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  1. (PS4)Crixus044

    I Need Help with a Skiajati Build

    When calculating arcanes and possibly steel charge, then things start to shift. I personally test at 4x combo, and i remember showing ya the cold proc thing lmao For skiajati, best to go with the slash status method, with a hybrid focus on crit. If you can, when using a warframe that buffs base damage or arcane fury with steel charge (or 3 teammates with steel charge), drop all base damage and go for smite mods. You don't need viral since you can get that on your secondary or primary or even a warframe. All you need is the proc. I typically combo pox or torid with a slash melee. Also, when using adarza kavat, drop all crit chance mods. Primed pressure point 3.5*1.6*77*(1+1.2+.6+1.65)*(1.911*(3.6-1)+1) = 11453 Vs Sacrificial pressure 3.5*1.6*77*(2.8+1.375)*(2.134*(3.6-1)+1) = 11789 Vs Smite mods 3.5*1.6*77*(1+.6+1.2)*(1.911*(3.6-1)+1)*1.69= 12179 I would go Blood rush, drifting contact, organ shatter, weeping wounds, sacrificial steel, berserker, condition overload, and smite mods/ primed pressure point/ sacrificial pressure. Combo with a viral+radiation pox to ensure that ancients don't steal your slash procs and to get you 3 more status effects along with viral 2x damage.
  2. (PS4)Crixus044

    The game's outdated horde-shooting mechanics are showing

    I wouldn't question you for something i wasn't around for, and you're going WAY back before I even played, so i cannot speak for such things, but believe me, I've seen the craziness. I saw a video of a Loki running faster than any volt ever with just mods. Excuse my poor choice of words when saying originally, as my experience only goes as far back as consoles, which you can agree coincides with my statement, but this doesn't reflect on or spoil the subject of my post, which you cannot deny holds true.
  3. (PS4)Crixus044

    The game's outdated horde-shooting mechanics are showing

    "DE makes fragments but not wholes" very well put. Which is why i said the solution is complex. Increasing levels is part of it. Mechanical challenges are another. I divide this into a trio. The 3 aspects of difficulty. Challenge to enemy EHp, challenge to enemy damage, and challenge to enemy mechanics. Improved AI and mechanically interesting enemies like nox and nullifiers satisfy the mechanics aspect, while increasing levels and modifying the scaling formulas satisfy the other 2. Only then can we get some replayable content, gameplay that has contention, and an improvement for OP's dilemma. I would go into more detail here, but i have already in another post, so ill link ya to that.
  4. (PS4)Crixus044

    The game's outdated horde-shooting mechanics are showing

    Warframe originally was a very tactical games. The damage we had was much lower than now, and the scaling formulas were a lot stronger. Then they updated the scaling formulas to be more balanced. After that, we just kept on getting stronger and stronger, but the enemy levels stayed the same. After a while, we outgrew the enemies we were fighting, until now where the enemies we fight are so weak that we don't even need stuff like healers and cc. Our fodder killer frames nuke maps, while our single target dps frames 1 shot bosses. The game isn't showing its INTENDED horde shooter mechanics. This is just the result of years of power creep that where never matched with proper enemies. Power boost+ increasing levels = progression Power boost + static levels = power creep. The solution is complex, but an increase in stats or levels is part of it, and by far the easiest to implement.
  5. (PS4)Crixus044

    Fixing Mesa

    It doesn't work with multishot, neither does volt passive. It also doesn't work with punch through ONLY ON HITSCAN. On projectile weapons, it does work with punch through. It is not clunky if played right, which i admit isn't easy, but i recommend practice and try different combos. I got my combo and never looked at peacemaker again lol The content in this game is unbearably low level compared to our frames. If we had stronger enemies (and i mean much stronger) you'd see peacemakers falling off 1 by 1. Peacemaker has an average dps of 500k. If i optimized it for certain combos, i could bump it up to maybe 900k, but this is still lower than what a chroma with a vectis prime can do at base (body shot-no combo counter included, i get 1 million. Optimized, i can jump to 23 million on headshots with 4x combo). The issue is that I only see maybe level 70 at the most from most missions. And most enemies in that mission have around 7k health with armor stopping only 16% of corrosive or radiation damage (unless you got corpus, which is 0), so that dps is completely worthless, because the enemy is so weak, and i can only shoot around 4 bullets a second, while Mcree over here has 15k damage per bullet, 10k being elemental, which is more than enough to 1 shot all the enemies and he's firing at 37 bullets per second. He's gonna win, hands down. The enemies would need at least 180k Hp to even come close to turning the tables, which you can get at level 300 for most enemies.
  6. (PS4)Crixus044

