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  1. This is a horrible idea, although you ca farm parts do you know how low majority of parts are?? just look at loki prime's parts, they're all rare apart from bp.
  2. I know how.to get mastery xp guys, this ain't a thread where you guys discuss how to gain mastery exp, I made this thread to let DE know about this bug
  3. I know but when you collect affinity you gain mastery xp but when I collect the affinity it says I collect 100 affinity but when I check my profile the numbers don't change
  4. Yh I done that it's just.I'm not getting exp, I know how to but when I check I still don't get anything
  5. I'm not talking about my equipment, I'm talking about mastery rank.
  6. I sometimes see this currency sign (not platinum) what can I spend it on? How do I earn it? What is it?
  7. So at the moment I am MR 5 and have around 1000 xp left to rank up. I collected so much exp but when.I check my profile I still need 1000 more, is this a bug? This really should be fixed.
  9. Hi guys!! So basically today i was wondering how i should mod loki prime. Many people ask for the disarm build so I looked on google and youtube how to make the disarm build but i couldnt find. I would like some players to take a screenshot of either disarm build for LOKI PRIME or their best build for LOKI PRIME. Thank you
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