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  1. Dude, cheating in games is a big deal, because over-sensitive kids playing the game get their feelings hurt when someone does better than them, so they complain and want them removed. The common misconception from a newer player that's never learned how powerful the game can be, is that the other player is cheating and gets reported. That's why the actual cheaters with lagswitches and 3rd party software run free, because players keep calling wolf on other players. I'm not saying that you're doing this right now. You may have actuality encountered a cheater that found a cheat that allows infinite stacking gems or something, but you should ask first "Is this even possible?" "How do you do that?". And do some research on the ability before you claim cheats. And for the love of god, don't report players to DE in a hunch, because a 2k35 ban on something a player didn't do has happened before.
  2. It most certainly does. It's uses a function that DE introduced specifically to promote that, which was the instant swap between melee and weapons. They wanted more fluid transitions between gun and melee, and that's exactly what it uses. It's a full loadout strategy that uses your secondary and primary. Secondaries have historically been used only for bleedout and backups, while melee players use to go with only their melee to lower their conclave rating. Primaries where either used as primaries or shiny fashion frame on your back. Also, let me point out that I too want CO nerfed, because 50-100x damage is a wee bit much, but i wanted the percentage lowered or having it become additive, not capping it's usage, because it does make everything braindead.
  3. I didn't say they're unlikely to address this, I said that they might need more. With the removal of combo counter damage, we'll be doing a 4th of our current damage. But if you look at the base damage buffs, weapons are buffed almost 4x in base damage. It's direct compensation. 4x damage lost, 4x damage gained. The nerf to CO was strictly to lower the power builds of melee, which were much stronger than any of the content in the game. DE basically tried to nerf super stacked 250x damage buffs, but instead of lowering the amount, they capped it and raised the amount. This means that the smart players that super stacked buffs are just tossed in the trash, while button mashers are even stronger now. Even at 10% crit chance, hybrid builds are still better than pure status builds. That was the whole point, that putting thought into it gave you more power. Going pure crit and delegating a status secondary will not give you that much power, +27.3% more to be exact, but even then, you still might need the status chance for debuffs like viral. Also, gas status is the strongest dps, so even then, going pure crit isn't the best option.
  4. If it's only for high level enemies, then more procs = more speed. Remember, 1 pox throw, and I got 3 procs with high corrosive/viral. 4-5 with twin rogga. That is near instant, THEN i build 2-3 more out of my melee. There ain't much time spent and the damage from additional procs far outweighs the time that is spent. Capping the status promotes lower tier enemies, because you'll be able to get more damage out of less procs. Lower tier enemies will die out of 3-4 hits, which would only proc 2-3 status effects anyways. Now, because of this, it'll kill roughly 1-2 hits faster. Congrats DE, you buffed condition overload for the majority of your content. Most builds only have up to 4 damage types and usually, impact is the lowest and hardest to rely on because it lasts so short, so 3 is the average. Even with 2 elementals, that's maximum of 5 with average of 3-4, because of proc weight. So either way, these players that use only their melee and do lower content just received a buff. Higher level enemies take many more swings, depending on how high you go. In that time you would've maxed out your status long ago and would be button mashing through a lot of time, whereas a smart player would stack procs on his secondary, primary, or warframe to boost the damage further and get better results. Now, that won't happen because DE made it so all you could do is button mash.
  5. DE is punishing that and slowly taking it away instead of promoting it. Condition overload's buff was massive. That is without a doubt, but all they had to do was lower the percentage or make it stack additively to eachother. That way, it's not nearly as powerful, and strategy is still something to promote. 3 procs is easy to get on crit based weapons. The point was to go beyond that. Hybrid builds are the meta, go to the Warframe Teaching Archives (admittingly their builds could use some improvements) to see. The builds will stay the same (unless something drastic changes with the mods DE put in), but the issue is that players are simply button mashing because that's all they need to do. This is fine currently, because it's not the best way to play, thus strategy can be promoted for even stronger gameplay if you wanna be better, but this change in CO is a backtrack on that, because the button mashers are getting a buff while the strategic players are getting nerfed. This was promoted as a nerf to CO, but it's only nerfing the small community of strategic players, while the majority is getting a buff.
  6. This is incorrect contention. They are buffing base damage because they are removing the combo counter damage multiplier. Combo counters boosted damage by 2.5x damage for simple content and an average of 4x in the levels that vets fight. This is the reason for the compensation. They are limiting the procs to 3 AND compensating that by buffing the percentage for each proc. This means that they wanna have a net zero change, but the whole point of my post was to prove that this is a change in the wrong direction. It promotes button mashing instead of strategy. Yes I know that. I saw the devstream. You didn't understand my point. My point was for the CURRENT game. Ever since the game started, slide spam was a viable strategy that became massive when primed reach came out back in 2015. After shadow debt came out and brought maiming strike, then it became mainstream, but because of the damage boost it currently has, it was always the most powerful tactic for many weapons. THAT was my point.
