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  1. Yeah! You tell em sister Event was fun, new alad v story was fun, waiting hours for an infested corpus missions only to have them not have a co ordinate or its in a mission i can't do SUCKS &#!! So satisfying to say that!
  2. What you may ask makes Digital Extremes like the grineer you ask? Well the awnser is simple: mindlessly expanding. For example: The grineer are a mindlessly expanding and conquering new places because there queens bred them to do so, even though all of these places are used in an effort to conquer more places, and the grineer themselves are unfit to habitate them due to being genetically and mentally unstable, with their extreme xenophobia and anger issues, and their broken and dysfunctional bodies (pretty sure most of them are amputees) So they just keep expanding for no other purpose tha
  3. I have know idea how mag's pull ability is magnetic based. What is magnetized about it? Oh because magnets can pul metal to them right! Then why does it work on infested then? Also what acts as a magnet in this case her hand? the enemy? the wall behind her? I don't get this ability.
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