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  1. OP is upset, because he thought he found something special, so of course gets defensive when told it's a mundane part of the game since forever.
  2. yes, it is still the after effect of invasion. corpus win the invasion on a grineer node? guess what happens to the node after the invasion?
  3. that does not apply to sanctuary, that always swamps you with the same amount.
  4. the lore is she was created by the Tenno. it was still in her description in game last I checked.
  5. it is? endo? I did maybe a handful arbitration missions, I have no frame of reference for that mode.
  6. this is mostly relevant because OP is not likely to even have the base mods maxed out, much less access to all the stuff necessary for specialized builds. so, OP, just play the game more. there is an entire star chart waiting for you.
  7. DE will repeat the "we cannot do that to the people who got the unlock via effort" excuse, and as someone who was pretty much in a solo clan and has the thing? just make it regular research, jeez. but for now you'll have to be glad they gave it to Baro. technically. and since it's tradeable, you can get it for free from normal people.
  8. as someone who will hit 31 sooner than later... no. just no. we don't need that kind of benefit, especially since it's Bara, aka the benefit is at best an illusion.
  9. that explains nothing (I mean I literally have no idea what interaction those could have with the combo counter that would make them OP), and it's 3 out of how many weapons?
  10. they did so before the rework, when the counter actually increased damage, snowballing all these things... and that was when melee was "bad". so... I don't see it.
  11. why? right now all it does is make better heavy attacks. if you build around spamming a 2x heavy attack... well... good for ya, but that sure as hell is not the reason why melee kicks ass.
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