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  1. I have a paltry 7 points and have pretty much given up on the Opticor Vandal. The duration to seal fractures is way too long, so extending said duration isn't something I'm interested in. The sad part is this would be a fantastic idea in a non-instanced MMO. I remember "Thumping" back in Firefall with a high tier extractor that would attract very strong opponents, and anyone who passed by could just run over and help me out, getting a share of the minerals themselves. It's a nice case of complete strangers helping each other and both get a payout. I agree with this suggestion, though. Have enemies drop something like "coolant packets" to accelerate the sealing would be good, but it should be significant, similar to Jailers dropping keys. Picking up four or five keys from the Jailers make those bounty stages very short, which is how I see bounties: going in and out quickly without wasting too much time.
  2. Timestamps are up. I totally forgot about Daylight Savings so yeah. Look up Sivsarcast's comment on the Youtube vid. Stamps are there. P.S Get well soon, Space Mom.
  3. Neato. I will be present as usual to post timestamps on Youtube after the Devstream.
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