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  1. How did you access these and are they still available?
  2. Wow wasn't expected a response like this. I never said I knew everything and hell I don't. No where in my post I said I knew it all. I know people need endo but I still don't think Endo should be a endgame reward and I dont think they things they fixed was the issue. When arbitration came out it was advertised as you only having one life to live and needing the whole star chart to be unlocked. So I would call that "endgame" content no? Why did they change respawns? Who asked for it? Hell check out the comments in the twiiter launch I posted. This is a bad hotfix. Was 100% not needed when other things are wrong with the game bottom line. No reason for bashing someones user name but whatever think what you want. I literally have some of the worst internet and is 100% a gag name. Go have fun in a crappy reward-less endgame mode. PS Arena is a better and faster endo farm with the correct group.
  3. Such unnecessary changes to a system that was not in need of a change compared to many things. Kuva survival remains un-touched for how long now? Kavat still dies in the crack for no reason minus it getting stuck. Playing for over 20 mins gives no rewards yet makes the siphon able to get one shot. In game map is terrible. When will it be fixed? Play a exterminate and tell me the map is amazing with a straight face. Host migration is awful. Host migration is one of those things that i think we should finally have dedicated servers for. Why have them for conclave and not the base game? Did not change the rewards in arbitrations. I am MR 27 and do not need Endo why would I waste my time for endo? Is this suppose to be end game? I have NO reason to go do these missions before and as I see i will be avoiding them still. WHO in the hell was asking for these changes? I get DE is trying to get/keep newer players but making the "endgame" easier is not the way. I feel they looked a database and said "not enough people are playing arbitration let's nerf it to make it more accessible." Why do they always sacrifice their vets in the game? This update was 100% a waste no one asked for these changes no one needed these changes. I do love DE I really do but wow this update is terrible when there is so many other things that need attention/tweaked/reworked/removed. I know they get a lot of positive attention for listening to the community but what community member ever said to change it this way?
  4. So arbitrations gets a major update before Kuva does? When was the last time Kuva Survival got some love? Were people really asking you guys to take away a part of arbitration that makes it arbitration? I feel like this was sort of a waste of a update.
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