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  1. (PS4)Crixus044

    Exhalted Blade Capacity (Could it be 70 again?)

    I can see why there's frustration. The forma costs for a completed build are massive, which I thinkfor a beginner who picks Excalibur is gonna give a bad impression on the grind. He should discover that much later lol Those 10 capacity would help return a forma or 2, or maybe even help you with 3 or 4 depending on the needed build. There was a lot lost with this change amd not many gained. Passive synergies gone with only a minor benefit of having separate melee weapon have its own use. Forma is very costly on it. The 10 capacity would not help as much as say free polarities, but it wouldn't feel as cheated. Maybe I'm just salty when i look at my proposed builds and then look at my forma inventory lol
  2. (PS4)Crixus044

    Current state of the metta and thoughts on why it came to be

    you're essentially right. And until DE gets us off the training wheel levels, this will never change.
  3. (PS4)Crixus044

    Endgame - can we have accessible content at the 200+ level range?

    Thinking completely horizontally is what makes cheesy enemies, not hard enemies. Invulnerability phases, dps caps, and the proposed eximus weakpoints. That is what becomes of thinking only horizontally without thought to escalating levels on base stats. The only thing that stops damage without cheese is EHp. The vice versa is true as well. For us warframes, our newer and stronger gear is better than ever and more optimized, as the community is also getting smarter and catching up to the optimizers. Out EHp has been steadily rising (Minus chroma RIP), as has our dps. With that in mind, enemies would need the same to happen to them to keep up, which they haven't. I can complete a T3 exterminate or survival sortie in a very quick time using nothing but bullet jumps, BULLET JUMPS. Every weapon of mine has a decent kill time and kps for anything around 500, BY ITSELF, no warframe buffs. My Nidus' EHp is ready to take on 1000s EZ. You might say "But this is a very certain situations and not everything can do that." In that. you're right about the situation, but wrong about the result. Some combos can go even higher, and we watch endurance runners use no cheese, solo up to 3-4 hour survivals with any frame or situation, taking on level 2000s. Solo isn't even the basis for the game. Solo only takes you so far, which is why teams are made. A game that has teams should have a mission that needs teams (though not mandatory as a skilled soloist can get there). These levels come about around level 5000. As you can see, our power creep has gone way out of the realm of the level 100s that where only difficult 3 years ago. We currently only use 1% of our levels. If we used maybe 30%, we'd satisfy a whole 3 years worth of power creep, unless DE starts learning how to make stuff that doesn't keep raising the bar so high. Now, am I saying leave enemies as the walking sausages they are? Hardly, I agree 100% that we need smarter and more coordinated enemies. I'd love a charger that runs on walls. I'd promote enemies that don't shoot like they're tripping balls. I'd love to get rid of kamikaze nullifiers and have a military faction actually perform military maneuvers like the center peel or a tank desant using eximus. I'd love for enemy priority to realize ehp and tankiness, thus bringing in the ability to draw aggro. This doesn't mean though that this alone will fix the issue where our entire arsenal has left current enemies in the dust.
  4. (PS4)Crixus044

    Razor wing ( growing power vs pistol amp)

    Growing power is better depending on your power strength. For most builds, hornet strike is a given, so pistol amp's buff is relatively small. Remember that pistol amp applies its buff to base damage. Thus if hornet strike is the only base damage mo on your dex pixia, then any build under 300% power strength is better with Growing power. When it comes to using with Razorwing's augment, growing power is indefinitely more effective though
  5. (PS4)Crixus044

