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  1. Personally I have been getting 85% Anasa drops, 10% endo drops and the rest split between other lower end drops from sorties over the last 500-600 sorties I have done, however I love those little statues and those ones dont drop from sorties, so happy with this and will see if I can tune in to get some :)
  2. I'm with you on that one, I'm GMT+10 timezone, so all streams are in the middle of the night (including the international one) except for the last one that is during work time. So far I only set alarm to tune in if there really is a drop I would like to get, but most of the time the sleep is worth more than what they give.
  3. Merging inventory and items may be the easy part, rather more complex might be merging the loadouts for frames and weapons and companions. As different accounts have different mods so there is a good chance that some of the frames and weapons have had different formas applied and differ in the loadouts and looks that are saved. Merging them may get tricky and same with people who have hit the riven slot limits and have no space for more rivens if more should get merged from another account, the limits may need to be changed, same situation with syndicate standings if different accounts have gone different syndicates and so on. The game is rather complex and if merging gets too complicated they may just opt to make you choose one that you play and/or keep playing all your accounts on all platforms, rather than merge them.
  4. I really hope there will be more information about cross play/cross save. Any indication on the timeframe for this to release? How will the worlds collide/merge? Will the destroyed relays be merged back from the different platforms or will one platform be the base and the rest just use that? Can people with multiple accounts merge their accounts from different platforms or just choose one to use on all platforms? As we have noticed that anything that gets popular in game usually gets nerfed or removed instead of implementing more content like it, any chance a short and quick Railjack node could be added to Veil? As current missions there appear all complex and long and those of us who would love to fly something short and fun like Gian Point used to be are left hanging.
  5. I would happily spend some platinum to get a couple of those drones in my orbiter.
  6. I have run into an annoyance with the rng matchmaking when hunting sister murmurs. I go to a mission on my sisters planet and I get randomly matched with another team already on that node. I think great, will do this in a group until I realize that they are not hunting sister murmurs, but are instead hunting a kuva lich murmurs. it turns out that those do not count against sister murmur mod revealing but they still anger the sister. So I lose that node and get the sister angry but am no closer finding out here mods :( Can this behavior be fixed/changed so that if I have a sister node that I am trying to access, I would either not be matched with kuva lich crew? or that the kuva lich murmurs would also increase the sister murmur/mod reveal? Having to do the work and not getting the reward seems like a bad way of doing this.
  7. So that where all the formas have gone, you hogging them... Awesome thought that we get a few of them for watching the stream :)
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