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  1. Thank you to whatever was done to allow me to sign in. May it stay allowing me to sign in for the holidays. I do hope it gets to work for others as well.. cheers
  2. .....and back again. Game let me in, checked Inbox and saw the coupon had run out, and then did a mission. Got back to ship and the good ole "There is an Update Version available." Knew I would not be able to get back in..... ....and "Login Failed..." Is back again. There has to be something causing this as either there are constant updates happening or the game is not updating and keeps trying. Please get this fixed. Been doing this for a couple years it feels like....and now it is more constant than me playing....
  3. Oh my goddess!!!! What the chick!!!! I finally get on after 2 days to see I have a 50% coupon with 1day left to use. I go to buy something...and the message of "An Updated Version of Warframe is available". Sign out since not able to buy anything....and now back with "Login Failed...." Lost 3 days from my Fortuna Bundle code...not able to get closer to my 950/1000 day bonus....and worst of all...not getting to play as a ninja with a puppet master attached. I am sad..... Is there any info on what causes this? This is the umpteenth time this has transpired and there has to be a reason this happens.... Sigh....
  4. Has gone on 24 hours since I updated and tried to get back in. Got my old time nemesis sitting on my screen....but in Fortuna font this time. "Login Issue. Check your info." Oh.....it has been a while since I have had this pop up....and this in the last 24 hours of the drops. Last time this lasted for a few weeks, this time i was at 936 logins..... Funny thing....I got the Prime Accessories from the woman I adore for a Gift as celebrate to me (we don't do Tennobaun in the real world....yet). It has not updated to my account on Warframe.com but the money is out of the account. Hmmm.....lol
  5. Strangely stranger.....I only got the Poster Display drop but no Panoramic Display. When I saw DOUBLE....I was elated to get TWO messages from my fave dual wielding Katana master....and then saw one. Thanks for the Twitch stream and the cool costumes worn. I swear I shall watch all the PrimeTime I can until I win plat....then I shall bow out for a while to allow others the chance. Should be selected in 2022. Cheers
  6. With the addition of Nezha getting his Deluxe Skin, when will we get the chance to fight more of the Deluxe Warframes as we were allowed in The Silver Grove? Been waiting to fight Rhino and Banshee for the longest Will the Nightwatch ever return besides being in the Market? Given that we have had many different versions of Frames over these 5 years, is there a way that we can get different versions if we have a Warframe of said type. For example- we can have the version of Vauban with his Armor passive and the other with his Damage passive.as long as we have 2 in our arsenal of said Frame. Will there be any changes to the map to show items of interest on maps as a upgrade that can be found or bought? One that shows special items Is there a way to have Vacuum become smart and give it a checklist of items that we do not want to pick up? Tired of picking up Nav Coordinates. Or maybe a new use for old items we canno use but keep stock piling. Is there something that will come down the line that will make us able to do something with relics we do not want to open? Maybe a transformer that makes 4 relics into a new one (Vaulted or current) just as there is for Rivens? Thanks for the game. Looking forward to what you all will do next
  7. Cool beams. Here is hoping that I finally get to have a Twitch drop. Since the PRIME TIME before the ASH PRIME Hiccup, I have not gotten a single TWITCH drop. I have done the whole unattach and reattach as well as sign out and in. Anyone can tell me what the Twitch drops have been since TennoCon 2018? been that long since got a notice from T-Frame telling me I got something for my studious efforts.
  8. This thread is still alive and growing even after the release of the one we have been waiting for. I still say that the Umbra line up should be the Hunters of the frames, starting with Excal and going with the others. Then we should have a differing lineup for the Support and then the Stealth.
  9. Cool to see a solution Sad to know still not able to login on XB1 after an Update hit while starting The Sacrifice. Login Error- Check your info Error has been going wild since The Sacrifice dropped. Sadder part is had just used the OLD FRIEND code to get the booster and Tea set. Will eventually get on.... Thanks fir the greatness known as WARFRAME. Cheers
  10. Last Tennocon, they sent out codes to those who got digital tickets, and there were issues. Think that is the reason they made the tickets this time via Marketplace. If they sent out via email, the same thing may have happened. The Twitch drops seemed to be working sound for the most part. I noticed only last PrimeTime I did not get a drop...but didn't think anything of it as it is just a bonus for watching. With the Asher P not having got to many, mayhaps that was a sign of an issue?
  11. Firstly.....they just had a giant convention with many tuning in from all over the world to witness the latest they are presenting. They are taking a little longer because mayhaps, they have been going at things for the game and community for a while and now have an issue from them giving to the viewers that popped up which they know they have to fix. Be patient....it is on their TO DO list... It's not like they are going to turn the game off over a Twitch drop.....errrr.... DE...please do not turn the game off over this Twitch drop hiccup.
  12. Time to toss my hat in the ring and her in there with the big dog. I am one of the many that watched the stream as best as life allowed. I started when DK was about to come on and had to do some life stuff between that and watching Tennocon 2018 prior stream. Figured it was interesting to hear all that was going on over yonder....and then I came back to watch around 550....and my stream was at the PLEASE STAND BY screen waiting for Tennocon to start. I refreshed to be ob the safe side and then kids acted a foolish over here. Came back in time to see the remaining aspects of Tennocon...and realized I did not get the Asher P. This is the 2nd time I have not gotten a Twitch drop. The first one was the last Prime Time before Tennocon break. Watched the ladies do their thing and got nothing. The items are a bonus for being part of the community as well as playing the game for the past 3+ years on XB1. Reason I am saying this about the prior drop is maybe they are connected in some manner? Keep at it DE....and thanks again for giving me the best reason to have a XB1...especially with my backlog of XB360 games I still have not finished or played yet. LoL Cheers
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