    Fixing Mesa

    Don't blame the Frame for the game's problems. Mesa is NOT that powerful a frame. If you look at her stats, she has less dps potential that ember (keep in mind that i say ember, not world on fire. WoF is not the best way to play her). So why is she so effective? Her dps is decent, but her effective dps is insane. Why? If i had a weapon that dealt 1 million damage and fired 1 bullet a second, i'd have 1 million dps. Let's say i used that gun on 10 enemies with 5k health each. If i killed each with every shot, which takes 1 second per bullet, my effective dps isn't 1 million, it's only 5k, because it took 1 second to destroy 5k of health. Who cares about the damage number, that's just a vacuum stat lol? Now, let me pull out a mediocre aimbot. We'll call this placeholder Mcree. Each bullet Mcree fires deals 20k damage and fires at 20 rounds per second. Logically, mcree's dps is only 400k, not even half of my first weapon, but because his damage is still more than the enemy's health, he can kill all 10 in half a second. His effective dps is 100k, 20x the effective dps of the first gun. What's the moral here? Mesa is not that strong, she's just optimized for the current state of the game. We need stronger enemies. We're fighting tissue paper, which die so easily, that frames with lower dps are doing better than higher dps frames in the role of dps, only because of their mechanics. Don't blame the frame for the game's problems. She is designed as a fodder killer. She kills fodder enemies really quickly while others deal with tougher enemies. In a game were every enemy is basically fodder compared to us, it is only logical that she'd do really really well. Also, her 1 is really really good, you just have adjust to it. You can't play it like peacemaker and expect the same result. It's a totally different ability with a different playstyle.
  7. (PS4)Crixus044

    Fights that dont need damage buffs

    Well said, which is funny, because a lot of times, the meta isn't even the best. It is just good enough to beat the boss as fast as possible, who is way underpowered EHp wise to keep up. There will always be a meta. Unless every weapon and warframe has the same exact stats with exact same mods, something will be better than something else, thus a meta is formed. @S.Dust you must understand that when it comes to boss killing, damage buffs are always gonna win out. The point is to kill. Damage kills. More damage equals more killing. Frames like vauban and nyx are all about CC, which is terrific in high level horde settings, which we unfortunately don't have in boss fights. Usually we have lower level trash, which aoe killings are enough to take care of. Back in 2015, raids were added specifically for this, because even though we were a lot weaker back then, we had the same problems of today, were rhino stomp would nuke the world because the highest level enemies you'd see in game were in the 30s or 40s. No sorties, no nothing. No point in CC if you could just kill. DE's answer, trials. Level 80 enemies gave us a stronger threat that required CC and teamwork to beat. Not a simple "bring saryn and win" deal. Meta teams were usually made up of trinity, loki, nova/volt, and rhino/vauban/nyx/frost. As you see, very little damage buffs. Unfortunately, the issue became that it was no longer challenging as CC was king, so enemies became fodder, and unfortunately, the bosses were weak as hell. There was no need to kill anything in the mission, which also became a large problem. If we had a raid that combined the complexity and high level nature of the old trials, while combining the emphasis on killing of the new monster hunts, we'd all get everything we need.
  8. (PS4)Crixus044