  7. THE combo counter, not a separate combo counter like you're implying. You're adding your own ideas That's a terrible build strategy first off. Take it from me, I'm kinda renown for builds ands optimization. Cramming so much into 8 slots is pointless. Here's how a build goes 1. Primed pressure point 2. Drifting contact 3. Attack speed 4. Condition overload 5. 90% or 60/60 elemental 6. 60/60 elemental 7. Blood Rush 8. Organ shatter. Why would you hold so dearly to blood rush and organ shatter? Because even at 10% crit chance, it is proven to be better at a high combo counter. I'll do an example at 2.5x body shots to give you the benefit of the doubt. Crit chance: 10%×(1+1.65×2.5)=.5125 Damage Buff: (.5125×(3.8-1)+1)/(.1×(2-1)+1)=2.214 Take away condition overload: 2.214/1.6=1.3835 Damage Buff of 3rd elemental: 2.8/2.2=1.273 And you get a higher concentration of procs. Don't forget that blood rush makes berserker viable on weapons that weren't viable with it before, which is in effect another +13% effect. Anything below this crit chance and you swap them out for smite and maybe p reach or 90/60 of the primary elemental. If you wanna stack procs, then you can instant swap n shoot your primary or secondary like a pox, twin rogga, Tigris p, euphona p etc. That's how you build as of the next week. It's a shame you went all this time without properly getting the most out of your loadouts and now it will change. Dude really? Did you read? I have NO issues. Case closed. In fact, that whole post was to show how little of a change it will be and how i think were have to do more. Tell that to my combo building RC ash/atlas/khora. You didn't know this, but each strike is a multiplicative bonus to duration. Whaaaat? Yeah that's why i like it. Combine with a WoL trinity or use a pangolin sword and you got some serious smash after some time.
  8. That is newer actually. You didn't know the game from way back when we had stamina. MR =/= experience So yes, as i said, you are a NEWER player. Which is fine, I'm not hating, but call it as it is.
  9. This makes absolutely 0 sense and I stated why. You didn't take the time to read it properly did you? Nothing will change. People going for maximum status stacking on a single weapon where already gimping themselves, that is a terrible idea. Optimized builds were always set up this way. Weapons with less damage types made up for that fact by having higher concentration of procs, like twin basolk, so it evened out. Also, as i stated, if you were a strategic player, you would've realized that you could easily swap weapons to build procs and swap back for damage. Basically, your argument is that it stops people from doing what they shouldn't have been doing anyways, which is double down. They should be enticing loadout creativity instead of simple caps. Show me exactly where they said they'll have an exclusive combo counter, otherwise you're just guessing. Dude what are you on about? You're ranting in my thread about stuff i didn't say. As stated before, this is completely false and I urge you to do some playtesting on this mod before you make assertions.
  10. The rest of the changes need more info, which would be great to have, but you do realize you've buffed condition overload for the majority of button mashing players, which is what we were tryna avoid right? Most people only get 3-4 procs currently by simply using the melee weapon and pressing EEEE, so you basically just buffed those styles you were tryna avoid. What you should be focusing on is the strategic tactic of stacking procs through use of your entire loadout. We recently got the ability to swap weapons very fluidly. We should be promoting that. Lowering the buff to +40% would make it so that strategic setup can get great power out of the mod, while button mashers will not benefit nearly as much as they do now.
