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  1. it's always 50% of whatever your Immolation provides.
  2. do you know what the Sun IS? let's not get silly. please remember that technology needs to stay low enough to lose a war to Sentients, something that the solution to defeating was "use bullets and swords". and the Sentients cannot be resilient enough to withstand the sun if bullets and swords rip them to shreds. just... no. stop it. don't give me the "it's just a game, stop thinking about it" excuse either, we are not North Korea, we actually have schools here and that puts a hard limit on suspension of disbelieve. Yikes, will we learn we are not just Tenno but the kid of a god, because now we are writing the story and all we know is that we are the bestest most specialest bois and gurls in the Universe? that show was a mess. when the "star" fires the writer for writing too smart, and too smart was... well... Andromeda, then holy S#&$, hold on to your pants.
  3. we already established that "things that don't happen to you, don't happen to anyone else". no need to repeat it. and since you are here for 5 or 6 years, yo probably never heard of all the complaints about open world being dodgy about random crashes and lost progress, so let me tell you: some people have that issue. it's weird how you think this is all about you, though. always about you, you, you.
  4. why are people quitting over opt-in subsystems? I go months without even remembering liches and here we have people engaging with them who don't want to?
  5. so YOU don't have a problem and YOU don't care about losing progress, but you want to carry people who do care, but don't want to protect their progress? huh. Interesting. just to clarify, I am not making an argument for this limit. it's dumb. so is the game, though, so I guess it not even a surprise.
  6. then op needs to say what they mean. 2 years later... kinda validates the point, no? not even tennogen AFAIK.
  7. is this even different on consoles? on PC it's like maybe 10 minutes, tops, if you get unlucky with the bastard not opening weakpoints.
  8. you are going to have a blast fighting Corpus Liches. counter play? ha! suck it up, butter cup! that's the motto of this... exercise in trying to stay ahead of players having fun.
  9. with a full squad you can do the mission 10 times and that is like a lot and totally unbalanced if allowed to do more... honestly, why wouldn't you want to extract every couple bounties, just to make sure you don't lose progress to random bullS#&$?
  10. OP asks for help. OP gets help. OP is angry for getting help.
  11. it's not an excuse, it's a pattern.
  12. wait... wait a minute. wait. just wait! are you telling us a gimmick weapon in Warframe is actually kinda bad? MIND. BLOWN!
  13. sounds like a feature people would lose their minds over. "useless, weapon nerfed into being irrelevant! DE RUINED MY CHILDHOOD"
  14. considering sales tax in the US is a clown show, I am not surprised something like this happens.
  15. the alternative is "you fall, you die". it makes no sense to have pits if you can fall in them for free.
  16. yeah, but that is not DE, that is people saying what DE said, which... I mean, I get it, why would they say something that is not true, nobody does that on the internet, but... you know? I'd like to see some substance without having to look myself when someone makes claims like that.
  17. obviously the timer does not know that you are physically not at your PC. all it sees is you being logged in. or do you think it is actively observing you in real space?
  18. but Baza Prime is good. no clue about Karak, I don't like it, so I don't use it.
  19. how did the Orokin lose the war if their weapons can do void damage?
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