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  1. Golf clap? Golf clap 🏌🤛 Another instance where a player blames the company for keeping a small aspect of balance on the long trail if players using things that force the company to say, "Enough....use other things" This will happen and happening when there is a use one thing constantly in the game. We seen it before and will keep seeing it until players (HAHAHAA) decide to use variety in playing. Yes, you found the easy button and proclaim it at the mountaintops to others to use. Now thousands of players are using the same thing. Guess what is gonna happen to that easy button.
  2. I heard that each weapon DOES have its own thing if you do not place a Stance on them. They are limited but there are hidden combos that do more damage per the weapon itself I do not know this is truth or not....as I drop a Stance on everything after all the days I had no Stances during my beginning. Anyone willing to test this out by using each and every melee weapon to see the common unique combos each weapon has?
  3. I feel for Umbra as that being done to me....knowing I had no control and killed my son ...that hurt more than I expected. My OG I see in a different light after Sac. Before, I was thinking it would be a warrior from the past that would one day be gifted with its memories and life back. Now I see it as a puppet of a person I took on so many missions and I can now let rest while Umbra does the path of discovery. And don't get me started on Void Demons lol
  4. I used my first frame I had gotten from the beginning to run every Quest til after the Sacrifice. My no Forma Excalibur using the Proto skin. Once I finished the Sac, I moved to Excal Umbra. I attempted to do any redoable Quest with my OG Excal if they get that option. But Railjack was a one timer and nothing else has been rerunable since IIRC
  5. Once a year, i step into CONCLAVE to do a few things- See if i can get the Syndanna from CONCLAVE to light up See if possible to get a letter from Teshin See if it has gotten any better than the last time i tried it out From this months attempt at CONCLAVE, knowing that there are players that use exploits since they give easy kills, the ability to get a PUBLIC match is slim to nil unless you fall into a match with 2 hardcore exploiting members killing each other for boosting and then they turn on you to turn it inti a 2v1. Besides these pro players tearing through any noob
  6. Wowzers Here i am attempting to get a CONCLAVE match where players are not using every broken weapon and calling it skill....and this gal is crying that they will not use a power in a mission cuz it will hide the frame from the Enemies who will only see it for a half second before being wiped out? Players are too vain in this game nowadays. I dont get the players that crymoan about fashion in a mission. Thats like crying that you broke a nail while being in the Olympic event. Aint the time to look at your ouchie while using skills and strength that got you there. Primadon
  7. Fave Event- Cryotic Front This is from when events were chances to earn things instead of shopping farms. Getting mods and weapons that meabt you put the work in was one of the attracting aspects of the game when it came out. Fave Tactical Alert- BlackOut
  8. Play CONCLAVE. It will show you that no matter what movement you have, the weapons will kill ya. The movement system is wonderful. When i go an play any other action game and it takes forever to move from one point to another, i say "If i had a bullet jump or roll, i would be over there already." When i watch a mech fall down a hill slowly, i say "If i had a slide, i would bot be landing flat abd wasting 5 seconds." When i am using Shards and gotta change over....well, that game does give much freedom of movement with changing if the Shards. It all depends on your mind
  9. For myself....Warframe was great when it first started on Xbox til Rivens showed up. Doing the game as a mastering Ninja frame with abilities owned and crafted to your liking was a role i wanted to play since i played Rygar and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle games on the NES. Finally getting that feel while doing Stealth, full out battling, defending, with artillery and melee was the game i was looking for in a sea of FPS that did nothing for those wanting more than the next DLC gun and map. The decline for me came in the form of Void Demoms. Most got emotional about a kid in a coffin
  10. PvP is made for those who need to feel superior to the rest of the player base. Knowing that certain weapons are broken AND using them to call yourself a good CONCLAVE player is the reason DE will not change the things in here. If players canno self discipline since winning means more than the health of the game mode, DE lets it deteriorate until it is only broken vs broken. And once those players quit...they will pull the plug. Once a year, i come back to see if things have gotten better and most times, they are worse. Tigris, Vectis, Boltace, chain whips, are all that are played a
  11. DE wants to get that plat from those who have sold many Rivens and have 4 figures of plat sitting around. It punishes all that have gotten to Deimos but that is what happens when plat gets hoarded instead of spent.
  12. We are gonna get a DexPoster since the last few items have been Orbiter things. Posters have been the rage these days
  13. This used to bug me when we had alerts for Mobile Def. We get 3 done and got the alert award....but the 3 items from guarding the targets gave nada. Wait....do they give stuff still as i stopped doing them? I hut Survivals, Excavations, and Spy more than anything nowadays Cryotic used to always come from Extractors since the Cryotic Front event. The idea that is the ONLY thing those drills dig up seems to feel they are bugged if not giving the cold stuff
  14. I miss that one room on the Grinny tileset that has a large window, a few containers to open, and feels as though something should happen in it...but nothing does. Have not seen that one since a longshot ago. Used to pop up in Sabotage of the vehicles. Also that river stage with the water fall came back during the SS event....then gone I will attempt to find this room you showed as it has been not shown for me....might be that i dont do Lua muchly
  15. Funny.... This is the only way I can hear a black woman talk to me and I LOVE it.....then got all these guys on here that canno stand having a woman of color talk to them and want to shut her down.... Says alot about you guys.....
  16. What reason would you want hitscan weapons? For PvP, they are the easiest thing with the biggest reward.
  17. I dont see your warning points. Are you the only one that can see it? If so, its your Scarlet letter. If its visible to others, its a reminder
  18. It lights up in LOOK LINK. The main issue with the Conclave is finding a match that does not have a tryhard going at those who are finally getting a match. We get it that you know how to use hitscan weapons and chain weapons to go on a 5+ rampage. I remember when DE did the snowball fight where everyone was on par with no hitscan weapons. Conclave pros cried cuz they were getting matches based off skill and not the weapon choice.
  19. What reason would a gambling system give more to allow players to gamble less? You want the G-roll Rivens (cuz that is all Kuva is used for), put in the time and get what you get. Already can use boosters, kavat luck, and missions based around it that just give it out. People do not understand how gambling works, it seems.
  20. The reason is that all the scans done and the Targets caught are IN E/SO. You dont get anything for killing the Scan Target in the "real" world....so what reason should we get it for killing them in the Simarusverse? There is a reason we do not have access to our gearwheel and companions.....it aint real son.....
  21. I just start watching the stream Its like a system Just watch I dont even unlink And when it drops its waiting in your INBOX and Teshin lets you get it You can get drops Make sure you are linked by Twitch You can do it
  22. Players with too much plat.... Reminds me of that drug dealer in Bad Boys 2 that had so much money, rats were making nests in it.... Give. Give now and later Players on PC are given plat for so many things- signing others up, others buying plat gives to person who signed them up, real plat discounts..... Hek, i aint plat rich on Xbox and i give peeps with WISHLIST something when i am able...
  23. Someone did not pay attention when Mechs were explained- Warframes = New Age Tech Necromechs = Old War tech The items that drop are for the new age weapons. Old War has their own way of doing stuff. It is quite simple....you dont have dial up tech running on your cell phone?
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