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  1. QT works with damage reduction and armor, so it is frame dependant. We're talking about EHp tanks here. EHp tanks are limited by the one thing that keeps them tanky, their EHp. If you hit it with anything less than a 1hit kill, they can survive. This is due to how infrequent a good player (remember that i said good, not a lazy ca.... excuse me) will take shots from enemies and has nigh unlimited methods to heal and regen energy. Quick thinking works by diverting your energy pool into your health at a rate of 240% aka 2.4x. If you have 300 energy currently on a frame with 100 base health, it's basically like adding a vitality mod at +720% health. Use that to determine how high you can go till you're 1-hit killed. To give an example that matches the casual level of most builds, I took the build from this random post and ran the numbers This build is ok, but you want quick thinking, so without taking too much away from the build, we'll make some adjustments. Considering the PS required, we have no need for augur secrets so let's replace it with quick thinking. To save space, we can drop the exilus, which s a QoL mod anyway. With umbral forma, we can put it back in no problem. To compensate for the PS drop, replace CP with GP. Corrosive projection when solo is roughly equal to 1 corrosive proc, so it's quite useless in solo considering we got corrosive on our weapons. You could also just use pox or have an armor stripper buddy, or HM. There, now we have an improved build that takes nothing away from the OP's need. 1080 health + 531 energy, which becomes effectively 2354 health. Consider the use of adaptation, which we'll put at +90% DR for simplicity sake and 95% DR from shatter shield, your EHp is at 604,194. Suck it chroma, you'll never be what you once was, RIP tank chroma, thank you so much DE Pablo. Now you could use an ancient healer specter, to get 10x that, but lets keep it casual for the masses who don't know how to actually get powerful. Vs bombards, mesa is god, because fun fact, her 3 reflects rockets, so need need to worry about the splash damage. Vs HG she is also good, able to take 6 shots from level cap HG, 2 if in the void. She really struggles with corpus due to their insane damage, with techs 1 hitting her at level 8950, level 2125 will take 1 second to kill you
  2. How is the first difficult thing for most of the community in this game such a crime? If you're playing a multiplayer game solo, EXPECT it to be massively more difficult for you. Now, is it impossible solo? No, but you have to work for it, which is the point to any game, playing to a goal. Can your sub-par, "works for me", "only fought star chart" loadout compete with this tough enemy? No. Can you improve your build and skills to be able to square up with him successfully? Absolutely, up to solo 1 shotting him and avoiding every 1 of his attacks. OP, You were using zephyr, she's a direct counter to him, but i guess you didn't know how to fight him with her when he showed up. That's ok, it's not like anybody wakes up knowing everything about anything, but I'm sure if you fought him again, it'll be a lot easier right? There's no shame in improvement, and there is so much room to grow for the majority of the community. For this, i say we should be fighting the wolf all the time. Improving in a game is really the whole point of playing and continuing a game. Replayable content is the best counter to burnout. Improving, getting better, working for your rewards, whereas most missions now are a time block to the rewards with minor work put into the mission itself.
  3. Let me see your loadout. A lot of people mistaken a tanky enemy for a premature loadout. If your running a build not designed for his presence, expect massive difficulty, though if you improve your builds and loadout, you can dominate this game.
  4. Kinda like how gara has invulnerability during mass vitrify right? 2 seconds invulnerability during casting animation would be quite good, though i don't know if they can make it into a 100% absorb period as well. Still good for more dangerous situations.
  5. If you want my opinion DE, warding halo idea can be and needs to be improved upon. The 90% reduction is a nice addition, but as it stands, it's not implemented well enough. Warding halo is still almost exactly like iron skin but less effective, and with your changes, it's soft capped in its effectiveness. It'll still not be interesting and doesn't function like gara's 2, which is an ehp multiplier. What you should do is make absorb period longer and make it affected by duration mods. Instead of the absorb being 100%, make it 90%. 90% of damage is absorbed while 10% goes through. Making this moddable by duration will make it feel more like gara. Then once the absorb period is up, then it hardens into a ring of complete protection like iron skin. Make it recastable so people can decide if they want the damage reduction or the protective health. Give blazing chakram a similar affect to reinforcing stomp, so that out heals warding halo health too, thus bringing direct synergy to the frame, rather than forcing it with the changes here. This will be fresh and interesting.
  6. The easiest way to do this is rather than comparing directly to missions, compare to other similarities with different frames. Because 2 people can play the same frame very differently in 1 mission and similar in another, and vice versa. Balancing around levels is a proven poor choice, because back in 2015, the highest level we had was level 50 on the star chart. Levels change as power creep continuous. Even then, with the exception of serious fans (who don't make up the majority of players) people usually go for the best of the type, so if you're going for the archetype that nezha falls into, just because nezha "works" doesn't mean he'll be used. The frame that does what he does, except better will be used. But this is all moot, because my gripe isn't even the performance, it's more the mechanics. The mechanics as they appear here change nothing. It's a direct nerf. EHp is the same (absorb bonus change might improve this slightly, status immunity is the same, but now, there's a hard cap on how effective he can be. Sure this nerf doesn't effect some players, but it does affect other players. Why leave they're opinion out to dry?
