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  1. Online games have totally different drop table design and chances comparing to offline/single player games. Especialy games where you can trade stuff with other people. In them the drop rates are much, much lower to make the grind more rewarding and the economy not broken. If everything is easy to drop then everything is devaluted to nothing. If everything is of no value, there is no point in trading, there is no purpose of replaying stuff, there is no challange in obtaing anything, there is no satisfaction of finding anything. Actually you have no proper argument here, because you dont
  2. You guys know it's an online game, you are not supposed to find in online games all things yourself, you are supposed to trade for stuff too. Try to play other RPG's like Path of Exile and then whine about drop rates of stuff like mirror - people played for years and never seen any, it is probably at level of 0,00000001%.
  3. The key is probably linked to the void world gate. The necramech that you fight in the quest is actually coming out of a void world that is behind the heart (when it is working), the world is probably revolving around another open world that will be introduced with Duviri Paradox. You will find the grandfather there as well, probably having whole army of necromech there and other funky stuff to fight with.
  4. I am melee player and i must say that the reflect dmg sems to not work when you melee the mech. Never killed myself with melee, but killed myself with guns few times.
  5. They wanted to burn our resources on Railjack building, later they reduced it by a lot and refunded the resources. I guess this process will repeat here or it will stay as the the end-game resource burn.
  6. I did only few vault runs since relese, though didn't drop any damaged mech parts in it. On the other hand, I found 3 broken mechs on the surface doing other bounties and got 2 damaged parts from them.
  7. The OP have some point in his argument. Though the there is also other stuff to fix in Railjacking - the enemies. Currently the swarm enemies can be elimineted super fast with tether (it is bugged and can be destroyed by gunner, but does 0 dmg then) - no need of gunner here, due to bug he is actualy hinderence The crewships can be destroyed only by the big-gun (forgot the name) or from inside - again gunner not needed The stations can be destroyed only from inside (sabotage) - again gunner not needed So the content loop in Railjack is created badly, without gunner need
  8. I agree, XP should be fully shared between all your gear, no matte with weapon you use to kill. Sometimes I leech my team since I have no real choice in it, because I either: 1)Use weapon that I level with is simply weak and would slow down the whole team 2)Use my main weapon and deal 80% of team dmg/kills and gain almost no xp from it 3)Leech the team and kill almost nothing to get most XP, do something only when neccesary with my main weapon, still it slow down the team if its to weak Warframe force me to use the 3rd choice, with feels bad and is bad for the team gam
  9. That is the problem of regular choices. The choices that I would prefer is to make it equaly good, but choose a playstyle. Playstyle mean you can focus on melee, stealth, guns overally or specific weapon type like bows or snipers, support role, objective defense etc. There are also styles of DPS that can be divided to minimum two - burst and suistain, both are important depending on where you use it. There is also division to multi-target and single-target DPS.
  10. I would totally remake the Operator stuff in the game to begin with. It is clunky to even add to game stuff like Operator in current form. We have warframes to battle with, they were created just for that. Operators were not enough to begin with, so why we downgrade our war choices? Swaping between warframe and operators is just clunky, its not even fluid in battle. The game is in 99% cases forcing you to use operator to dmg something with amp, otherwise using it is not optimal. Operator system in my opinion should be focused on 5th active ability (no energy cost though, just cooldow
  11. Current mods that customize abilities have two drawback in customization, thats why I proposed different system in this topic before: 1)There is just handfull of mods to choose from, so you don't really have much choice. Especially that some abilities dont scale with some stats at all. 2)They affect all the abilities in the same way, you cannot choose to spec this ability for duration and the other for range for example. 3)They dont really allow you to spec ability in your playstyle. For example as a melee guy, I would like to drop most of the spell-casting and gun-play from vol
  12. If they make it well, it will be really good customization system, in example lets take Volt Speed into consideration: 1st point choice - Buff last two times longer (multiplicative) OR 50% more powerfull (multiplicative) OR Always apply to the whole team (infinite range for allies) 2nd point choice - Energy cost is reduced by 50% (multiplicative) OR "Speed" portion no longer affect attack speed of melee, but fire rate of guns OR "Reload speed" portion instead affect Heavy attack wind up speed 3rd point choice - Buff is 50% more effective on allies, but 50% less on you (multiplic
  13. I would remove all augaments from warframes as they are - a mod card. Instead I would revisit the original warframe system from beta times - skill trees (but they had everything, stats, mod slots etc.). Currently the system of ranking up frame for higher ability levels or unlocking the abilities is simply poor and gimping the expriance. Most abilities are useless till they reach their max rank - they have to low dmg, to high costs, to small aoe, to low duration etc. I would suggest to give them 50% of power from the rank1 and make them all avaliable from rank 1 frame. Each 2 ran
  14. To answer your qeuestion, yes, the standard frame types are sentient beings. The proof of it is even in the recent story or Protea. You fought standard model of Protea that isnt controled by any tenno. She was a sentient guardian that followed her duty till the end.
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