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  1. thanks i always knew i love this game for its RNG against me 🙂 and so this game with its RNG loves me
  2. so i have MR8 amprex riven which has 3 positives and 1 negative one of its stats is Critical chance 114 % , while i saw other player who had MR 16 amprex riven with 3 positives and 1 negative also having one stat as Critical Chance but it was 149% . question is : if riven is higher mastery rank it means that stats will be higher or its just bad RNG for me?
  3. it's better to leave game before. Enjoy as much as you can while its available and then leave time by time you will care less about warframe, untill THEY WILL BALANCE/CHANGE CONCLAVE
  4. you know that with this 2.0 parkou thins you can easy move around the map. i would like to see pvp where you are moving like normal operator , after that it will take player to think about his steps and movement and positioning himself. and then it will be really good pvp
  5. waited 3 days and invited all of my clanmates to do it and we all got nikana concalve skin and synada, then never played conclave
  6. i had most kills in that match. killed 2 players together but there 3rd guy jumped out and took oros and after killed me be just because oros come kinda slow to you. remake this even on kills because we all have same weapons and loadouts this event looks like who can steal oro faster. not to test your skills aim or something. after playing 1 match only i had 15 kills and was on 5th place while 1st place had like 11 kills. and if you think breaking your PC just for 40 plat prize its worth it?? no its not don't waste time
  7. so one thing i dont like about new style of site is that new log-in system, it redirects you to another page when you click log-in. previous was a bit better there was only appearing icon where you need to write email and password. thanks
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