  7. Sortie 3 is not a good way to compare, neither is any mission. Just because you don't die (neither do I, I still play old school with my revives) means nothing. Banshee in a sortie won't die, saryn is enough ehp to be a tank in sorties and on the flip, bullet jumps are enough damage for sorties. Sorties compared to our frame power is far below our level, but I'm diving into a different topic with this. If your vitality is not ranked all the way, you have a ways to go in the game, unless it's a choice, which is your own choice. Nezha's EHp is not the issue here, which is what you're not understanding, hence why i asked you to re-read. My issue is that this will change nothing except limit how much protection you can have to how much EHp you have. If this does not affect you for what you do, then you shouldn't have a problem, nor should you have a problem with me showing the facts, which may affect others including myself. Especially since people think this acts like gara's splinter storm.
  8. please re-read the post. I said 2 stack, which is 550%. Im not using maxed umbral builds because of the excessive cost and futility of it. And no, that is not enough. Maybe it is for your missions, but i urge you to try using it beyond the star chart. Bullet jump damage is "more than enough." For popular content, which in itself has problems, and is a specific scenario that doesn't encompass the game so comparing performance to missions is not a good measuring stick. Best to use comparison to similar abilities, and yes, rhino iron skin is still a similar ability, which is kinda my main gripe more than the actual numbers. Essentially this changes absolutely nothing. All it does is limit it's performance to Nezha's EHp. It functions exactly as before. They said this was done specifically to make blazing chakram used, which is a fair idea, but a faulty implementation. Why not just give blazing chakram a heal to the warding halo health like reinforcing stomp instead of forcing the 2 to somehow affect eachother?
  9. No i didn't, but thank you for reminding me so i can give you the numbers. Nezha with changes would have 1935 EHp with 2 stack umbral vitality and umbral fiber. Since it works alongside his warding halo, taking into account roughly a 200% pS build against level 150s, effectively what you got HIGHBALL is under 10k EHp total, including 3k health from the 2 second absorb period for level 150s. Oberon has more than this. Rhino with no ironclad charge has more than this. This will go down faster than you can count the accumulated health. The whole 90% thing is a useless function made exclusively to make blazing chakram more used, whereas they could've just given it a direct effect. About divine spears range, the base range is ok, but it's a temporary suspension that is not stackable like stomp or bastille, thus it needs heavily increased range to be useful for the full variety of situations we encounter.
  10. Warding halo is going to have a major issue. It's objectively 100% worse if it works like i think it does. It seems that what it does is absorb damage during invulnerability phase, then 90% of Damage taken goes to the health while 10% goes to nezha. This is really bad because nezha's ehp is low as is, so all you're doing is basically adding nezha's ehp to warding halo, it's not gonna function at all like gara. Maybe it will at low levels, but those same levels would've had normal warding halo working. Consider a revision to make this function like iron skin, but not play like iron skin. Give it no base health, but a long damage absorb phase, have the 90% damage reduction apply to the halo itself. How about having blazing chakram heal warding halo health like reinforcing stomp as a sort of synergy instead of forcing warding halo to work with current blazing chakram? Firewalker change is good, provided that you can recast to reset duration to keep it up at all times. With a good build, energy was never an issue before, but up-time is essential, especially when his augment is considered. Divine spears needs to have a charge mechanic to increase range, because current range is lacking. Otherwise, it's ok, not much changed, but please revisit your warding halo ideas.
  11. Hey stoi, looking good so far. Couple thing's I'd like to add. I was working on an atlas build today when I came aross ore gaze. Ore gaze's loot chance has been dropped to 25% as seen here. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Ore_Gaze Also, it is not capped at 200% power strength as per comment in wiki. I do not see Razorwing Blitz in for Titania yet, I understand the coding involved, but take a look at it. https://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Razorwing_Blitz I've noticed a bug that is kinda uncomfortable, where if I polarize a slot, it takes the mod off the slot. This in itself it fine, but sometimes, it prevents me from putting any mod back on the weapon or warframe, of which I have to transfer the build to the same weapon just to continue, which means polarizing the slots and hoping it doesn't do that again. I probably ain't the first to report this, but here it is in case. One more thing, the change to ability stats showing the actual stat instead of the "+bonus%" is great, but it is not calculated properly for knockdown resistance. Knockdown resistance with Power Drift shows at +130%, when it should be +30%. The base stat is probably set to 100% on your side. If possible, set to 0%. This extends to other QoL stats that warframe has like Knockdown Recovery. Set it to 0%, which the exception of valkyr, who has innate +50% knockdown recovery. Thank you so much, Crixus
  12. Stoi, you are a god amongst men. I shall help. If you ever need calculations on how some mechanics work, hit me up. Couple suggestions: Add in 5.5x combo counter. Venka prime is capable of reaching 5.5x in the same time normal melee reaches 4x, which is the average, while snipers easily surpass 4x and reach 5.5x, so adding it would help with calculations for those things. Is razorwing blitz on titania? If not, here is the mod. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Razorwing_Blitz When it comes to warframe bonuses and some outside bonuses on weapons, i find the riven selection and aura section to be an excellent substitute, such as calculating melee when using harrow or adarza kavat, i simply use the riven section for "crit chance on slide".
  13. About Lenz, from what I see, there are many things are causing issues. I'll send you screenshots of my findings here. https://imgur.com/gallery/sch2SZp Check it out. I give a small description for each picture. Let me know if this helps.Screenshots taken June 14th 2018
  14. All Dio cosplay limbos must now move on to Hit cosplay. Za warudo is now toki tobashi
  15. I can definitely understand that. The formula for the lenz isn't exactly simple. Perhaps separating the instances almost like firing modes would be a quick temporary fix to the problem. It's not like anybody actually builds for the cold proc instance lol. As long as we can get an accurate read on the explosion, I would not mind doing my own addition of the 3 instances manually.
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