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  1. Timestamps are up on Youtube.. Look for Sivsarcast's comment. Hopefully the Google Algorithm doesn't swallow my comment again, no pun intended.
  2. Since Dog Days has been a fun & casual event without the use of different weapons and abilities, I think it would be a decent shoot-fest without the stress of the usual PvP combat. The idea just came to me while watching a video with the Dog Days gameplay in the background, so I thought I'd post it here, despite knowing I'll get SOAKED in the responses 🤣 Anyway, what do you guys think? Will Teshin's calls to prep for the Sentient invasion be saved by a few waterguns, or is it doomed to fail?
  3. Timestamps have been updated. Look for my comment as usual (DE can pin it if they want to 😁 it's currently the most upvoted Youtube comment, so it shouldn't be hard to find) Cheers!
  4. This is not the first time they've done something like this. Why is it so hard to do? Also, I found out something else, too. I logged in to my Warframe account today, and saw this message. When I try to refresh (even right now), all I get is "ERROR REFRESHING TWITCH, PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER" I've linked my Twitch account and watched all the Devstreams this year and got my Twitch Drops with no problem, but on the day of TennoCon, the entire site went down, so even if the Twitch Drops were broken, there was NO opportunity for me to go in and re-link my Twitch account even if I wanted to absolutely make sure it was linked. Effin' RIP
  5. It's 17th July (probably 16th July over there), and still no Lotus Ephemera and Nekros Prime. What do? I watched every panel session including TennoLive with my Twitch account linked.
  6. Do people even use Aklex? I liked the idea of Space Deagles, and thought I was so cool when I finally crafted them and tried them out with Mesa (because gun frame). Needless to say, my disappointment was immeasurable, and my day was ruined.
  7. Hiya. Just thought I'd leave this here. I am Timestamp Guy, or Sivsarcast on Youtube. I did the stamps for Devstreams #119, #122, #123, #125, and #126. (My stamps on #124 got buried by all the Wisp butt comments, sadly). I used to timestamp Prime Time but those weren't so popular so I stuck to Devstreams. I usually post up timestamps up as quickly as possible, the reason being when people see full timestamp comments, they usually upvote them so it floats to the top so more people can see it and even more people upvote it, creating a feedback loop, so speed is crucial. Hence, I posted up the full TennoCon 2019 timestamps when it was still a 2-hour vid. Then, the full ~9 hours kicked and I had to re-do all of them. I prioritized the DE stuff, though. The funny thing about that is my comment was not visible in the slightest. No upvotes, no comments, which is strange. So, I pasted the timestamps in comments to see what the responses were. My reply is visible when I'm logged in: But, when I log out, or use another account, I can't see it. Not sure what Youtube's trying to do. If you look up the above Devstreams I mentioned, my stamps are still up there. It's just on the TennoCon 2019 vid that my comments are getting shadowed. So, I'll paste 'em here too. If PlayWarframe's Youtube channel wants to post them up/pin them, that's even better. Just wanted to let you guys know, no, Timestamp Guy has not dropped the ball. Youtube's just being wonky. Cheers. TENNOCON 2019 FULL TIMESTAMPS (Had to do a new one cause a 2-hour vid turned into a 9-hour vid). I will be prioritizing the DE panel sessions & TennoLive, though. ALYEK & BACKYARDIS_TV STREAM - 29:54 FROM CONCEPT TO CREATION: THE ART OF WARFRAME - 1:29:38 1:32:22 Arsenal & Interior changes 1:37:40 Warframe concepts 1:44:09 Weapon concept - Duviri Bundle 1:44:40 Infested Ancient 1:45:33 Eidolon Critter 1:46:01 Archwings & Empyrean weapons 1:48:55 Grendel frame bundle 1:49:34 Gauss Warframe gif 1:49:50 Grendel Warframe gif 1:51:04 Sapient bundle (pistols) 1:51:37 Wukong Prime Access 1:53:10 Trivia game: Foot or Not? 1:55:04: The New War concepts 2:07:05 Sentient Arm bundle 2:08:36 Q&A session WARFRAME PARTNER Q&A - 2:30:56 SOUNDS OF THE SYSTEM - 3:35:40 Start 3:38:31 Lost legs 3:40:07 How the panel guests started out 3:44:05 Questions for panel guests 4:10:33 Behind the scenes vid 4:16:18 Warframe Sound Trivia Gam 4:20:37 Q&A session SIMARIS' SANCTUARY SHOWCASE GAMESHOW- 4:36:30 COSPLAY CONTEST - 5:31:40 BRICKY & BAST_50 STREAM - 6:30:02 TENNOLIVE - 7:30:15 7:30:33 Start 7:41:39 2019 Cinematic Intro 7:53:58 Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary Trailer 7:56:30 New War stuff 7:57:36 New War trailer 8:02:33 "Hey, Steve, you're breathtaking!" 8:03:57 Empyrean talk 8:05:42 Landing craft interior in-game 8:07:55 Dojo dry dock 8:10:00 ~Railjack interfaces~ 8:13:57 Cephalon Shy Cy 8:15:11 Railjack Navigation UI 8:16:23 Void Translation 8:19:22 Exploring Derelicts 8:20:24 Railjack providing offensive support to Tenno on derelict 8:22:04~Kingpin System~ 8:23:22 Void Serpeant(?) 8:24:19 Void Storm 8:25:00 Archwing Slingshot 8:26:30 Commandeering a Grineer ship 8:28:40 Enemy boarding Railjack 8:29:39 Extinguishing fires aboard Railjack 8:31:30 ~Squad Link~ 8:34:52 Fish Team destroys Surface Shield 8:37:58 Kuva Lich fight 8:43:10 ~The Duviri Paradox Reveal Trailer~ 8:48:23 Red Text's Appearance 8:54:39 End
