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  1. How do you even get a hard landing from a foot height after being lifted by a shockwave moa?
  2. What a those, then? Do they take capacity instead, or what?
  3. And exalted ones come with their own stances too
  4. Any justifications to any of that, beside "Me wants it"? That's the whole point of mod system and formas: you want to have good sh!t, you have to forma slots for it.
  5. Captain Pedantistm here. "To be counting stars" is an idiom for "spacing out", "get lost in thoughts". "All accounted for" is, in fact, a joke, a play on the idiom to make it into a quasi-productive activity. It is his way of sayin "I was doing jack sh!t", he did not actually count stars. Yours trully, Captain Pedantism.
  6. But there's nothing to indicate that lungs and respiratory system are gone completely. On the contrary, Survival indicates that they are still present.
  7. Uh-huh It is more than 4 and a half hours a day, my dude. Most people do not have this much free time at all, let alone can afford to spent it playing a single video game.
  8. It would actually make sense if Hydroid automatically entered puddle state and stayed on top of water surface, instead of plunging down like the rest of them.
  9. I mean, sure? But everything dies before you even have a chance to look around the room, so it's kinda unnecessary.
  10. The first fashionframe heavy frame for me was Wukong. But THE fashion frame for me is Oberon. I've got 4 Primes back is the times where we had only 3 loadouts per frame and made a grand total of 12 different looks. Currently, one of them has 6 loadouts, and I've got 15 looks to choose from.
  11. The first thing that needs to happen - liches must learn how to come for you anywhere, just like glass enemies, and not just chilling on their private island waiting for you to come. Unless this is a thing, no other changes will help to make people play liches after they've got the weapons.
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