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  1. Requiem 3 has the exact same drop rate than the other requiems (7.5% on Kuva Siphon, 25% on Kuva Flood), that's just bad luck. In the beginning, I myself was missing requiem 2 relics.
  2. Considering the number of posts on how much DB's power scaling is broken, I'm not sure choosing it as an example of your proposition is a good idea. With that small pike out of the way, let's talk about the meat of your proposition. What you are proposing is to create a change of perception. By always buffing, instead of using a mix of buff and nerf, you are giving the impression en empowering the players, rather than restrict them. As the blizzard experiment on rested XP has shown, that kind of shift in player perception can work. However, it is also far less effective on players that are invested in the mechanics of the game, and will compare all changes, resulting in those players realizing what was an effective nerf*, despite a perceived buff. Considering the number of invested players with good visibility on various platforms, such a realization will get transmitted to the rest of the player-base quickly. In effect, this solution creates a smokescreen which will give the impression of a buff for a few days before realization sets in as the community discovers the losers of the buff race. This is not the only issue with your proposition. First, it makes balance actually harder, because neither the players nor the developers can rest on a standard level for balanced content. As the power level continuously grows, you can't easily look back to previous games states to accurately determine the evolution of the game state. Secondly, power scaling ingame doesn't work as a single linear scale. Some power/mods can be too powerful not because they are more powerful that the alternatives, but because they built on top of other options, and buffing other mods will make it even more powerful, negating any attempt at a relative nerf (see the current debates around CO, or the fact that Gas damage gets double buffed by Toxin mods). This is ever truer with effects that are non-numeric or already past any viable limit. If my (imaginary) mod lets me jump so high I get stuck in the ceiling each time I touch the spacebar, no amount of buff will ever fix that. If my build let me give -150% movement speed to enemies, they wont ever move unless you give them resistance to those kind of effects, which will further complicate the situation. Thirdly, there is a point where humans lose their sense of scale in the face of higher numbers, and become unable to actually perceive more about numbers than "it's bigger". Considering that seeing billion damage have already occured, we're already to the point that people are stopping looking at the numbers, and going with feels. And if you buff bother players and enemies, you can easily feel like your weapon got worse, even if the game tells you it's better. In summary, your proposition doesn't solve the issue it was supposed to, and introduce more problems, while implicitly telling any player discovering this scam that you think they are stupid. It's a bad idea. * effective nerf : if, in an update, most stuff get buffed by 50-75%, but a weapon get buffed by only 10%; The actual result is that that weapon was nerfed in comparison to the rest of the game; it was effectivelly nerfed.
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