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  1. you are not asking to simply add them, you are asking for them to gate mods. I doubt many would "appreciate" that
  2. it does seem overly easy to trigger. it certainly doesn't seem worth using in the first place and the accidental uses are now kinda annoying
  3. if you let others do the killing you already have failed the objective. just because the blood is not on your profile, doesn't mean it's not on your hands.
  4. good luck finding even one line in the game to suggest that. other than "Ash and Loki exist, I guess"
  5. something might be wrong with your game
  6. are you using damage types your lich is vulnerable to? or ones he is resistant or even immune to?
  7. so sinking 5 forma to get all the MR out of a weapon you will never know if you will actually use because it's stats are random and you might never get one that is either better or the way you want it to be, is a completely seperate issue? ok boomer.
  8. a specific weapon that drops from a specific enemy will always have the same stats. same for relics and baro. there is zero chance of getting a better Prisma whatever or better Prime whatever. I am not talking about obtaining being random, I am talking about the thing obtained being randomized. it should be obvious. really, REALLY obvious.
  9. I am sure that will result in exactly zero grief considering the pace and AoE slant Warframe has. please... just make it "whoever the hell wants" or predetermine the person who can Mercy them or something.
  10. Rawbeard


    *points towards the ingame market* there is your solution
  11. yeah, random stuff should not be part of progression.
  12. they were inteded to be long term nemeses, but of course a plain grind like that is a terrible solution and people are already farming liches like no tomorrow. I don't know if there is a solution that is not tedious, but also time gates them without point caps, so I wouldn't expect this to change much or at all.
  13. nah, that is just marketing. neither story nor gameplay supports ninja as anything but a side effect. unless you use the Naruto form of ninja aka wizard. then you are spot on, it's about space wizards.
  14. the playerbase for pvp is probably smaller than the amount of devs neccessary to work on conclave. you do the math.
  15. considering the liches were supposed to be long term nemeses a few hours is ok
  16. just kill a new lich. that's your reroll
  17. what is long about this? they seem to pop up immidiatly and you then have to grind and grind for it to go away and then the next one just pops up. there is no real play or counterplay here.
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