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  1. Warframe speedruning with plat is not speedruning at all. Its like comparing handcrafted item to one bought in shop in terms of time spend needed to obtain it. Additionally to plat please state if someone supplied you with relics, treadable item parts, mods etc. or you transfered them from other accounts? Did you farm everything non-primed or just bought it straight from the shop? So in terms of such "achievement" logic - you could just buy ready account with MR 31, would take you whole 1 minute, much faster than 31 days.
  2. Last Kuva weapon took me about 80+ runs on cassini to roll it - even leveled two tenet weapons to rank 40 by doing it XD
  3. The current DR's for bosses is stupidly absurd. Its no problem that players scale to high power, thats actualy normal for games. Enemies should also scale to such extent but with standard mechanics like armor or HP. I would have completly no problem if the lich had 100 million HP with like 50% DR and used standard dmg calculations in this process. Because the standard calculations means that : heavy hits are slow but heavy, fast are weaker but really responsive, snipers are hiting like trucks but need aim etc. - simply everything has its gameplay style that have pros and cons. Where the current mechanic, introducing dmg cap per hit is basicaly negating all slow and heavy hiting weapons and that is breaking balance between weapon cathegories. I really dont understand what is so gamebreaking in giving bosses millions or even billions of HP - every aRPG scale like that and it works. Warframe have some issue with basics because there is lazy-playerbase that barely do proper builds with 50k DPS and min-maxers that can do 10kk DPS. DE is trying, like social goverment, to reward everyone which is counter-intuitive to what game or any sport should reward for. You are lazy, dont want to learn, dont want to farm, dont want to invest = you will be weaker = you will do less content. DE is like "no matter how crappy you are you must be able to do all content and we will balance the game according to that" - by simple physic law it is impossible to work well, because the only way is to dumb it down to minimum-effort with warframe actually is now. On the other hand DE is fighting with itself trying to make it more challanging wihich is opposite to first statement.
  4. Actually it is pretty stupid to implemenet any "reflect" mechanic to a game that is ARPG type. Every other game is removing it since its unfair, non-counterable, unpredictable and not possible to balance. Warframe added it - shows how DE know anything about balanced mechanics. Lately I think that 90% of every gaming company are people that just know how to do graphic.
  5. I would rather fight something with millions of HP than low hp and max-per-hit damage reductions. Since the first method doesn't change how current damage mechanics work in unpredictable way to the player.
  6. Which mechanic of banshe is actually making the diffrence? It is not armor strip since I used 100% armor strip succesfully (HP bar turns to red) and it didn't do much diffrence. I also used banshe silence on my other frame as augment and it also didn't do much.
  7. I tried many things to deal some resonable damage to the sisters. Using their weakness or using 100% armor stripp doesn't do much, the damage is still reduced by like 98%. IMO it is stupidity to create some mechanics in game that ignore all previous mechanics and calculations only because you have no will to fix the original ones.
  8. It looks like somesort of NG+ or even worse, an mobile idle clicker game where you have infinite progress and you see number of account resets XD
  9. I would suggest a frame that is angel/demon depending on players alignment (choices we do in story) and its abilities shifting depending on it. That could be interesting since the combination of alignment values can differ a lot from player to player, giving totally different ability values or totall ability makeover. It would be even cooler if the alignment would create "seed" value to which the frame abilities can react - sometimes by a lot. In example the frame would have 5-10 different abilities in each of its ability slots, your seed would give "random" combination of them together with randomized power in them (1 very weak, 1 weak, 1 normal, 1 strong, 1 super strong to keep balance).
  10. We could have some new source for formas, especialy build ones. For example, today update will bring 15 new items that each require 5 formas to master. Thats 45 formas for just one update which is equal to 45 days of crafting. Many people will probably just spend plat on forma bundles in this case. Personaly I started crafting them around month ago just for this update and I am at around 25 now. Bit boring and clunky way to do things if you ask me.
  11. Sometimes I think that there shouldn't be any mod slot limit in the game. We have already limit of every mod being "unique" meaning you cannot use duplicates, additionaly we have limit of capacity points in mods. So now the question is "why do we need another limiter like mod slots"? The answer for me is clear, because the "capacity" balancing is not working at all. Basically every build I have made in warframe was made with total ignorance to the drain of given mod setup - all I had to do is put more Formas in the gear. The current version is also problematic with balance of mods between themself. For example - why I cannot put 4 x 6 drain mods instead of 2 x 12 drain mods? The limit of slots is basicaly never allowing the 2 x 6 drain mods setup to be equal to 2 x 12 drain mods. It is exactly the same reason why people don't use augment mods, since they are weak in power and are put in contrast with much more powerfull mods. If I had choice to put augment + other weak mod vs strong mod then I would think twice about it. But in short - drain of mods should be the keeper of balance and powercreep, not mod slot count. This would not only require recalculation of mod drain costs but also some limit to formas - maybe make everything to rank 40 with max 5 formas in it? Maybe give some reason to rank of account with it?
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