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  1. yes, basically you are missing both the technical aspects of internet infrastructure, as well as the economic realities of internet providers.
  2. you do know Bless exists outside of the Eidolon fights, right?
  3. to be fair if you have trouble keeping up bless, the Eidolon fight is not the place to learn 😕
  4. just be happy 3 pips on a guns means 3 pips on the same gun
  5. some children need attention way more than is healthy
  6. well, the problem is you. I am bored out of my skull and I pretty much only play the game when I get to play with noobies
  7. some interesting new mods. shame there is no slots to install them in... can you please get back to killing flat damage/health and similar mandatory mods that shuld tie into levels so we can actually slot utility mods?
  8. urgh, can they accidentally release primed stretch or something instead?
  9. I don't think anyone from DE cares anymore or they pulled a Benioff and "forgot"
  10. apologies, then I guess he should stick to buying Ash for 375, you dumbass
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