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  1. Nail in the coffin. Hows that added oh so great extra dps from mind controlled enemies now that they dont lose their guns? Doesnt matter squat? Oh no! And then they replace it with this. I mean its workable, once upon a time there were no passives so it be just like that again, yay. Still pisses me off. The rest of the rework stuff is so-so but this one demonstrated just such a lack of understanding. Problem is DE and the "CC is dead" crowd have joined forces - you can escape the "dont use CC it makes everything slower just kill everything" whining by playing solo but if the developer itself reinforces that and actively designs against the playstyle, welp. Bring back the old passive. Work an aggro manipulation mechanic into the skills - like mind controlled enemies having a higher threat rating and being targeted more/preferably. Stuff like that. No effortpost, feedback got ignored even when they didnt have a spaceship update to sort out.
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