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  1. Rawbeard

    Group finder needed update

    there is already a Group Finder. just start a mission while public
  2. Rawbeard

    Platform Migration Suggestion

    wrong forum, talk to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. essentially they aren't making money on transfers
  3. Rawbeard

    I'm lost on what to do

    continue through the junction to Venus.
  4. Rawbeard

    devstream 122 was pretty lit

    dunno, what I got out of it "lot's of content, not likely to be ready before end of 2019". rerun some story events already, I am bored out of my mind by multi level grinds that are completely self serving or MR fodder. urgh. Zarya frame looked cool, though
  5. Rawbeard

    Twitch Prime Pack II didn't get the items.

    account properly linked?
  6. Rawbeard

    My black curry is missing. What should I do?

    is this a new meme?
  7. Rawbeard

    FOR TWO WEEK WITHOUT 75off.IT is so crazy,is not it?

    didn't have one for over a year, I think. though I am still living from the 2 or 3 I got within a few weeks before this drought, so it's k
  8. Rawbeard

    Please please stop ignoring matchmaking

    set the game on public and you have matchmaking. I am not sure what else you are asking for.
  9. Rawbeard

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    the sweet taste of irony is wasted on people asking for useless mods they can't get
  10. Rawbeard

    Primed chamber avaiable, when?

    people want what they can't have
  11. Rawbeard

    Tennogen on Switch?

    that is not entirely correct. Tennogen is also being made available on xbox and PS4, though I haven't followed how and when things get released. I have not heared anything about the Switch, but it will probably get a similar deal eventually
  12. Rawbeard

    Fix PVP By Implementing MOBA Mode

    let's make the content drought even worse (better?) by diverting more resources away from the main focus of the game.
  13. don't do Rivens, problem solved. after all the plat people have sunk into them there is no chance for major revisions to the system. DE didn't want to change the mod system because of the credits people spent! rivens are a cancer with nobody interested of curing it
  14. that augment... yeah, not worth a mod slot. recasting null star isn't a big deal, slowva will likely not notice the lack of damage reduction when it falls off, and speed nova... I don't know, if you relied on it for survival you were probably dead a lot. on the other hand speed nova does have enough free mod space to consider using it, I guess, so when you forget to switch loadouts when doing random missions you only get everyone else killed. that's nice, I guess
  15. Rawbeard

    Is Loki in a not so good position rigth now?

    yeah, no other frame can stay invisible that long while being essentially energy neutral and insanely fast. git gud, boi. not everything needs to be about mass aoe room clearing.