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  1. If you aren't enjoying the grind, then it's better to find something else to play, because this game is all about grind.
  2. The RJ resources system is set up in this... ahem... unorthodox way, where the ship's forge can only hold limited ammount of 200 of each resource (the ones you pick up that is). "Topped off" means reaching that limit. Refining puts the resources to your account inventory for you to use for your crafting needs outside missions. If you don't refine, you don't get anything when you finish the mission and all not refined resources are null and void. The process empties the forge, so you can't craft anythig in mission untill you pick up more resources. If you are topped off, all additiona
  3. Melee 3.0 I want my fun nikana (and some other weapons) back. Also, give me back experimental archwing. Just add actual brakes to it and roll buttons.
  4. Nope. The game is won at the arsenal screen anyway, so there's no point to actually sit for hours in a mission if you've got gear. Killing stuff is only fun for that long at a time, and I have no intention to spend my limited time on the game beyond that.
  5. Why wouldn't they? Sunken cost fallacy is the stupidest of all fallacies in my book. If you spent money, you can earn another money to replace them. You can't replace time wasted on a bad game. And there is no reason to waste even more time. I've quit a number of games I've spent money in once they stopped satisfy me for one reason to another. I value the time I have now infinately more than the time I have already spent. If somebody keeps wasting time/money on a product just because "muh investment", they only hurting themselves.
  6. Wouldn't help. People still manage to "accidentally" subsume warframes even though you need to manually type the confirmation to do that. Stupidity finds a way.
  7. Unless sounds were stored as a S#&$ty 128k .mp3s, there's no reasone they wouldn't have been usable. And the animation data would have require some work to adapt to WF's bone structure, but I don't remember hearing about any revolution in technology that would've rendered it unusable. So unless Epic lost the original assets, I'm pretty sure that what we've got now are the original assets or based directly on those.
  8. I guess it's hard to mess up when you 99.9% likely have access to the original assets.
  9. The game gives you an enormous array of tools that let you shoot all things at once. And enemy radar gives you 360º awareness of the situation. Not to disregard your entire post, and it's not like the mission doesn't have issues I would complain about myself, but if you don't use the options given to you to your advantage, that's kinda on you.
  10. Yes, it would make sense to not release something before Christmas and storm off on a few weaks long vacation, leavng the game in a state of buggy mess. It would make too much sense. And that's why DE has been doing exactly that for the last few years. If we're talking frames specifically, we can use Nidus as a reference. He was dropped at 22nd of December. So Lavos is right on schedule to become this year's holiday mess.
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