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  1. A variation of this bug is still happening for me on the PS4 and PS5 builds of Warframe. Every time I login to Warframe, the Vitruvian Theme is active even though it's not selected in the UI Customization section of the Options menu. Upon logging on, it's always the same routine: The Vitruvian Theme is inexplicably active, I go into Options>Interface>UI Customization, see that my preferred theme (Legacy Theme) is still active even though the game is rending the Vitruvian Theme, re-confirm the Legacy Theme is my preference, play a fews hours without any UI theme issues, log off, and repea
  2. I would like to see Warframe resume its partnership with Prime Gaming. Watching video game live streams really isn't my thing - unless it's some sort of dev stream. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I tend to only visit Twitch to claim items from the Prime Gaming page. For a few years, Digital Extremes had been placing free stuff on there. When 2021 arrived, Warframe inexplicably disappeared from the Prime Gaming page. Plenty of other developers (Ubisoft, Rockstar, Riot, Bungie, EA, Devolver Digital, etc) still have their games on there, so the platform for partnership still exists. I'm curious t
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