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  1. "Well it seems that your things went upside down without a Loki"
  2. Welcome soldier pick up your gun and suit so we can get on move.
  3. Nah you don't need to feel sorry for us. It is time to spend some time with our families and kin. Then have some rest for next year. Rest well.
  4. ^^ Soldier: "You are good son. Real good and even the best" *shotgun next shell pump voice to get out of the room on every move of the joint*
  5. Nope my computer is still not working... Welp... Gotta wait for friday so I put my computer to be fixed or I will switch it to another one. Man I am frustrated.
  6. I have to think about playing the game myself. Looks interesting.
  7. Rampaging Del or F12 didn't really work at all... It just gives the windows loading screen and then moves on to blinking screen.
  8. Volt was my first frame. Ah... The update 7U when the Vandal Braton was able to be bought but was just so expensive.
  9. Let's hope that will work GrandMasterV. I should think about getting a better mobile phone so I would have access to help.
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