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Have had been for a quite a long time in the game and I think since I have studied the vaults of both Corpus and Grineer I am pretty much one of the best in the Spy 2.0


Also I love roleplay feel free to PM about one of those.


Tenno or Allies of Tenno:


Pyefa 'Pilot' Genda also known as Damascus Genda




One of the last super soldiers trained by elder veteran of Grineer covert ops and assault battalion unit. After he completed training, stopping a rebellion inside of the Grineer empire. He murdered his mentor and killed his fellow team mates as they were corrupted by Grineer and Corpus experiments. Week before majority of Tenno had awaken he disappeared along with the death of his beloved one.


When majority of Tenno had awaken. He grabbed his rifle again met one in battle and won but did not kill this. Instead told this to leave. He was forced to become a Tenno as his rib cage broke by a swing of a G3 member's hammer. Now he lends his aid only when he knows it does not create trouble to him or for those who he cares.


He also used to be Agent of Dome of Civilization. Although he soon was promoted to be Grand Master of the Arena of dome. He has mastered use of his assault rifle and sniper rifle. Little known of his armor and other weaponry.


Man is called Damascus Genda as his Loki Prime used to belong Tenno named by Damascus. His infiltrator and assassin training has served him well... Although becoming Tenno only reinforced his saying.


"Time changes us. All what you do may merely only delay the inevitable"

"Time tells the story, we react and act"





Will be writing more when I have time.

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