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REALLY BAD NEWS..:(   well for me not you guys if you are reading this.

backstory: I get motion sick in cars trains etc boats no planes NO.. I will not ride in them --- so I do the dramamine thing for cars.. but just before I was getting this motion sick in my apartment just sitting about doing nothing.. well turns out I was playing these computer video games.. so I was prescribed zofran medicine to stop vomit and nausea  I was using it ever few days. it was bad --- they sent me for a full battery of test. in the medical lab.  --- more zofran  ,, It now happens I notice that the games are doing this to me the warframe the sto  eve you name the games I play,..  I have AAAAHHHHHHH Stopped playing .. flat out ready to uninstall .. and all  so I stopped playing and no more zofran PRN no more nausea going on at all.. 0000 I am sad very sad that now the games are gone.. it was bad enough not being able to do roller coasters  but now this, my games.. why.. just why.. everything is like spinning and in game I would be lost more then solving these warframe mazes but yeah  IDK === no returns - it is like I have never done a roller coaster again since high school === so bye.  LOVE you all --- peace. -- still sad about this as somehow I get notified at various time with forum content then I come here and unfollow 😞


before the second dream.


Ghost = clan -._ net site--- -._  not -- this was,..

disbanded because it's very lonely by myself...dammit.. hehe

sticking with mainstream storm clan "game over community"  bigger group,..  with focus a twitch site steam stuff and good things,..  


changed clans due to well === conflicts of opinions a kind of fragment from the game over clan.. called Black Monarchs 

aka Bill


The older videos from play are here...


just joined a clan "game over community"

on the steam I am xoet...

at the game over community I joined about a week or so ago... >>>  xik4

I am really enjoying the Game Over Community... 


after the second dream

OMG  more to come.



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