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    Mastery rank change

    You can't straight out buy individual mastery locked items anymore tho as of a recent update. Not even blueprints for said items from a research lab even
  2. (XB1)lilkowboy

    Mastery rank change

    This is a simple change/suggestion for making Mastery Rank more "accomadting" in a way. Currently, with how MR is set up, you're not even able to purchase an item that's in a higher tier MR than you yourself haveachieved. Instead, what if we could actually OBTAIN those weapons, buy them, build them, whatever, but NOT equip them until we reached the appropriate levels of Mastery. This way actually seems more tantalizing and encouraging, as in, you could build a weapon ahead of time and have it sitting in your inventory as a reminder. This would also allow people of a lower mastery to still obtain the weapon before its vaulted. Just a idea, and I don't expect everyone to agree, but thoughts are always welcome.