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  1. (PS4)Crixus044

    A True Tier Frame list.

    This tier list is entirely subjective to the user. Any frame and weapon with the right tactic can and WILL reach level cap, and WILL be able to compete any mission. If the user can't do it, that's on them. These tier lists always make me laugh.
  2. I surmise that this was the result of the new change, but divebombs aspect of tailwind use to be affected by power strength. What i mean specifically is the acceleration. This isn't a big issue with most players, given zephyr's low popularity, but it's something that shouldn't have been changed and isn't too hard to changed back. As it stands, melee slams are 100% better because they're faster, free of energy, deal more damage and have more cc effect. With the proposed melee 3.0 changes, it looks like this edge is only gonna be further exacerbated. EDIT: A big thanks to @Islanzari for confirming this for me.
  3. (PS4)Crixus044

    Most Powerful warframes lorewise

    You'll like my old post lol
  4. (PS4)Crixus044

    Most Powerful warframes lorewise

    Rhino. The dude slows time by 40x in his vicinity by stomping the ground lmao That's some brute force right there. Combine with his ability to turn damage into a hardened shell, he's gucci when it comes to pure power.
  5. (PS4)Crixus044

    Does anyone actually use the Sniper Mod "Target Acquired?"

    The mod is amazing, but only some some snipers. Very few mods have their own multiplier these days, so something like heavy caliber, which is really only 63% more damage ((1+1.65+1.65)/(1+1.65)), can be replaced by this mod without the loss of accuracy. Most builds include mods that really don't increase much damage, so with some development of skill, you can use this mod to get that extra umph. The only times its somewhat not worth it is with ivara, vectis, or vulkar. Reason is that the buff is additive with them, so something like ivara's prowl at 250% PS would get only 30% more damage, while vectis gets +37.5% more damage. It's still worth it for HM builds though.
  6. Agreed. We need differentiation from other missions. The scaling and spawning need to be stronger.
  7. (PS4)Crixus044

    Elite Alert Buffs A Little Excessive

    Exactly. I'm sick of idiot kamikaze nullifiers. They look so bad running up to you, leaving their friends behind, with the bombard standing behind like "thanks man....-_-". I've made countless posts about this, how they should code actual tactics used by players, like allowing some people to play as enemies and watch that they do.
  8. (PS4)Crixus044

    Slash proc damage calculation

    Show us a build and the ticks you get from it. I'll do the calculations. That formula is right for the most part.
  9. (PS4)Crixus044

    What are the most Overrated weapons/frames

    Soma prime. Less weapons are overrated, because it depends on how someone uses it, and more how they play is overrated. Hunter munitions and viral especially.
  10. (PS4)Crixus044

    Elite Alert Buffs A Little Excessive

    It wouldn't make it more interesting, but it is still needed imo Damage-ehp ratio in wf is considerably unproportioned. There are 3 facets to difficulty. Mechanics, ehp, and damage. Mechanics are stuff like AI, abilities, hitboxes, movement, etc. Nox, bursas, hyenas, and nullifiers are great examples of mechanically challenging enemies. If every enemy was like them though, the game would be cancer and a cheese fest of puzzles, counter mechanics, and glitches. That's why damage and ehp are also needed, which increasing levels covers. So really what you need is all 3. Increased levels, mechanical enemies, and smarter tomato cans aka enemies.
  11. (PS4)Crixus044

