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  1. You say they are close range, yet as soon as they lose pathing to you aka when you jump or stand on a box, They spit high damage boogers at you. I remember when this was implemented and it was always a bad idea. Remove the boogers. If standing on a box is such a big issue, teach infested to climb, or better yet, let's have infested gain vertically. Imagine chargers running on the walls, diving at ya, crawling on the ceiling. That would be amazing. I'd be down for that But NOBODY likes boogers
  2. That "normal" effigy you see use to be the alternative skin. This is why I say you should look into your history. Watch Tennolive 2015. It'll educate ya a little on the history of warframe and bring in some fun "Oh that's where that started" moments
  3. Did you watch 2015 Tennolive? I guess you weren't around back then. His literal title was Dragon Frame. Spectral Scream: Dragon's Breath Effigy: Dragon's Breath with Wings
  4. The last thing you want is for DE to get all bright eyed and give loki a "long overdue revisit" only to ruin the frame. Let's look at each frame's rework from front to back Ash: RIP Atlas: Didn't do much Banshee: Generally not touched, but her 4th aug has been killed Chroma: Dying in a hole full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish where he lives to suffer and burn and choke and scream and cry forever and ever till the end of time Ember: Not as bad as chroma, but terribly executed Excalibur: Started great and has only become worse Frost: Not as good as excal but still decent, but the nerf to cold damage really hurt him Hydroid: That's a negatory sir. Nerf to loot killed him and his rework really didn't do much Limbo: Started fantastic, overpowered even and has slowly become worse Mag: Net sum zero at start, becoming slowly worse and worse Mesa: First rework sucked. Second rework was terrific, but remains one of the most hated frames in the game Mirage: Nothing good really Nekros: Net sum zero, desecrate is easier but nerfed. shadows is buffed but static number Nezha: Overall a buff with a terribly stupid nerf in there Nyx: Useless Oberon: Pretty good Rhino: Good overall Saryn: Cite Chroma Trinity: Cite any trinity meme Vauban: First one was meh, second one was decent Volt: Good and better Wukong: Some good, some VERRRY BAD, overall bad Zephyr: Decent So if tally the positive reworks to negative, we got 14 bad ones and 9 good ones. That's an overall negative, and even the good ones weren't really the best. The only ones with really good results was Limbo, Volt and Oberon. The rest were either some good and some bad or kinda good. The rest were 100% bad or useless. Point: If you like your frame, shut up and use it. If you think it can be better, suggest a NEW frame that has what you want.
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