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  1. I believe, we can tell for sure if they messed up or they didn't have another choice just by digging through the devstreams and finding the moment where they were discussing the issue. I think Steve did admit the poor decision making on their part. If I'd to guess, they just didn't think ahead, or rather around , when they developed the system. Based on some other observations during the game's life, I can say pretty much for sure, they just didn't look around to see what other systems the game already has, that needs to be connected to the new system. Something auxiliary like skins just weren't on their radar at the moment.
  2. Oh, they messed up, there's no 'if' or 'but's about it. If there's a deep problem within a software, it is 100% caused by the creator of said software. I'm not saying this to bash or blame DE for it, I'm just stating the fact - there's a problem, caused by them choosing a particular way to do things, therefore they messed up. ----- To clarify, my post wasn't about trying to dig deep to find a cause and a solution or to point fingers and attribute blame. The other person asked "Why are people saying that DE messed up code", so my post was an overcomlicated way to say "Because they did". ----- I don't think we really need to know the details at this point. They did things the way they did things. It bore some unfortunate consequences, that can't be dealt with easily. That's all we need to know, and at this point we should just accept it as it is and move on. I can share some my thoughts on the bullet points, for the sake of a discussion Could they have done things differently? 99,9% sure they could have, unless there's even deeper underlying problems, caused by prior mistakes and bad decisions. What exactly have they done wrong? Based on warious pieces of informatoin written in the forums and discussed on Devstreams, I have my idea what may be the case, but I'll keep it to myself to awoid spreading unnecessary misinformation, as I do not have solid facts. Can there be a way to fix things? Technically speaking, yes. Practically speaking, it's about how complicated it is. And I'd say it's on a "not worth the effort" side of complexity scale. Why they did things the way they did? What I love DE for - they are very relatable. When I hear them talking on Devstreams about how they do things and what is their thought process, I can totally see myself in their place. So here's a dramatic depiction of how creative decisions were made, based on how I would've made them:
  3. In other words: they messed up the code. Because the mesh itself does literally nothing at all, it's all about the code associated with it. We can go to the depths of discussing how they actually messed up the logic of how the system work, not the actual code, because messing up the code implies more something like messing up syntax, which would lead to system doesn't working at all. And since the system does work, clearly, the actual code is fine, it's the logic of how the system is build is at fault. But semantics aside, they messed up when they were building the system, in other words: they messed up the code.
  4. Do you really believe DE still remembers he exist in the first place?
  5. Melee doesn't shoot ('sept for couple of gunblades), so it breaks the stream of bullets.
  6. The point of a secondary weapon is to have something to shoot, while primiry weapon is being reloaded while holstered, so the stream of bullets (or what have you) never stop.
  7. Since Jin is now a proof of concept of a Humagear indistinguishable from a real human, and even thinking themself human, I think Aruto may actually be a Humagear himself. Remember, his father in flashbacks from Daybreak is a humagear, which may mean one of two things: a) Aruto's real father has died at some point in the past and his grandfather has made a humagear replacement, so Aruto could still have a father figure in his life. b) Aruto's grandfather has never had a family and made himself a "son" and a "grandson" to not die a lonely old loser. This episode strongly suggest option B to be the case, as it is entirely centered around human and humagear parent-child relationship. Also, remember, in the first episode everyone on the Hiden's board is surprised to know Korenosuke Hiden has a grandson. Maybe Horobi is Humagear of this kind too, the first of this kind, and sort of Aruto's "older brother". Let's say, Horobi was the first "child" of Korenosuke, then Aruto was "born" and Korenosuke's attention shifted fully to him. Which led to Horobi to feel neglected, as it may happen in families with newborn and older children, and he developed a resentment to humans, and that's why he now wants to exterminate them. This also can explain his "You're a big boy already, you don't need my protection" attitude towards Jin.
  8. DE wasn't familiar enough with videogames, and the ability to skip dialogues wasn't there in the beginning, it was patched in quite some time later. And they still aren't familiar enough, as you can only skip dialogues one line at a time, istead of skipping the whole thing outright.
  9. Yes, AIMS's tech is suspiciously the same as Hiden's tech, both Progrise keys and the new Attache Shotgun, so they definately have some form of access to Hiden's tech, or some benefactor, like Zaia, with such access - either some reverse-engineered, ahem, "loose samples", corporate espionage, or some behind-the-scenes connections between higher-ups of both sides (the vice president does have some things to hide, after all). Since Riders always get their power from the same source as monster do, it is possible that WhateverRise key technology is originally MetsubouJinrai.net's tech, reverse-engineered by other parties, who get their hands on some form of it, either independently, or one after the either. For example, Hiden gets keys connected to Daybreak incedent, develops Zero-One driver, vice-p. "shares" keys with Zaia as a part of cover-up activity and for his own agenda, and then AIMS gets tech from Zaia through Valkirie and the misterious person.
  10. I don't really mind her not fighting, she's an Ozawa Sumiko type character: the brain behind the tech, after all.Although, I wouldn't mind to see her in action more; Russian Cheater introduction was quite BA! I'm more concerned if the writers will go "Hey, we're making show for teenage boys, boys are interested in male heroes, let's put all our efforts in male riders". In the last two episodes she appeared as a "Here's a new toy, soon in stores!" cameo. I'm probably panicking too soon - ever since Ghost they are front-loading the season with merch introductions, and the story and charachter development really starts to get going after ~10th episode, when most of the merch is out of the way. It's just that Valkirie and Vulcan kinda give me Lupin vs. Pat vibe - Vulcan is given a personal reason to fight, like Lupins were; and Pats were just along for the ride without any reason other than the job, as Valkirie so far. And I also heard thatEx-Aid's creative crew is behind Zero-One, so It gives me some mixed feelings too. Come to think of it, Zero-One is the first season I'm watching "live", and not binge-watching after the season is complete, so, probably, it's just the "can't wait for the next episode" anxiety is getting onto me, haha
  11. Does she have one though? She has a misterious superior she reports to, and that's it so far. Unless I blinked and missed something important, so far she seems to just be along for the ride because it's her job. I hope writers do have something important planned for her.
  12. For the second episode in a row Valkirie have had only 3 seconds of screen time. This time even without henshining at all. I'm afraid, she's gonna get shoved in the background like every other femrider before her.
  13. There is no god, you can stop waiting for his love
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