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  1. It's because Grindy doesn't count as a trick anymore, which means that you can't use it to chain the same trick together. Now, you need to use different tricks before and after grinding for them to increase the multiplier. So, for example : you can loop [Grind > Copter > Grind > Front Flip > Grind], or if you are quick enough to do two tricks in a single jump [Grind > Copter > Front Flip > Grind].
  2. Can confirm. Looks like Grindy was fixed so much that it's not a trick at all anymore. It doesn't contribute to the multiplier, and it doesn't break the Copykavat (Copter > Grind > Cropter results in a Copykavat because grind doesn't count as a trick). It's simply more "airtime" now. I don't know if it's intended or not; I don't mind it this way, since extra time is already a good reward for grinds; but I'd like to know if it the way it was intended, or if it's a bug.
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