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  1. people are done, there is no need for railjack, even less than archwing.
  2. those are mods, not warframes. if you rely on those in Eidolon and would want to gimp the entire process just because you are too cheap to drop a pizza... man... you are just butthurt that nobody thinks your dumb strategy is worth their time. get over it. even if you play Oberon in Eidolon you do not need Rage and if you do, you modded wrong and bad and should feel bad
  3. other than Garuda I can't think of any frame that gets buffs from taking damage.
  4. "stop helping the group, this is all about meeeeeee!" Oberon, face tanking while the rest is bleeding out with zero energy
  5. already meaningless except for Hildryn. if you care about shields you probably haven't learned how meaningless those are, so if you rely on them and that modifier DOES anything to your gameplay, you probably aren't at the "challange mode" stage. and nightmare is supposed to be a challange, not a tutorial for the regular game, right? everything else I'll just refer to the post above.
  6. premade groups. boom. solved.
  7. when I learned it's made by DE.
  8. considerind raid was replaced with survival almost 7 years ago I would not expect it to return.
  9. what makes you think these cyborgs have vital organs to stab?
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