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  1. Nekros finds Mirage crying for some reason.


    "Hey fine lady why the downed face of a fine evening in the moonlight?" Nekros asked.

    "Well one of us just... *happens to look at Nekros* BY THE LOTUS DID YOU KILL A KUBROW FOR THAT?!" Mirage shouted.

    "No I didn't you are totally getting the wrong idea!" Nekros shouted.

    "Nekros! I knew you were always dark but now you are a monster!" Mirage shouted and tears even more. Covering front of her helmet with hands again and plans on running away.

    "*Irritated sigh*" by Nekros.

  2. I asked from my classmate about where he was working before coming for last season of school and he said that he worked in a paint shop (Finnish name for company where he was working for is Värisilmä) ColorEye. And I asked "Well. How many eyes did you paint?" and I motioned that I will be @(*()$ out of here because that was most lame joke ever.

  3. DE is clearly fine with frames being this powerful(Excalibur, Trinity) so there just isnt much reason to make her unimmortal since she has always been that way.


    Trinity is not even close to being powerful. Solid I would call her. You can survive but what comes on killing stuff. That goes to 100% on weaponry.

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