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  1. maybe spoilers. maybe the whole menu is just so damn out of date it can't handle the code
  2. it's a hint that the transference can be done without the chair, or even direct touch. if it is supposed to hint at anything else, it has not been picked up since.
  3. pretty sure a player who doesn't know the new system knows better. duh.
  4. Dual Zoren and Twin Basolk got you covered.
  5. if they can figure out what happened they should be able to at least restore the forma itself, I am not sure if they would add the polarity, but since there is no real question what umbra adds I can see them just doing that. don't stress, at worst you lose one "leveling cycle". be patient, I guess. if you dont need your saryn, don't use it until the issue is resolved, I guess.
  6. so you want to exclude anyone without a job from playing Warframe? interesting move
  7. pvp is dead. not because conclave is bad, but because it fundamentally doesn't work with Warframe's core mechanics. get over it. play something else for pvp
  8. did you actually submit the info they wanted, or did you stricktly adhere to the "don't update" request? WTF!
  9. because it's fun and engaging! 🤬
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