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  1. Yea think thats the obvious trap they fell into. If your content is repetitive/cant sustain players alone you gotta offer radically different (optimally viable) ways to play it. Just look at Diablo or the like - same S#&$ for years but different builds and the randomized drops leading to (mostly) different setups kept it fresh. Warframe now is just max deepeess and everyone burns thru the little content bites and then gets bored. They try to counter that by introducing bullS#&$ty immune or spongey enemies it seems. Its partially a player made problem. When arbitrations were new i actually pugged again and it was pretty fun for a while but then the speedvas started filtering in and the ol "dont use chaos it makes everything slower" song started again. Everything which isnt max dps meta exploding a room in one second must die but oh no we burned thru the starchart and now theres nothing to do. And DE actively supports this with their design. Just look at the murked Nyx rework. DPS and armor stripping introduced into what used to be a pure CC frame. And a CC passive sacrificed for a lousy dps gain. Still pissed after all this time better stop before rant about ~~*rework*~~ again bai
  2. Lol this guy gets it, you sure youre new? XD Mind Control: Good to get stuff outta your face. Bursas are nice little doggie friends. Damaging them to boost their damage is a thing but its kinda clunky. Some sorta channel would have been better Psychic bolts: Used to be a mini chaos sorta but they changed it to this because corrosive projection is meta, so yes feels out of place Chaos : How dare you insult Chaos, repent now >:V Absorb-Assimilate : Woa im invulnerable! Everyone fixates on this and wants it to be a nuke because CC is dead Seems you didnt notice the passive and who could blame you. This used to be a powerful disarm but people cried because it was bad for the dps of mind controlled targets (lolololololololasfjhfashfsdkfhs) so now its a useless "chance to miss" for the enemies. Anyways have fun. Despite the rebotch Nyx is still a pretty unique, fun frame 🙂
  3. 1) Is the Nyx rework in its current state considered done 2) If its still work in progress is there more than tweaking the damage of absorb to it
  4. It was abit loud, thanks XD Also huh, there really musta been overwhelming demand for making absorb do good damage for it getting such a laser focus. My opinion : All the other new stuff is workable but the new passive is garbage, please revert (the old description being still there makes me still hope). Not typing out the reasons/arguments yadda yadda yet again, refer to the countless now deeply buried feedback threads made over the holidays.
  5. As expected the new passive is at best meh (is it like a 5% chance to miss?) but imo way worse than the old one. Please explain to me like im a very stupid child how a) spammable abilities taking enemies guns so they cant shoot you and have to resort to weaker melee (for the entire team) is worse than b) a random/fixed (?) tiny miss chance for Nyx alone. The old passive description is still there, not that much work to just revert it to how it was before, pretty please 😛 I think the the argument was that Nyx needs to be hit and so the old passive runs counter to that, but absorb disables it anyway? Besides that absorb is and always has been crap for damage, it was always about the invulnerability more than anything else. Mind controlled/chaosed enemies still cant kill stuff as effectively as a good gun or another frame, what else is new, was that ever the point. Its CC. Hit em with chaos, kill em while they run around like headless chickens or move on - or if its a defense take a nap while they attack anything but the objective. Who for the purpose of actually killing stuff stands there pressing chaos over and over until the enemies have killed themselves half an hour later You had the foresight to not fiddle around with chaos, whew. Change to 1 and 2 are interesting, could use some work still it seems Reasoning for the changes was Nyx is in bottom 10% of used frames (and oh that deluxe skin coming up). DE tries to keep old frames fresh, thats good but please not at the cost of messing around with her kit to maybe make her more appealing to players who didnt play Nyx before and wont play her now either. Stop trying to make Nyx a DPS frame. Its a CC frame, it has its niche and unless you totally revamp the kit to something else entirely people will still play her 10 minutes, go "room doesnt explode when i press 4, weak" and go back to Mesa or Saryn. Its not for everyone but still works, please dont break it Ill keep maining Nyx since now its like in ye olden days when there wasnt any passive and the rest of the changes dont break her too bad (yet) but this aimless fiddling is worrysome. In case anybody from the dev team reads this thread (seems not) heres another thread with some pretty good suggestions in it Merry Christmas
  6. But anything other than say maybe a corpus tech or napalm does sooo little damage by comparison, even with mind freak, any halfway decent weapon should do the job better. I faintly remember actually being annoyed too at first when the passive came around and enemies started losing their guns - but the added cc from them straight up losing their ranged attacks is worth so much more than the pitiful damage they can do to each other, imho. Loki disarm is popular for a reason @Kancelas "enemies barely do anything except standing there, and because of that, i just use 3, kill the enemies, and move on". Same, working as intended? Altho when i do it they randomly run around and shoot or smack each other feebly, i want that AI disabling chaos mod you all seem to have 😲.Theyre not attacking you so you can mop em up more easily or you could just leave em if youre in a hurry. Its CC. If you ("you" as in anyone in general, peace) want room clearer damage take Saryn, Nyx is the wrong frame
  7. Im kinda worried the new Nyx passive is just gonna be straight worse. Currently chaos disarms enemies which means they cant hit you or your team at all from range and after one or two casts thats mostly all enemies. The new passive would be a random miss chance for only Nyx herself? Scratch that, im confident it would be worse. One advantage of the Nyx passive is that you can keep some fire off your teamates which is kinda helpful once you stop farting around with Ember in Hydron or whatever and reach the ranges above 80 or so where enemies start doing damage. This would totally eliminate that. Not getting hit myself sounds good but not at such a great cost to team utility. What the hell. Please dont change it The only time the disarm is kinda bad is if you maybe wanted an eximus or any stronger enemy to maybe do abit of damage with mind control Already posted something like this in another nyx rework thread with some more stuff to it, gonna quote that Posted November 2 If i got this right the new passive would be a random chance for enemies to miss, and this would only apply to Nyx? Unless this is gonna be really potent for Nyx (say an absurd 50% chance, like that would ever happen) or a weaker teamwide buff its gonna be worse than the disarm. Disarmed enemies obvisously cant shoot you or your team which neuters Corpus/Grineer damage in a huge way. Then they gotta run up to other enemies to smack em which often distracts those enemies.Often you end up with clusters of enemies smacking each other which means they dont go for objectives and dps frames can mop em up more easily. So this is gonna be changed to a probably piddly chance that enemies might miss only myself? Do not want Change to 1 i dunno? Some extra damage for mind controlled enemies? I mostly use it to get Bursas and Eximuses outta the way, the damage is a bonus. Dont know about other people but for me Nyx is a pure CC frame, others can do damage better. Just integrate mind freak into it or something 😛 Change to 2? Armor stripping or whotsit? Gotta admit dont use it much if at all, so im ready to be pleasantly surprised. If its gonna be power based its gonna be hard to integrate into my build, need that corrupted mod range and efficiency for chaos spam >:O 3 and 4 are fine
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