    Mesa Prime build, aura and exilus question

    Ugggh, you again? This isn't about what the game needs. If we went by what the game needs to be completed, we wouldn't use half the mods in our arsenal. This is another issue for another time though. Warframe isn't exactly an mmo, but it's pretty close. In fact, some call it an MMO Lite. I don't dabble too much in the nomenclature, but whenever it comes to building and setups, warframe takes HEAVILY from the mmo style. You cannot deny this, thus the +20% increase i give is valid, while you have yet to give something more than a free corrosive proc, QoL improvement that CAN be negated, or a coordinated aura combo that's no longer optimal. There are players that need that little bit of damage (it's actually more than a little when full comps are considered, but whatever). They are a small and growing community called the endurance community. They show that our frames can and possibly should be fighting much higher levels. Summit, an endurance youtuber took his mesa into a 2 1/2 hour MoT. That's level 600+. And no, he used no exploits, no cheese, just peacemaker. By his own admission (i know him personally), he admitted his build was not optimized, as he had over 200% PS while using hornet strike, and this was done in January. With the new mods we have, he would be able to go even further beyond. The formula for what he would've done if he had umbral mods and primed expel would be (1.55*(1+1.5*2.5+.25*2.5))/(1+2.2+1.5*2.25+.25*2.25) = +16.725% with more health and arcane survivability taking him to higher levels. Point is that some people do need it, and they show how what the game as it stands needs is very little. Also, this isn't about sacrificing 3 mods for more damage, it's only more damage. It's simply better. It's not a sacrifice, it's an improvement. Sacrifice implies that i lose anything i had before. I see a lot of people throw out epeen accusations whenever they refuse to concede, even when they know they have been corrected. Let me clear, the only thing i gain from this is teaching people how to make the best of what they got, so that we can all improve and eventually get harder content. I gain nothing else from correcting you.
  9. (PS4)Crixus044

    Mesa Prime build, aura and exilus question

    Tl;dr I can't optimize beyond 4xcp, so that's all i will accept as an answer. I have no idea what point you're tryna prove, all you did was restate everything i said and add that you don't like how it DOES work. You keep bringing up 4xcp, but pushing for that is making your limits very apparent, because CP hasn't been a requirement for years if you can think outside the meta box. We have so many ways to bypass armor, it isn't even fair anymore. Solo CP is proven useless. It's equal to a single corrosive proc, which on a status regulator is silly. While solo GP is actually the largest damage buff of the auras (except mecha empowered which IS multiplicative, already tested, you're welcome) and can be the deciding factor for removing hornet strike. Amp mods are out of the question (dead eye is better than shooting gallery BUT when using snipers, you should be synergizing with her 1st, which is additive to total base, thus GP is again better). CP only takes over as being more effective for ttk when multiple players have it, which is a coordinated effort. If you're doing a coordinated effort, then you can't rule out the use of armour strip frames, which don't need CP, thus we're back to GP lol In cases when you are solo, GP is best. In cases when you are in public matches, GP is again better unless you're lucky and get multiple cp players, which isn't likely. In cases when you're coordinating a team, you're going for optimization. You can have a CP squad, but it isn't optimized, since you don't need it to armor strip. You can coordinate armor stripping player and have GP and you'll be optimized. So either way, for the best performance, GP is best. You CAN argue for holster speed and enemy radar, which you are 100% correct in that they are really good, but these are comfort things, not a performance thing. Map awareness and positioning skills negate the necessity, but it does have a place, unlike CP which is only good for team comps that can't afford a pox or armor strip player, like eidolon hunts and such, which need only 3 CP and 2 Coaction Drift, so you can still fit a GP.
  10. (PS4)Crixus044

