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  1. When you realize you have not played the game enough to even have the experience but that's fine call me a troll its cool just shows that you still don't know what your talking about. I would totally say more but people are so sensitive they get there feelings hurt lol. DE this is why Veteran Players stick together cause new players think they know the game after 5 minutes of play time. Just wish more would actually have the guts to say it on forums then just in chat parties. And even some of the Warframe partners have had discussions about this from what i was told.
  2. So what your saying is that all you did is build your weapons and level on Hydron 15 waves and out never really played with anything in the game 1,000 hours there are people here with 8,000 hours so how are you more qualified to answer questions then a true veteran of the game that had played and forma everything in the game. This is all just my opinion on the matter and im sure some other veterans feel the same way. And if you say you play on PS4 then add me would love to have a civil conversation with you.
  3. bro people who have played this game longer and have put time and effort into the game have way more to say about things then a person who has just started. More knowledge about the game goes along way then a mr2 or someone like you with 22 days played im sorry if it offends you but the truth hurts that more people in this game have more experience and knowledge then some one with less time played its a pure fact.
  4. you are correct most people do stop at mr16 which is the problem and have stated that already and no offense if you think this game is fun without high level content then you just haven't done everything in the game yet i guess so for the players that dont like harder content cool that's you but i can tell you why many people don't stay or have left warframe or just log in to get reward cause this game is Boring without higher content. There is a reason why people want the best rolled rivens in this game and it isn't to play sortie lol For me i have put formas in every weapon in the game to see what its potential is so been there done that did you know that a 7 forma SEER pistol with a riven can one shot a level 80 yay so fun. NERF IT
  5. yes sometimes it does get laggy but we still play it for the team work aspect of it not the rewards its just fun but when your at max mastery and nothing to do or need in the game only thing left to do is endless.
  6. The point of it is that they don't have to Nerf anything then and the other point is there are many players in this game that like to play endless or endgame missions if you haven't seen that yet i am sorry that sortie is endgame for you but to the 900 veterans on my friend list will speak otherwise and that's not including there friend list.. The other thing you said that is true is the 40 to 60 unmodded weapons but to be honest that is boring and all it was is a thought to end the crying over rivens. I said this before this game should not be solo played game it wasn't when the game first came out but wait most people where not here for that. on top of all of this once your at the level beyond sortie my suggestion i feel players would be just fine with it play to get stronger why should a MR8 have access to the most OP stuff in the game and knows nothing about it make people learn to mod and figure stuff out not just give it to them or wait did this game become pay to win guess so. and why would you care about my suggestion for Rivens if it doesn't affect your game play the only people it would affect would be the players that like to play endgame otherwise who cares they still worked for it. Even at the way it is under sortie level all high level mastery players just wipe the map anyway makes no sense in what you said you can do that with a 8 forma MK-1 Braton wow. Hashtag White NIght lol
  7. DE here is a idea for Rivens make the power level of Rivens by mastery rank then people actually have to play with every gun to get a higher stat on the riven its a win win if you ask me at the point now there isn't even a good benefit to going over MR16 if people want good riven rolls they have to get higher mastery rank. You make the veterans happy and players cant cry about there Rivens being Nerfed if they haven't mastered everything. And i still think Nerfing is stupid in a PVE game to begin with. 1 star disposition 8-10MR 2 star disposition 11-12MR 3 star disposition 13 -14MR 4 star disposition 15 -23MR 5 star disposition 24 - and up This is just a idea if you want power you gotta play to get it.
  8. Really you realize there are many 5 year veterans that still play this game and have used every weapon in the game and have seen Nerf after Nerf so your thought process is blind and naive. People play Warframe to enjoy what they like. Not to play the game with the developers telling them what they have to play with just saying. So lets Nerf Trinity 10 more times lol
  9. They did but it was really dumb DE play style is earth and its hard for them lol testing means actually being good at there own game just saying
  10. DE needs to play there own game to understand what is good and what isn't and rework the MR requirements for weapons that people use for endgame content so people stop crying over some weapons being nerfed. As for the changes they made kinda funny that they Nerf all the low to mid tier weapons cause that's what the mass do play im thinking DE its time to give us harder content cause you dont even need to forma to play the maps. This game is challenging for new players but gets stupid easy as you aquire everything time for some type of change.
  11. Cool be done talking fine by me DE must see alot more to what people are using the kohm for so that's why it wasn't changed i will defend the kohm till i quit this game don't get me wrong i still think the disposition changes where stupid all around but to call for another nerf of a fan favorite gun is just childish at best. My gun got nerfed so can you nerf the kohm, lanka and every other gun that wasn't touched wow.
  12. when you playing endless missions like some people like to do you must be a low tier player cause if your using 4 dual stat mods on your builds your losing dps against each faction you are so funny maybe do some testing before you talk ha ha ha. maybe if all these players would fight higher level enemies you wouldn't complain so much and before you say the game wasn't designed to go past level 155 well whats next level 26 higher level enemies to test against and DE should just say mission completed if that's the case there are many players who like to play endless or higher tier enemies so without the few weapons we have that can do that back to playing 20 min and out. LEARN HOW TO MOD DUDE
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