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  1. Nice! Nosso Vovô fazendo oque sabe de melhor "historia", nada melhor que milênios de experiencia para criar algo bom e concreto e de acordo com a lore! que chegue ai na DE e que tudo de certo para vc meu querido! abs
  2. Faction: Tenno Brief Description: Messoris The Messoris is one of the Tenno's lost relics. Legends says that this Great Scythe was used in rituals of purification. Utilizing Heavy Blade Stances, the Messoris focuses in Critical and Slash damage, while swinging at enemies with great speed. It also has a unique feature: For each enemy killed, the Messoris absorbs their souls. Performing a Charged Attack with the Messoris while the combo counter is above 50 will release a soul wave that destroys everything in its path. Each charged attack will increase the critical damage by 50%, but will also reduce the combo counter by 50. Original Artwork:
  3. -Radi-

    Tennobaum Wishlist Exchange!

    my list 1= anycorp clains investigation noggle pack 2= anycorp investor relations noggle pack 3= anycorp reclamation unit noggle pack 4= trading group noggle pack