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  1. Never seen your clan, but I can answer this. The standard is how much they personally like it.
  2. TL;DR: Buff Void Damage or buff Grasp of Lohk Let's see... I was most interested in Xaku because of Grasp of Lohk. However, the enemy scaling on it quickly proves useless on anything that isn't Corpus. Let's say I use the following setup: DURATION 155% EFFICIENCY 75% RANGE 235% STRENGTH 209% Grasp of Lohk will grab or create 1-6 weapons as long as there are 1-6 enemies within 18.8 meters of Xaku. For reference here's a 19m radius Mallet: Let's say I'm fighting level 50 crewman (because let's face it, grineer and infested units have -50% to void). Grasp of Loh
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