  8. Timestamps for the TennoLive 2019 Youtube vid are live. Just look for Sivsarcast's comment. Cheers.
  9. And with the last copy traded, this "tradeaway" has come to an end. Managed to squeeze an extra 2 copies within the week, so that's a grand total of 45 Despoils traded away at 1P each, worth 1.125 million Standing. Some wholesome and hilarious highlights of the tradeaway: - Some Tenno give me extra Plat and some Prime parts, very generous of them. - 2 Tenno didn't know about TennoLive or even TennoCon, and thanked me for telling them about it. - 1 Tenno almost forgot about TennoCon's date, and thanked me for reminding them of it. - 2 Tenno went radio silence after I asked them not to re-sell the mod, while 1 other Tenno outright admitted they wanted to re-sell the mod, but asked me to give it to someone else instead. I appreciate their honesty. - 1 Tenno didn't know about Two-Factor Authentication, which I promptly told them about it. They did what was needed, came back, and walked away with a Despoil in hand. - 1 Tenno asked me to reserve ALL my Despoil mods for them, claiming they needed all of them. - There were quite a few new Tenno as well. One was so new, they were puzzled as to why they could not use the 20 Plat they had for trading. Poor thing. I gave it away for an Ammo Drum. You can find some of the player testimonials here. I learned quite a few lessons during this tradeaway, which is useful should I want to do another one for next year's TennoCon(but first, I'll need to replenish my medallion stash, heh). Shoutout to the Warframe Market team for making this super convenient platform. Happy TennoCon to all, and to all a good Despoilin'!
  10. (I'm not sure which section to put this in, so apologies in advance if this is the wrong place to put it) Greetings, esteemed Tenno! As you know, July is the month of TennoCon. As tuning into TennoLive will give you a free Nekros Prime, I thought I'd add a bit of fuel to the hype fire. What goes well with a Nekros Prime? A Despoil augment mod, of course! As such, I've dipped into my medallion stash and purchased 43 Despoil Mods and will be trading them away. How? Via Warframe Market, where they're listed at 1 Plat per piece (as I can't list it at 0 Plat for obvious reasons). Why Warframe Market, you ask? It's the fastest way to get the mods to the players out there. I have 19 trades per day, so they'll probably be gone in 2-3 days. If there are some left, I'll still keep them up till 6 hours before TennoCon begins. One condition is that 1 player is limited to 1 mod only. If you have a friend who wants it too, they can hop in for a trade by all means. If I'm not in-game, leave a message on Warframe Market, and I'll get back to you the next time I'm on. The main reason I'm posting this is to encourage anyone else who has the Standing to spare to join me in trading away/giving away Despoil Mods. I feel it's a good way for new players to get better equipped and help in the turnout for TennoLive. Let's make this year's TennoLive the hypest we can! P.S if you mention you're from the forum, I may give you a little extra somethin', heh. Happy TennoCon!
  11. Timestamps have been updated to Youtube. It should be the top comment. Enjoy. Feel free to pin it if that helps.
  12. Timestamp guy will be present. Looking forward to it.
  13. Timestamps are up! Just look for "Sivsarcast" in the comment section. Cheers, and see you on the next Devstream.
  14. Neato. I shall be there to do the Youtube timestamps, as usual.
  15. Timestamps are up on YouTube, just search for "Sivsarcast" in the comment section. Pardon the delay. I was out of town and had to borrow a friend's lappy to do it, without waking him up to boot, so I probably destroyed my eyesight writing and typing in the dark, heh. Anyway, great stream. Good to see you're in good health, Rebb. See you guys in the next Devstream.
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