    Elite Alert Buffs A Little Excessive

    I know this is aimed for vets, because I AM a big proponent for vets and endgame. Look at all my former topics, you'll see. And your example is..ummmm... +300% range is exactly what it looks like, +300% range. Whether this is added to base or multiplicative of total (likely the former) is up to DE, but if you have 280% range on your equinox right now, you'll have 580% range after the buff. +300% strength with the 567% PS a squad of 4 with equinox (higher with warframe arcane helmets and ember/nidus passive) and a nidus, that's 867% power strength. With nidus having the same buff, that's 2778.735% PS. That's 22k Rhino stomps, 331,085 damage rhino stomps with roar also active. Just to put this into perspective of what will happen with 4 people in recruiting chat asking for those strength boosted frames. Now if it is multiplicative of total......oooooof. 9.7 mil stomps. I don't think they said gone next mission, they said it lasts an hour, and they didn't say whether it is removed after completion, though I doubt it. Still, it doesn't take away from the fact that it will create this kind of demand that will be easily met, and for an hour, you might be out of luck. Who knows, that hour might be all you have to play. Maybe you wanna do a 2 hour run but have to go to bed like 30 minutes afterwards, you can't wait for the next roll. This is more of a minor problem and I don't think it'll create too much toxicity, as only a small group of players would really need or demand these requests, but they will be there and they will be apparent. Oh I totally agree, but you really don't need these buffs to be a bit excessive. This is MASSIVE excessive lol, or potentially so. Like I said, my modern team comps that I help develop with my friends make sorties look like tutorials and carry us easily into level cap. There's really no need for these buffs and I feel like if this mission is really catered to the higher level community, these buffs are more like novelties. As I posted, they do more harm than good at those proportions. How am I suppose to run a speed nova with +300% power strength? lmao The power strength buff is nice, but at 50% it would be better. not 300%.
  12. After watching the Primetime, I saw how elite alerts are getting player exclusive buffs for the mission. This is a cool concept, but it's obviously at a premature state. The buff shown was +300% strength to equinox and +300% buff to supra. This is absolutely MASSIVE. I can already see the massive synergies that will come of this. Can you imagine +300% range equinox? That's map wide. The problem with this is that it not only is a little excessive as a buff, but if it extends to duration and efficiency too, it also kills some tactics. I'm talking about speed nova, slowva, ev trinity, larva nidus, savage silence banshee, etc. A lot of these tactics revolve around managing the power stats of you frame. Too much or too little can throw it out of whack. If it was something manageable like 50%, that can be worked around, but something like 300% is too much. The next problem is recruitment. Since it is player specific, some players may be looking to play loki, but have a buff for rhino. If they go to recruit chat, they are gonna see "Hosting Elite Alert, LF boosted range loki." or "Hosting Elite Alert, need 1, must have boosted stats." Because these boosted stats are so strong, they are gonna be high commodity. If they are dialed back, an optimized build can manage and boosted stats will not be so demanded, not that they're required, but players will always look for the easiest route. Any frame and weapon with the right tactic can and will reach level cap. We do not need such massive buffs to do well. I cannot speak for more than a few players I personally know and talk to, but I'm sure there are many others that agree that you don't need all this to do good. Thank you for your hard work
  13. (PS4)Crixus044

    Elite Alerts are looking great, BUT don't lower the starting level pls!

    I really doubt that would be the case, because you really only need to go 30 minutes to complete a rotation, and it's endless, so duration is up to you. If people really need cheesefests to complete this mission, they would've been doing so no matter what the mission starting point is. That's the thing about game "cheese". It makes everything feel exactly the same no matter the difficulty. Look at the usage of Octavia and ivara currently, it's rather low, and an increase to levels won't change this for majority of players. Now are there players that'll need or ask for those frames? Sure. Are these guys the majority? Not a chance. Any knowledge about the game would tell ya how they're not even close to mandatory. While you have reasoning for your assumption, there is more reasoning to assume different. They were back in the pre u19 days. We had 4 revives a day per frame. Going down was horrible and avoided at all cost. But you right, a lot of endurance runner treat death like a second chance thing, which is why I'm excited for these new alerts.
  14. (PS4)Crixus044

    Please tweak what counts as a headshot

    Line up 3 corpus prod crewman, use a projectile weapon to have clearer hitbox accuracy (yes this is a thing, projectiles are better with hitboxes than hitscan), jump, aim glide, drag scope them. I use boltor prime.
  15. (PS4)Crixus044

    Challenges Warframe Needs to implement

    Again, these solutions must be done in unison. I don't think you get that part of my proposal, that you can't have one change without the other. You're main gripe is fixing AI and giving them more mechanical answers to our tactics. While this is a piece of the pie, it aint the full box. Your example of how you can just go invis and tee off on an enemy is good for mechanics, but what happens when you outdo that? What happens when you beat an enemy's mechanics? It's a cake walk. This is how cheese comes. Inversely, no amount of health is enough for a tomato can AI. This is how we currently cheese. We need improved AI AND levels. Either or won't cut it. That's my proposal. And yes, longer ttk means more time the enemy is on the field, which means reduced kps, thus harder time doing endless runs as well as more risk of being in danger.