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  1. Difference is unlike being locked to 1 forma a day these consumables come in multiples and take 1 minute to build....
  2. It's solo intercept. I have to go in with a CC frame, but Wolf would kill me if I do. What do? Just abort repeatedly.
  3. No, I aborted several times. Yes, that's right. The wolf came back. And he kept coming back.
  4. here, let's do a riven challenge... solo interception level 30, hobbled key, no dying. Wolf of Saturn Six: Let me sing to you the song of my people I had to abort several times before he left me alone and the riven wasn't worth it
  5. I'm posting here because this issue needs attention. Kind of like bumping, but just me confirming all pause combos are having this problem instead of just wise razor.
  6. It's already been a while and very little has been talked about regarding the current state of the system or any future changes to the system, such as what is coming next, if anything. As it is now, melee content as a whole has just stagnated due to being in the transitional phase; you can't make new stances because you're going to overhaul all of that, no new categories and a lot less incentive to fix any bugs with stances because, like said before, it's all about to go away anyway. So, when are we getting the next workshop post on what's happening?
  7. skins are not tradeable and will not be tradeable. That means no matter what, even though I hate PvP, I must grind it for the weapon skins. I will always advocate removal of PvP so I don't have to grind a game mode nobody plays and is not enjoyable just for skins.
  8. you're in the feedback section for art/animation, not the bug section.
  9. I'm still trying to #*!%ing get a shocking step why why won't it drop why double credits, double resources, I gave it all up just to try to get one why why won't it drop why these droprates, a slow why descent why into madness why the abyss of RNG, darkness infinite! why insanity, desire, taking my mind! why another go, another run! why one more time, it'll be fun! why just drop once and i'll be done why why won't it drop why rng, most cruel why to take my time why to take my mind why and reward it with naught
  10. Elite alerts aka arbitration also buff a random weapon (different for each player) by 300%. That person probably had a simulor buff.
  11. No comment on door problems? That's not about matchmaking, that's about just loading the map.
  12. Can you fix the phase 2 door? It's completely broken if you're not solo.
  13. The new generic slam attack sound... sounds off when used with a lot of weapons.
  14. One season is very long, 10-11 weeks being between 2-3 months. A new player starting Warframe is intended to use the Nightwave system to buy the essentials for starting out, meaning MR fodder weapons, Vauban, Aura mods which are essential to mod capacity and Orokin Catalysts/Reactors for weapons strong enough to take into Nightwave challenges. Looking at the shop alone, a newbie needs Nitain, potatoes, Vauban and weapon BPs for mastery. One rank reward of wolf creds give you 50. Vauban requires 75. One Potato requires 75, but if it's a Catalyst (Blue), one is given as a rank reward. One weapon BP requires 50, of which there are 9, but Heat Sword can be skipped since it's a quest reward so you have 8. Nitain requires 15 for a set of 5. Auras require 20. Assuming you skip potatoes & Nitain while only using Corrosive Projection (one of the most important in the game), you need: 75 + 8(50) + 20 = 495 wolf creds MINIMUM. Assuming a newbie can reach rank 30, he only gets wolf creds from rank 3, 6,12,16, 20 and 24... that's 6 x 50 wolf creds = 300 wolf creds. He's still missing another 195 wolf creds so if he starts dipping into prestige, for a rate of 15 a rank he needs a minimum of 195/15 = R13 Prestige. This is in no way possible for a newbie. A veteran with enough time to grind, sure, but NOT a newbie. If a newbie is capable of attaining rank 24, he should have several elite weeklies under his belt and would not require any of the weapon BPs to use as real weapons, because he would have sortie-viable weapons and frames (or at least capable of lasting through one without burning all revives). It would be far faster to tell a newbie to just farm plat off of trade chat to get anything he needs, because there's no way I want to subject some MR5 dude to hydrolysts and 60 minutes of kuva survival just because he needs some essentials. The only way I can fix this without changing Nightwave too much is to either move most of the rep into dailies or massively discount the auras, weapon BPs and potatoes. TL;DR: You literally do not have enough wolf creds in the system to buy all essentials within a single season without prestige. Please lower the cost of items or increase rep gain.
  15. They're the two weapon categories who had the most advantage with quick attacks, because the stance combos slowed down their flow. Now that it's gone, they also go into the trash.
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