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  1. The 800 damage that can be absorbed is no way enough. Possible buffs that I can think off: 1. It would be great if new IS had armor equal to Rhino's basic value (150 armor) with possibility to increase it with SteelFiber aaaand to increase basic damage cap from 800 to higher values with Focus or 2. change it back to 80% damage reduction with the possibility to increase it with Focus You know: 80*1,3= you know *cough* you know, do the math... :P or 3. change it back :P I'm voting for either 2 or 3 (but 1 is good buff too). Still doesn't solve problems with high level
  2. I uninstalled the game for this reason. My friend introduced me to Warframe, and I didn't like it one bit. Then I saw Rhino in the marketplace, and they even have a machinegun. So after reaching required mastery rank I purchased Rhino with real money. I feel cheated, screwed, ... , you get the idea. I stopped playing Battlefield 3 because of nerfs, I stopped playing Planetsides 2 because of nerfes (and after only just 50 hours of gameplay. And I waited like a 1 for the game to come out) . What happened to Planetsides 2 (loosing players) is THE BEST example right there to not take this pa
  3. This is it. My patience is gone. I will not stand by while these nerfes continues. That is why I stopped playing Battlefield 3 (every week a nerf) and even threw it into waste bin lol (still own it in origin). I am going to uninstall the game and wait for DE explain themselves what the F*** do they want the game to become. DE look at Planet Sides 2 and rethink your approach to your own game.
  4. How about Loki's invincibility (kind of) mode. Oh, I meant invisibility. How about it would properly work only on Greneer. Corpus haw special sensory (like infra and so on) so the could see him and infested having good smell so the wouls sniff him out. I repeat myself over and over again: THIS GAME DOES NOT NEED NERFES. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY IT DDOES NOT NEED PvP.
  5. What about players that like myself only played this game for three things : Rhino (tank), Gorgon (machinegun) and shotguns. With all this nerfed, what I am left with. I am left with no interest in the game whatsoever.
  6. I "like"how DE balances this game. To quote you :"1/2 of his abilities are almost never taken" because Iron Skin. How do we balance it? Nerf it, so now is it more in line with his other abilities (read as now his all abilities are equally useless)
  7. And loki's invisibility too. Push a button. Laugh. Profit. Nerfr all the good stuff and what will be left? Only bad stuff. And who will be left?
  8. There, fixed for you. Now his all abilities are bad.
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