what I said. I said that Stadia probably IS NOT successful enough YET for DE to consider as a platform. Also, I think @(XBOX)BRUHck Obamahas a goo
  6. @FrostedMikeis the only one who gave you a decent answer, sorry about the others. Stadia probably isn't yet successful enough for DE to target as a platform. It's only been out for a year, first entry into the gaming market by the company, and with a novel approach at that. Disclosure: I'm predominantly a PC gamer, but I own the Xbox consoles and subscribe to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. I've also subscribed to Stadia Pro since launch and participated in their Project Stream beta test prior to that. Game streaming is interesting to me, and I have a fast fiber connection to play on, so I'm an i
  7. I also experience this when using the Enhanced engine. I generally play in windowed mode. When it happens, I can change to Classic to restore the scene.
  8. The week after the Helminth system was announced, I started farming frames. I already had Titania and Inaros, but I've built every frame except the Simaris ones as of today, and I've already got two more Simaris frames built too. That's about three weeks to farm every regular frame in the game, four or five if we include the time it will take me to finish the Simaris frames. I didn't no-life this. I fit in maybe 3 hours a day of gaming, some days more, some days less, and none on the weekend. Maybe RNG smiled on me more often than not, IDK, but I think it's a reasonable time. I will also
  9. 18 left to go, though I'll not bother with 9 of those until the update drops, since the Simaris prices will be reduced then.
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