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  1. This has nothing to do with additive or multiplicative. Those are incorrect terms for what you're describing. I do understand what you mean though, and i understand the OP's gripe. Efficiency use to follow the same formula as reload speed, aka the logical statement of "+100% more efficient means it's 2x as efficient, meaning half the cost." This would follow the formula Energy cost/(1+efficiency bonus). This was changed, due to the lack of effect that efficiency bonus mods gave while negative efficiency would have a much more powerful impact. This is the current dilemma with duration on drain based abilities. Blind rage's -55% efficiency would've been a steep price to pay. 100 energy ability (the standard cost of an ult at that time) would cost 223. This would make +efficiency mods mandatory. With streamline, cost is still 133, causing mods like fleeting expertise to be mandatory, thus causing narrow minded to be mandatory, causing overextended to be mandatory, etc. We had no prime mods, 6 slots (we had 10, but each ability took up a slot), no exilus mods, no arcanes, no focus schools, and kill rates were much lower. This is why they changed the formula and why a maxed out fleeting expertise by itself is a net zero gain for drain ability efficiency. While I agree the wording should be changed to something like "-60% ability cost" and arsenal stats be "40% ability cost", it's a well established fact in the community on how it works. I believe we have bigger fish to fry than this. Just my 2 cents
  2. Don't move away from separate multipliers. They're the only thing that causes significant impact and feel with build diversity. Making everything scale on the same multiplier will make everything feel so dull. Don't limit the creativity of your players. If you want to limit players, find a gameplay method to fight us. Don't directly fight us in your game
  3. DE, I am a long time player and was an advocate of the game. I have been offline on my main for a while, killing to play again, because there's one thing this game had that no other doesn't. This game had some of the most interesting and diverse mechanics. The level of detail and optimization was splendid for a mathematical guy like myself. I bought multiple prime accesses to keep up when my schedule couldn't, and there's one thing keeping me from buying more, being punished for my innovation and creativity. Nerfing stuff isn't helping, but it's bearable and necessary most of the time. But unbalancing everything so radically without even an opinion from your own Design Council is just more doubt for me. It is breaking my heart seeing some of the most unique mechanics in the game being taken away. These mechanics are what made this game unique and not another simple hybrid game. I'll outline the signs of this direction I've seen. Pure elemental weapons may seem off to you, but they're some of the most unique weapons in the game. Twin basolk and ninkondi were the last (I think). They don't quite have the ips diversity that your build goes for, but they are unique. Main reason? Status rates. Getting pure gas or radiation on twin basolk was a really cool feature. It made building so fun and gameplay even better. I am not a fan of everything becoming "ips+elemental", because I could just get a pure ips weapon and put the elemental mods on. It is ruining the diversity of weapons. I am on board with CO changes, but I am not a fan of Differentiation of damage buffs is what makes the game so interesting. Condition overload IMO, would've been better off as a additively stacking final damage buff (1 + .6 × # of status effects). Even if you don't believe that for Condition overload, at least consider this for anything else you've had in mind. Making all buffs work on base damage is boring and cripples creativity and severely increases the competition for which frame to use. You may think "oh that's what we want, diversity". Competition is not diversity. Diversity would be every damage buff being the same amount, same aspects, same everything. How exciting is that? Competition is temporary. Once the strongest is sorted out, the rest will be made useless. This is why it's important for everyone to have their own unique aspect, so that they're not rendered useless or obsolete. I urge you to focus on the enemies of the game vs us as players, because this "player innovation vs developers" situation isn't making for good gameplay. Please DE, stop punishing me for being creative and innovative.
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