    Current state of the metta and thoughts on why it came to be

    Meta is tied to what is quickest at the most important mission of the time. Meta usually never shifts power wise, and what WAS the meta can be more powerful than what IS the meta, but requirements change. For example, the eidolon meta is chroma, volt, trinity, and harrow or oberon. The old LoR meta was nova, loki, trinity, and Rhino/Vauban. 2015 survival meta was loki, nova, banshee, and nekros. These combos have not really lost much in power, but the requirements for them has changed. Nobody needs an LoR speedrun, and with our current power creep, 1 hour meta survival teams are not needed like they were in 2015. Eidolons were the biggest thing on the market, but even that meta is dying down and the new meta is rising. Now have meta's ever been removed? Yes, squashed like a bug (RIP Synoid Simulor) Why the meta came to be? Because the newest content is the most important content, and until more levels are explored and people realize that their 6 forma fully decked build should not be fighting starter level enemies or enemies that were hard 3 years ago, a meta will always be present that revolves around killing fast and getting out fast. You think the current meta is bad? I don't know if who was around for late 2016-early 2017 veteran community, but at that time, players were at their most powerful state in warframe history. Ask vets about miragulor, about radioactive chroma, about telos boltace wall humping, draco, and stealth gas. Ask vets about maiming strike redeemer, limbomb. Just imagine builds that could easily surpass damage cap DPS. Then ask them about the irony of Update 20, which nerfed majority of the previous meta to dust as a method of balance, yet brought in the most overpowered warframe to date. The first warframe that without exploit could reach level cap in a survival, solo without swinging a single sword or firing a single shot, using nothing but her dance moves. Yeah, late 2016-early 2017 was a tumultuous time where the meta was being shifted and vigilantly attacked by the devs, who couldn't seem to get pass the whack-a-mole cycle that their nerfs where bringing and couldn't seem to lower warframe power without getting massive hate. Like I said, a meta will always exist as long as there is a need and a way to complete the newest thing as fast and easily as possible.
  6. (PS4)Crixus044

    Forever alone - Any girls playing Warframe?

    I remember a dude messaged me on wf, thinking i was a chick because of my purple saryn i was using. Lmao, he flipped tf out when i got on voice chat!!! Never think a female frame = female user.
  7. (PS4)Crixus044

    The drawback of Onslaught

    It might be time to bring conclave ratings back lol
  8. We must petition for higher level missions. Honestly it fixes a whole lot, just like sorties did back in 2015. Fyi, in 2015, the highest level mission we had was star chart level 50.
  9. (PS4)Crixus044

    Warframe Builder

    Stoi, you are a god amongst men. I shall help. If you ever need calculations on how some mechanics work, hit me up. Couple suggestions: Add in 5.5x combo counter. Venka prime is capable of reaching 5.5x in the same time normal melee reaches 4x, which is the average, while snipers easily surpass 4x and reach 5.5x, so adding it would help with calculations for those things. Is razorwing blitz on titania? If not, here is the mod. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Razorwing_Blitz When it comes to warframe bonuses and some outside bonuses on weapons, i find the riven selection and aura section to be an excellent substitute, such as calculating melee when using harrow or adarza kavat, i simply use the riven section for "crit chance on slide".
  10. But then what's the point of getting those mods in the first place? There isn't any. If the only challenge i can get in game is gimping myself, then a harder mission IS needed. If you're not able to do these missions, that's all you. Do what you can and I'm sure you'll be satisfied, which is good, but high level players are satisfied at fighting harder enemies. Even if there is no other reward, just the mission itself is fun. This is what we want. I want to fight a guy that won't die by my breathe. I can compete a t3 survival sortie using nothing but my bullet jump (done myself). You honestly cannot say that today's missions are too easy once you reach a certain point.
  11. (PS4)Crixus044