    Mesa Prime build, aura and exilus question

    Those statistics don't really disprove anything i said though. Like this. You're just regurgitating what i said, but as i add later, the benefits to others is where the aura shines. If you're using peacemaker, having hornet strike is only better IF you have under 200% PS, otherwise you can replace it with other mods like primed faction mods or elementals, so that stat is of little relevance since it is build dependant. The only thing guaranteed is that pistol amp is not useful. Building for strength on mesa IS good, you just have to make some adjustments to her loadout to adapt. Her 1st ability is also fine, just needs to be used correctly, like with snipers. Her 2 is more of a good cc ability than a damage buff to me, so i just say whatever lol Now, when it comes to spam cast, this is a playstyle that only shines in lower level missions, when enemies die from 1 or 2 shots, which doesn't need such optimization anyways. Hell, use half the mods and you're still fine. If you need to spam cast to succeed in more difficult missions (beyond sortie), it's because you're not doing correct map placement (where you stand in the map). Also, running 4xcp is very overrated. Its a crutch. A very GOOD crutch, but a crutch nonetheless. Firstly, it requires coordination, which is not necessary, nigh impossible in PUGs, and can be easily substituted for alternatives. Why use cp when you got an oberon or saryn, or even a pox. Hell, you can just get a garuda for slash, or even just use the regulator's good status chance. There's alternatives that open up the usage of stronger builds to allow optimization. Comparing 4 cp to 1 gp is silly though. How about 1 enemy radar and 3 GP, or 1 enemy radar, 2 GP, and 1 speed holster? You can't say "those are specific setups, did they don't count." Because 4xcp is a specific setup too. Consider this. Let's say you got a build that has 170% PS and 1 guy has GP, which is very likely. Now add your gp and you're at 230% PS, which means you can sub out Hornet Strike for something else like primed expel. Lets say your GP teammate is a rhino with a roar build at 214% PS, which is also very common. With gp, he's at 239% PS. By adding gp, you give him AND yourself +5.7% more damage, while giving yourself damage buff. The formula for this situation is this ((1.55*(1+1.5*2.2)/(1+1.5*1.95+2.2))*(1+.5*2.64)/(1+.5*2.39) = benefit of your GP = +15.013%, which is stronger than what many other auras would give. This is of course a specific (but common) situation, 1 you may encounter tomorrow, but there are actually MORE significant situations than this. The point is, don't judge the benefit to mesa only as the end all, be all.
  11. (PS4)Crixus044

