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  1. So as someone who spends an awful lot of time updating colors and cosmetics for my warframes over and over again, I came up with a couple of ideas for changes pertaining to this interface and the "mechanics" of Fashion Frame : Suggestion 1 : a switch in the options to be able to set "favorite colors" as the default tab displayed when we click a color to change it Suggestion 2 : an interface to create our own cosmetic sets This would include : Warframe colors Accessories (+ colors) Syandana (+ colors) Regalia (+ sigil settings and colors) This would allow us to apply a whole cosmetic configuration in one click, instead of recreating it everytime we get a new warframe or want to make a few visual changes. Such an addition could also open possibilities for a slot system equivalent to that of loadouts : you could create a new free set every X mastery ranks, and you would have to spend plat to add more sets to your collection. Edit : Maybe even link warframes to a preset slot, so that a cosmetic change to this preset would be applied to all linked warframes ?
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