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  1. Well,you gave me Nekros Prime + slot even if I didn't watch TennoLive but hey,I really thank you for this though! I watched 2 hours of pre TennoLive.Those were awesome moments to watch: from new Sentient enemies to the stories of the streamers! Thanks again for this TennoCon! See you (maybe) next year there!
  2. Everyone complaining that they didn't receive Nekros prime...GOOD! Now watch Prime Time tonight or get out
  3. OH yes, that's something important for our security! A small step for DE, a big step for all Tennos! :d
  4. Fix fix fixxxxxxxxxxxx. Did I say fix? Okay,fix.
  5. Redtext got drunk this time! HAhaaha
  6. I like the changes you made.You lowered the requirements for some but you also increased a couple so it's fairly balanced. About the operator mission for nightwave,that will be fun and challenging!
  7. Apes...prime....strong! Anyway thanks for everything you did at TennoCon! I really enjoyed it! Keep it up
  8. I can't wait for Act 2... another umbra forma :d
  9. Twitch drops work...I dont really know what you're talking about...And of course I'm going to watch you tonight! 🥰
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