    Mission Tiers for All Missions

    It's not to simply create 4 different versions of the star chart. It's to pick your own levels. If you want to do the normal levels just to get the normal rewards, that's fine. If you're looking for something in the mission and think you can handle the harder levels, go for it. An endgame player looking for some long endurance run can have a mission start at level 150 so that he could get to the levels he wants to get to faster. A regular player looking for some better rewards in a defense can choose to pick the harder version so that he could get a better chance at the reward. A beginner who wants to push himself to progress faster and get some experience in the higher level missions like sorties, index, and onslaught and test his metal in a harder version of the mission he does.That's the risk. You want a rare mod/relic? Take the risk of doing a level 150 defense for a better chance at that relic.
  12. As a person who can't always be at his console, this would be a much appreciated change. I don't know the exact workings, thus I cannot say much, but a lot of console players miss out on the grand scale and beauty of the game that some PC's allow, thus allowing us to use our accounts on PC would help so much. Cross-platforming I don't think constitutes the right idea of what could be done. I think the word that best describes this is universal accounts. DE will probably never have the ability to allow consoles to play with PC, thus I can't play with my buddy on his PC if I'm on PS4, but I see no opposition to allowing a player to use his account on a PC or a console, thus if I'm on my PS4, I can play with my PS4 friends, while when I'm on PC, I can play with my PC friends. Of course the issue is now what happens with update delays? If I have a resource on PC that DE hasn't even put into the PS4 update, what happens to it?
  13. (PS4)Crixus044

    One Frame to Rule them all!!

    I've found that what you like in other games often transfers to warframe, but sparingly. In Destiny, I'm a bubble Titan with a shotgun and burst fire or melee striker titan with handcannon. In raids, I'm the sword guy. If i were to directly bring that into warframe, i'd be a frost with a vaykor hek and sicaris or tiberon prime and Euphona Prime with galatine prime. But I'm actually a jat kittag+rhino fav. I love all frames equally as much, almost as much as mains, but rhino and jat kittag, are just a step above for me, for years. You say you're a stealth headshot hunter with a handcannon, but stealth in wf is different than destiny or overwatch. i know a guy who loves exactly what you said (Bry bry, is that you? Lol), but his favorite warframe is nova. Nova has an ult very similar to shadowshot, where it makes enemies take double damage and slows down enemy movement by 75%, making them move like melting glaciers, easy headshots. She has a second ability similar warlock's nova bomb. Her third is a teleporter that can make her the fastest frame in the game. She's not exactly stealth, but she has power and mobility. A lot of times in other games, stealth is used for mobility other than sneaking around. Use any of the bows in warframe, they're all good. Snipers too. Opticor is like the sleeper stimulant, lanka is like a more powerful darci, vectis van be modded to be like black spindle, and there's plenty mod snipers. Get a pandero and marelok whenever you can. They are good early hand cannons.
  14. (PS4)Crixus044

    Eidolon Captures Are Too Limited

    This meta you speak of is the laughable copypasta combo that i see players run constantly, tryna be like the guy they saw on YouTube. Most of the time, because players don't understand enough of the game, they may not even be doing the comp correctly because they just don't know what to do. Taiiat said it pretty well, that the community needs education, and quickly, because honestly, there are faster ways and SO many different comps, it ain't even funny. Simply put, there will always be a meta. This meta may not be the best, but it's the most popular. This can never change, and balancing around the meta, or nerfing the meta is exactly what causes a new meta to come up. It's called the wack-a-mole effect. You wanna be the best? Find it out yourself. There's always room to grow for a player. The beauty to warframe is that there's more to this game than what meets the eye.
  15. (PS4)Crixus044

    Mission Tiers for All Missions

    Which is why it's an option. You can choose to play the easier version of the node if you want. Once you get to MR 5, you should have a pretty decent frame and weapon setup. You can have all nodes unlocked, and with that, mission levels would be up to optional 60 base on your hardest nodes. Uranus would be up to around level 45 base. This is around the same levels as first sorties but without sortie restrictions, which players around 5-10 MR are normally able to do. If you can't do it solo, get a squad. That'd the idea. It's there for you. I remember when i was MR 8 i was doing (getting hardcore carried lol)1 hour survivals with a squad of clanmates. I'd do Caracol up to 30 waves which is around level 45-50. And this was back in 2015, when our MR 8 power was FAR lower than MR 8 today. New players can always ask for help if they can't do that, which is the idea. A harder node that you can't just steamroll roll. It's an optional challenge to prepare you for the future. It's not mandatory, but rewarding. I never really had an issue finding a random squad for any mission. That problem went away around when the void was changed.