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  1. This should be in the bug forum. To clarify : there is a bug in which using Alt Fire with the Cernos Prime consume ammunition. This bug can be triggered in two ways : - If you use Alt Fire while charging the shot, the shot will fire, but cost two ammunition instead of one. This occurs even if you don't fully charge the shot; Using alt-fire a fraction of a second after starting to charge produce the same effect. - If you are not the host, using Alt-fire at any moment after having fired at least one arrow will consume two munitions in any circumstance. We have tested this bug with various setup and on various game modes, so it doesn't seem to require any other special circumstances.
  2. Since the top and bottom values of the Avionics bonus & Flux bonus are inclusive, the probability are actually 1/71 and 11/91. This gives a probability of 0.00170252282928339% of getting this item per mission. This means that, to have 99% chance of getting this item at least once, you need to run a mission 270489 times. If we estimate 10min per mission, that's a total of 45081.5 hours of missions, or about 15.4 years if you do mission 8h per day every day. By the way, if you aim for a very specific reactor (max Avionics & Flux, and a specific bonus), the time required for a 99% chance of getting it is 1487700h, or about 509 years at 8h a day. I love Maths. Edit : I just discovered that each house give access to only a few modifiers, so the maths changes a bit. The probability from AnruKitakaze's post doesn't change (factoring one good bonus amongst the two bonuses possible instead of 3 out of 6 has the same result). However, if you want a single specific reactor, the time required goes down to 495900h, or a bit less tha 170 years. Maths is great.
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