    Mesa Prime build, aura and exilus question

    Corrosive Projection is only good when others have corrosive projection as well. With the status rate of peacemakers, its really not needed anyways. Enemy radar is nice, though not needed if you got enemy sense, and even then, experience and map awareness makes up for it. It does NOT affect enemy AI or spawns, which is a bad myth that needs to die. GP is great because it provides team buffs, which can in turn buff mesa. The only aura that would have a significant effect on mesa herself would be mecha empowered, which is very situational and needs a doggo to work. Other than that, the choice i go with is GP. Mesa's dps is enough to map wipe as is. What she doesn't have is strong team support, which gp can provide in tandem with her 2. Pistol amp is a terrible choice because it is additive with hornet strike and her peacemaker damage buff. Most auras are additive to base damage mods, thus unsuited. GP with her buff is +150%×25%= +37.5%, which outweighs the +27% of pistol amp. The buff to regular pistols with just hornet strike is +8%, less when you got rivens and her 2nd ability included. GP also buffs her 1st ability and increases teammate effectiveness much more than a pistol damage amp.
  12. This is the reason the game is in decline. Because DE considers these people's posts equally to other more.... developed and educated posts.
  13. While true, i don't think it takes away from the facts presented. Flash accelerant giving gas is a different buff from the base ability and a neat alternative to normal gameplay that has proven viable many times over, but mainly it's something, and the potential is more than what you see on paper. Make no mistake, paper calculations can encompass the realistics of the game, if you can apply the stats to the situation and not a vacuum unrealistic situation, which i see all too often. The term paper dps had been watered down and merged with trivia, which is a shame. The paper should be no different than the actual. Any other result is either incomplete or trivia. For example, heat damage sucks against armor, until you bring in pox, embolist, or other a armour strip weapons, all of which are used anyways in high levels. Saying heat is bad because of how it fairs against armor is just as bad as saying how anything sucks against armor other than armor ignore. You never go into a high level mission without a means to armor strip or ignore armor, so you must take that into consideration, and you can have corrosive with heat, so nothing is interrupted. As i said before, for the content most people do, Ember is not needed and is very specific, but when it comes to actual high levels, specifics rule the day, and everybody has their own specific preference. I'm showing you ember's. On the matter of community competency, i have been severely disappointed many times, so while the community may not be stupid, they have shown to be uneducated and too prideful to admit so, which i intend to help in the matter. I'm sure many have not considered the options i laid out, which I'm happy to show them. If some people don't like it, then they must have no need for it, thus my suggestions shouldn't abrade them, and doesn't concern them. It concerns only those looking for what my suggestions open them up to. 43 million dps! Who needs that?! Not most, but for those that do need it, this is how, and it shows how ember can surpass the other frames. Remember this line though.
  14. A lot of people really miss the point with ember, and it's seen here. I'm seeing more answers for "What is World on Fire's role in sorties or high level missions." Because that's what most people saw her as. But I'll explain the real deal with ember and how she can be used. Firstly, let's clear one thing sortie =/= high levels. Level 100 may be the highest we readily have available, but it is by no means high level. 4 years ago maybe, but nowadays, i can complete all sorties with only bullet jumps. These missions will not give you the difficulty needed to test your maximized setup. If you want to use ember in the missions most people do, then i must agree with the others, that there are better options than ember, BUT she can be used for the same things she can be used in high levels, which I'll lay out below. In high levels, she is a superb damage dealer and buffer. Her first and second aug are fantastic team damage buffs, better than most others. The reason is in her 2nd ability. The stun is great, but the damage debuff is amazing. 2.5x damage is no joke, and consider the aug with it. Let's say you got 200% PS, reasonable for any build. That's 5x heat damage with +100% heat damage to your entire team. That's basically a +500% damage buff. Add on the 1st aug, and you got +1500% damage. This is more than chroma, who would need 500% power strength minimum to keep up, and isn't additive to base multipliers like serration or many auras. She also cab give blast and fire procs, great for Condition Overpo...overload. Also consider how grineer and infested are weak to fire damage. On top of this, you get increased cast speed, which will definitely make any harrow smile. Another use for her 2nd is to make gas from toxin. While this applies to all weapon builds and types, melee builds are the most notorious for competitive mod space. Melee had so many good mods amd only 8 slots to fill it. If you're looking for gas, then with ember, you free up a mod space with flash accelerant. Most melee builds consist of Primed Pressure Point, Condition overloRd, drifting contact, beserker/primed fury, 2 elementals, organ shatter, and Blood rush. For gas, you need heat and toxin. For a normalized build, it just about makes it, but Gas is superb with faction mods and weeping wounds would be great for status, and since gas scales on toxin mods, primed fever strike is amazing, but as you see, there's simply no room for all this. With ember, you can replace that heat mod and slide in one of the other mods you were looking for. Back in the day, when gas triple dipped in stealth multipliers (before it was double nerfed to be additive with crit damage [DE PLS FIX]), a gas ember was a dream to have on the team, yet so few used her for this. T'is a shame people don't know how to synergize. With certain setups, she can outdps the likes of mesa, solo, and can do it for her team. She's far more powerful than people realize, and when used right, can make roast beef of any enemy, but unfortunately, the community does not get to see where this truth can be brought to light, as we don't have the means to readily fight the enemies strong enough to need this power. Unless you got a few hours to kill lol I hope this clears some things up.
  15. (PS4)Crixus044

    The Staticor Buff Was Totally Uncalled For

    High levels<---->arbitrations Jokes aside, staticor is great for higher levels and has great performance, but not OP by any stretch. OP would be of it performed at base the way it does buffed by frames and synergistic combos. It's popularity is because it serves the niche needed so much in the modern day content. It's so used right now, because it's an aoe weapon, which are notoriously popular because of the wide encompassing audience they please. For those who can't aim well, it's a great alternative. For those who are looking for high level gameplay, the multihits increase effective dps by a wide margin, higher than most other weapons. For casuals and star chart warriors, playing the lower levels, the damage is sufficient to nuking maps, which is amazingly effective for kps and effective dps. And you can't deny the cosplay appeal. KAAA...MEEE...HAAA...MEEE...HADOUKEEEEN. Blasphemy i know, but you get the point lol Building the staticor is another matter. You can mod it for crit, if you are proficient with headshots, but i prefer fire rate and status. You can of course balance for both, but the fact that it's a pure elemental weapon with high status just begs for status and fire rate. It's low disposition really limits the viability of supercharged builds, but I've never needed rivens to begin with when optimizing, they're just nice additions, though with some serious potential on the right weapons (though the community is largely oblivious to this fact and seem to be stuck on the crit and multishot rolls that seem to captivate everyone undeserving).