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  1. it is completely possible to flip a coin an infinite amount of times and never get the result you want. that is what chance it. it doesn't add up the amount of tries. every try is exactly the same chance.
  2. ok,... let's just use your 10% number. if you open a billion relics, the chance is still 10%. it does not increase with more relics opened.
  3. something is very wrong here. I never had to do anything after I first set it up.
  4. yes, they can one-shot god. it's known. don't expect this to change anytime soon.
  5. I can't even process how that question ever comes up with these parameters... anyway, smeeta. look up some builds, there is some mods that increase the duration of the buffs it gives and some shenanigans that make it die a bit less, which is good. I don't remember the name, it's set stuff from Fortuna, I think.
  6. ahahahaha, omg, you are adorable. anyway, go play Destiny, it seems to be more your jam.
  7. good for you. if you want Destiny, play Destiny. Warframe is not Destiny. do not ask for Warframe to be Destiny. you have Destiny for that.
  8. to be fair it was explicitly stated in the patchnotes. and the component has a big, fat "mastered" tag on it when crafting and assembling. so... should be mad at yourself for assuming instead of paying attention.
  9. and how does it make sense to fix that with a mod instead of an accessibility setting? what's next, add mods for colorblind people?
  10. a title that says: it's never simple, and rarely balancing
  11. market. you can use plat to buy that stuff. oh... you mean for free WITHOUT having to play the game? come on now.
  12. you always have the option to not kill it. nobody is making you do it.
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