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  1. just send him to Helminth. that's how we rework stuff these days 🤭
  2. I never used them, never even checked them, just assumed they are like "worse than the weakest pizza, lol" and just... forgot. AAAAH. now I don't need them, but that would have been actually useful years ago
  3. no, those are not items. those are passives you can equip. please don't change the common term's meaning just to make a bad point. there is a reason why arsenal is "warframe, primary, secondary, melee,...etc" and not "item, item, item, item, item..."
  4. I kinda forgot the pizzas... and I went through my inventory today and found actual healing on use items, or at least I think they are, never used them in all my years. look like grey crosses? holy crap, what is this even.
  5. if you want more area affected... just use the base ability
  6. slide seems to still work fine
  7. pretty sure that is only possible if DE removes Warframe from consoles.
  8. on the one had the nightwave was lasting too long... on the other hand you want it connected to mainline updates... do you not know what those are? and how those keep getting delayed all the time? have you not heared of the "soon(TM)"? what the... also I guess even more nightwave delays for consoles. now that will be fun and profit!
  9. considering your "solution" does not address any of the issues you have with the current nightwave, I don't even understand why you dislike it so much. that is why I ask if you are "for real", since if you think you are for real bringing a solution to the table... oof.
  10. you are not ready for this content if you consider the treasurer tanky. come on now... how is that even an argument? as S#&$ty as it sounds, this is a git gud issue. get better gear, improve your mods, use the right mods, learn how to use alt-fire/heavy attack, etc. this is a gimmick fight you seem to be trying to brute force with a wet noodle.
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