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  1. red text was tired so no puns today. TY for the fixes o/
  2. expected so much more
  3. what did you do to Nezha this time ?
  4. Thanks. Now back to making my Darude Sandstorm.
  5. im having the same problem right now
  6. it is time to burn like hell IM A FIRING MHA LAZORS
  7. here come the bad, BAD puns from redtext
  8. Yaay, thanks for the fix on the thing that Sheldon likely broke.
  9. I need a new set of pants because of this.
  10. dang you forgot to mention that Steve STREAMS on weekends.
  11. About riven mod cap having a limit is just dumb. Its to encourages trading between players and that in turn brings down prices by allot. The hema being an ass to research is a thing and i don't like it being that annoying of a thing.
  12. Quick Steel \o/ got tired being shafted all the time