  11. A couple hours ago, we received the newest Dev Workshop, regarding melee. The new update brought many changes to Combos, fluidity and reach. These are all fantastic changes and will definitely improve the functionality and feel of melee. While these changes have been for the better, they have certainly had their fair share of Nerfs. Some nerves are fine, but the way they're implemented is certainly far from ideal. Condition overload, bloodrush, and weeping wounds are the three biggest offenders of this issue. Here will be laid out possible results from these changes or at least a very close estimate to it it looks to be. Condition overload: According to the changes laid down in a workshop, condition overload is going to be limited to 3 procs. It currently gives +60% to melee damage for every proc, stacking multiplicatively. This means that the current amounts, the maximum both you may obtain is 1.6^3, which is 4.096x damage. This is still very strong for single mod, but the method of implementation and the proposed changes seem to be off. The de workshop speaks of increasing the percentage. This is done to compensate the loss of damage from current builds. The issue comes that most people stack an average a 4-5 procs at the most. The amount of damage that would be offered at 4 procs would equal an increase of the mods percentage to roughly 88%. Doubling the mods current effect would mean a damage buff equal to 5 procs of its current form. Balance wise, this is fine, but the implementation seems to be incorrect. By increasing percentage and decreasing the number of procs required, button mashing is promoted, whereas using your entire kit and Synergy to maximize damage it's going to the Wayside. Strategy is a diminishing aspect of the game. This is most prevalent on Veterans and more astute players. The game has just implemented a weapon swap system that makes transition from Gunplay to melee very smooth, but what we see here is a regression from that idea. Currently, most players will use the primary and secondary weapon to put in some damage, armor strip, and stack procs for their melee. This level of synergy should be promoted. Thus, if power output needs to be diminished, promote it through synergy, not making it easier to get maximum output through simple button presses. Most builds already contain 4 damage types ( 3 from IPS and 1 elemental). Of those four, three are most likely to contribute to condition overload. Thus, this changes nothing. If anything, you have buffed condition overload. Blood Rush: With the advent of higher combo counters, bloodrush and its current form would have received a massive buff. It already has a decent amount of power, so a decrease in percentage would most likely be fine. Most builds stack up to 4x on the combo counter scale. This means that most builds receive a crit chance multiplier of 7.6x (1+1.65*4=7.6). If you were to decrease the amount to 110%, then at a 6x combo counter (assumed to be achievable), there will be a Net Zero gain. This is strictly dependent on how high of a combo counter we can achieve. More information will have to be disclosed on this. Considering the time span, this info should have been released already. Maiming Strike: Can I get an F? I have no issue with this change. Slide attacks already receive a damage bonus and easily spammed. Maiming strike only made this tactic more prevalent, but it was always strong, even before the mod came out. It appears that this change will make it work off base crit chance. For most weapons, this will be a very subtle nerf. The reason being that it is receiving a significant percentage buff. Atterax is a very common weapon for maiming strike. Effectively, the current mod is a buff of roughly +360% crit chance to its base. If maiming strike where to receive a buff to +200%, then on weapons like atterax, the nerf will be nigh irrelevant. On weapons like scoliac and other Low crit chance weapons, this is a massive Nerf. I assume the base damage buff will account for this, at least i hope. If it is a strict base damage multiplier across the board, that should be fine too. The developers appear to be against slide spam. A proposed fix to that would be to limit the speed at which you can do slide attacks. This is a topic for another post. Enduring Affliction: This mod is extremely fun to use. I would like it's mechanic to remain as is, even if activation of it changes. That's my full rundown of these changes, with the information given. Overall, not much to go off, but we need to make sure we go into this with the right goal in mind.
  12. You most likely are a newer player. Warframe used to have a stamina bar and it was the worst thing. If you are immortal because of jumping, you are facing enemies that are way below your warframes power. What I mean to say is you're playing enemies are too low of a level. Warframe's enemy AI is in definite need of improvement. This is what should we should be focus on, not us as players.
  13. Changes? Good These changes? Meehh Condition overload definitely could use a tone-down, but the way it's being executed here is far from ideal. Instead of lowering the amount of procs you allow and raising to percentage, decrease the percentage. Most people only go for 2, 3 or 4 procs anyways, so really you're just buffing condition overload for the button Mashers, while nerfing it for every other strategic player. This change goes against the whole idea of using your entire loadout and just promotes more button mashing. Instead of making it multiplicative, keep it as is and make each buff additive to each other, or just lower the percentage entirely to something like 25% and keep it multiplicative. As long as the functionality of bloodrush remains the same I see no problem here. The amount of crit might be a little less but with the advent of faster combo counters, this might result in a net zero. The change to weeping wounds is nigh Criminal. The mod is already use much less than the other combo stacking mods. Leaving it as-is ensures that it will still be used, otherwise, you're killing a mod that didn't need killing. Let me just make a note here, these changes will not change the importance of these mods. Every build will still have the mods you see here but they'll just simply be less powerful, so if your goal was to increase variety and builds, this is not the way to go.
  14. We're all on the same level. We've basically given up, because DE keeps nerfing our fun stuff and refusing to give us places to use them to their fullest without a full day commitment. Chroma's Vex Armor use to work like roar, but because it double dipped with his toxin 2, they changed it to be the wonky multiplier that he was famous for, double dipping in combined elementals and triple dipping with base combined elementals. This was all stealth Btw, which is why it flew under the radar. They also made it REDUCE toxin proc damage to "kill off" the tactic. As we see, that REALLY backfires on them. He use to double dip with slash too
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