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  1. It is not a square. It is a rectangular parallelepiped. -Yours Captain Geometry.
  2. Urgh, another hour-ish-long act? Gotta start to fill my "Watch later" playlist to prepare for that slog. I hope Arbitration counts for that. Might as well to kill two birds with one stone and get some pissain extract while I waste my time away. Probably going to skip the silvertree specter one. Don't want neither collect the plants, nor look for the grove.
  3. Yeah, the rain in PoE is super weak. To the point I barely can see it's there. I can only see some hints of rain when I accidentally look just right, under just the right angle, under just the right lighting at some specific surface against which some droplets would be somewhat visible.
  4. Couldn't care less about forma, the armor set looks pretty cool though. That's what I'm doing Nightwave acts for.
  5. You know that hitting melee button switches you to melee right? When you're using RMB+melee you are swithed to melee and using RMB-combo. Works for Wise Razor and Blind Justice without any problems.
  6. First, it is completely unnesessary as nothing is actualy threatens the objective, so you aren't helping much at all. Second, this event is already a mind-numbing hurry-up-and-wait piece of boring trash, and the only source of entertainment that may help to keep one from falling asleep is killing enemies, and you stop enemies dead in their track all over tha place, probably a lot of them in the air too, making it harder to ffind anything to shoot at. If you'd do this in my team, you'd get a nice set of two host migrations in a row as a "go thank yourself" for your "help".
  7. RMB-combos work exactly as they did before - through RMB. It's not the block action that counts, it's the button.
  8. Well, they are kinda fun, yes. It is funny to see an arrow falling right to the ground after being shot. Until you intend to shot an enemy that is.
  9. It's just me being overly dramatic :-) I myself may very well have put more money into the game over the years than some of the founders have, so I do very well undertand that we all lift together. And I am not saying that anyone's opinion is more or less valuable then the other's. What I don't understand is people with rethoric of the game being free making it automatically ineligible for critique.
  10. The game exist now because of this guy. He proooooooobably deserves his right for a feedback.
  11. Ok, I'm not a regular polearm user, so I admit, I may be wrong about them. Come to think of it, quick attack with polearm is indeed very defferent from attacks provided by a stance. As a nikana user, though, I can say for sure that is does not have a sprinting quick attack, it uses the basic combo from a stance for a quick attack. Same goes for a number of weapon types I use. So yeah, looks like polearms do indeed benefit from sprint.
  12. Slide and roll - fair enough. Though I still would argue that they benefin more from a bullet jump momentum. Bullet jump gets no benefits from sprinting whatsoever. From all my bulletjumping experience (including playing as Volt) I can say that it has its own independent momentum, affected only by Titania's passive and mods. Sprinting has nothing to do with polearm blender. Polearms benefit from Volt's buff specifically, but not from sprinting. Small gaps - eh, I'll give you this one. Although, slide and bullet jump have this covered as well.
  13. And we're back to my original question: what purpose does sprint serve now?
  14. I'm yet to see a Volt that can outrun me. And I'm giving them a headstart by spending time to backflip out of their speed buff.
  15. Sure thing. Tell him I'm waiting at the extraction.
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