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  1. I would like to see Warframe resume its partnership with Prime Gaming. Watching video game live streams really isn't my thing - unless it's some sort of dev stream. As an Amazon Prime subscriber, I tend to only visit Twitch to claim items from the Prime Gaming page. For a few years, Digital Extremes had been placing free stuff on there. When 2021 arrived, Warframe inexplicably disappeared from the Prime Gaming page. Plenty of other developers (Ubisoft, Rockstar, Riot, Bungie, EA, Devolver Digital, etc) still have their games on there, so the platform for partnership still exists. I'm curious t
  2. "In Cert" used to provide players a confirmation that the latest build had been independently sent to Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo and each platform would then either make it go live or kick it back to DE. This "In Dev" jargon seems like it's DE's new plan for telling players that the latest build isn't ready on all console platforms and won't be submitted for "In Cert" status until it's simultaneously ready for all platforms. If this is true, Sony and Microsoft players of Warframe ought to anticipate that all future content will be significantly delayed due to DE's commitment to Warframe on the Ni
  3. If all future build releases for PS4/PS5/XBO/XBSS/XBSX end up getting delayed in order to allow the Switch build to have launch parity with the other console platforms, I'd imagine a non-zero number of the PS4/PS5/XBO/XBSS/XBSX community of players will disengage from Warframe.
  4. If this "In Dev" stuff is part of a larger plan to facilitate the implementation of cross-platform play on consoles, then I guess I can begrudgingly accept that build releases for Xbox/PS will be delayed due to the Switch problem.
  5. The Orphix Venom update was "In Cert" on PS4 early last week. On the PSN, Tuesdays on typically the day that Sony makes DE's latest Warframe builds "Live" to the players. However, seven days ago, DE decided to change an already submitted "In Cert" build to "In Dev" status. Has DE instructed Sony to withhold the release of the latest build of Warframe until this latest build is ready "In Cert" on Xbox and Switch?
  6. As DE moves forward with this "In Dev" shenanigans, it will be interesting to see how far the console builds will fall behind the PC build. For years, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One builds have inched closer and closer to parity with the PC build. Now that "In Cert" for individual platform builds is seemingly dead, it appears that builds ready to go live on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series S, PS5, and Xbox Series X will needlessly be held from release because the Switch build isn't yet ready to go live.
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