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  1. Do we have to be on our ship?
  2. o0sayan0o

    New Contest: Mirroring Reality

    Not cool dude.. you copied from Mogamu's video:
  3. o0sayan0o

    Livestream #5: May 8 @ 2 Pm Edt

    Questions: 1. Will there be new guns coming out for the Sentinels? and new sentinels? 2. Orokin Reactor/Catalyst doubles the points we have right now, will there be triple Orokin Reactor/Catalyst added in the future, so which makes our warframes extra charged? 3. Many people want to reset their stats right now. Will we be able to reset our stats in teh future with an item? 4. Will we see new skins for Warframes like gloves, boots and armor so we can customise our warframes even more?
  4. o0sayan0o

    Update 7.9.0: The Glaive

    very bad update.. hek is now really useless. it was fun playing warframe.. time to give a break untill they fix this, cuz no1 is happy with the weapons changes. cya
  5. o0sayan0o

    Update 7.9.0: The Glaive

    Well it seems no1 is happy with this update..
  6. o0sayan0o

    Update 7.9.0: The Glaive

    For some reason i start lagging a bit after the update.:s