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  1. What's weird is that since the caves are visible on the map, it should know the progress and should be able to synchronize it when entering the Vallis and unlock the achievement if not unlocked yet ...
  2. Hi. I'm on Xbox One and I have the same issue about new melee buttons mapping. After the update, I've restored to default first, thinking I would be able to re-do my controller mapping after. The main issue I have, is with the channeling toggle permanently bound to the right stick click. In itself, it may not be a problem, but what becomes one for me, is that it is also bound to secondary fire which cannot be changed (apparently, channelling toggle can't be moved and secondary fire must be with it ...) Putting an action which may be spammed on a stick click is bad design! Needing to click the right stick for my amp charged shot in an Eidolon fight, or any weapon using the secondary fire to actually fire is a pain (if the secondary fire is only used to change firing mode, it can be ok) I surely don't know the technical limitations DE has that made them do this, but please reconsider: Channeling + Secondary fire together is fine, but having them on the right stick (or not being able to bind them elsewhere) is awful. Thank you.
  3. Same here. no fissures, profit taker bounties, nor nakak & Master Tisonai offerings
  4. Same here. no fissures, profit taker bounties, nor nakak & Master Tisonai offerings
  5. Here as well: It made me turn off vibrations just because of this weapon. It didn't use to have this bug so it is "quite recent". Thanks DE.
  6. New feedback with last & this Week: ascension and gild & forma! Last Week there was a challenge to complete 4 halls of ascension. I thought it would be easy and waited until yesterday to try to complete it. I did several missions on Lua without finding 1 and gave up: this challenge has more RNG involved than the ayatan one (at least, they have arbitrations to grind) As for this week's challenges, I'm MR 26 with everything in the game so needing to gild something means to waste resources in building a dummy weapon, max it twice … and throw it ? Is it what DE had in mind with this challenge ? Same goes for putting 3 formas: I'll have to find a MK1 weapon I hadn't forma'd yet just for a challenge ? So, as I see it, those are 2 challenges I won't do this week and it's a shame ...
  7. Hi. A major negative point I forgot on my feedback is the "solo oriented" challenges. Do X kills a certain way, pushes me to play solo as only my kills are counted. 2 things here: as I stated before, for the sake of consistency, I think that 150 kills in a certain way is a bit much for a "solo" daily. So it should be reduced to maybe 50 if it stays solo but I'd prefer it to be left at 150 but being a cooperative one, counting every kill in the squad that meets the requirement, obviously. Overall, I've ever loved Warframe thanks to the way it handles co-op right, by never pushing players against each other for loot / kills / etc. but this kind of challenge break this and it's a shame. Thanks for reading. PS: I wanted to add to my previous post but since then, 10 pages were added so I prefered to add a new post instead of editing ^^
  8. Petit bump pour dire que le recrutement est toujours ouvert! Donc si vous parlez français (et êtes adulte 😉 ), n'hésitez pas au moins à prendre contact. Pour un recrutement, la guerre intérieure doit être validée, mais rien n'empêche de jouer ensemble dans tous les cas et / ou donner un coup demain. A bientôt!
  9. Hi everyone and DE 😉 For feedback context, I'm MR26 (near 27), been playing on Xbox One since day one, and have around 5000 hours of play. My feedback is in 2 parts. I) First, about nightwave directly. Very nice idea overall and gave me new objectives to do outside of my daily routines. I just feel that it lacks some consistency for the moment, concerning obectives duration. Every type of challenge should be around the same duration (Examples: a daily could be 15 minutes, a weekly 30-45 minutes, and a weekly Elite 45 min to 1 hour) I'm not saying here what duration it should be, just that it currently doesn't feel consistent for a same type of challenge (Dailies go from 20 kills aim gliding to 150 kills with certain damage type) It also shouldn't feel too long to do daily. I'm NOT speaking for me here, 'cause I have nothing else to do, but for lower MR, they may already have plenty to do and adding too much per day would be tedious and push back som players (I already ear that the game is a bit too overwhelming for new comers, so try not to add to it 😕 ) About the 3 points in OP: 1) Ayatan: agreed (again, RNG is not consistent ^^) 2) Survival: also agreed. It was nice doing but my friends got a connection issue at 56 minutes which made them do it again => not really fun. 3) Friend / Clan: also agreed. Even being in a clan and an alliance, it may be hard to find someone at the same time wanting to do the same thing (like a 1 hour survival) II) Second, about the removal of alerts. I miss them a bit. Honestly, I wasn't doing a lot of them, but I liked the fact that it made me stop my routine for a bit and made the world feel alive. It even could make me launch Warframe when I wasn't playing a game, or on another game, because my app notified me of something interesting. I understand the consistency issue (see my point above) and for a new player to get auras, Vauban or else, it could be annoying, but I like the idea of something that could happen by surprise and everyone could go for it (like incursions in open zones) So maybe it could come back but not for exclusive rewards but for credits, resources (eggs and genetic codes were really nice to get there, over the usual way, like oxium or argon crystals ...) Thanks for reading.
  10. Yep, still nothing … 😕 Every cave visible on the map but progress still stuck at 73% for me and no achievement either ...
  11. I was hoping for a fix on this one with Fortuna Part 2: all markers are on my map (before the build, the 2 small caves used to dissapear each time) but my progression is still stuck at 73% ...
  12. Nous sommes un clan français et nous n'avons pas assez de place disponibles pour recruter tous ceux qui demandent. Désolé.
  13. Salut à tou.te.s! Le coeur du clan est composé de joueurs de longues dates, PM 12 a 26, qui se connectent régulièrement et sont toujours assidus après plusieurs années et des milliers d'heures de jeu ^^ Nous avons donc déjà de quoi faire tous les contenus actuellement en jeu, ce n'est pas notre but ici ^^ Nous ne cherchons clairement pas la "quantité" ni forcément du haut niveau. Nous voulons juste des joueurs ou joueuses motivé.e.s, qui se connectent régulièrement et qui veulent jouer en groupe (et pas juste un clan pour les schémas ;p) Nous n'imposons rien, pas d'obligations d'heures de jeu ni frais d'entrée ou autres anneries. Seules conditions: etre adulte et avoir fini la guerre intérieure. Mais rien n'empeche de prendre contact dans tous les cas pour jouer ensemble! Si ça vous dit, vous pouvez me contacter directement sur le Xbox Live par message (je serai plus réactif que sur les forums), histoire de grouper et faire quelques parties pour voir si le contact passe 😉
  14. Same here. In a first attempt, I explored 28/30 but when I went for another session to find the last 2 (the small ones that are not real caves by the way 😕) the counter went 21 then 22/30 ??? I re-explored them all just in case but it's still stuck a 22/30 with every marker on the map. It shouldn't be hard to fix since checking the markers on the map to update the counter should do it but ...
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