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  1. I'm a bit worried on the Serration and Hornet Strike having only 5 levels with a max capacity of 9. Is this hinting on mod... *gulps* Nerfs?
  2. Crafted and Owned are different things. In the Nightwave shop, clicking the hide already owned only filters the Blueprints of that item and not the crafted ones (e.g. Saryn Hemlock Helmet Blueprint is different from (Crafted) Saryn Hemlock Helmet). It's subtle but if you hover your cursor to an item, it will tell you whether you have crafted it or not. Not sure though why DE still doesn't have a filter for crafted items.
  3. Now I can scream "SUUMMAASSHH!" whilst jumping from a 10m height expecting to decimate everything on the ground.
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