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  1. just keep pumping these out
  2. had something weird at first when posting this text was invisible
  3. i and few in clan were chatting and one message from "unsoundFaun" did not load for me but loaded for my friend. I was located in clan dojo while friend ( Mattrixx ) was in ship. This is not the first time something like this has happened but this is first time i could confirm what happened. about once a week i see a tab pinging ( new message ) but when i go there i don't find anything new. Don't remember this ever happening in private chats but only in open chats. the missing text is highlighted in pic at bottom
  4. PRODMAN LEGEND lives on
  5. Grofits are with us !
  6. red text was tired so no puns today. TY for the fixes o/
  7. expected so much more
  8. what did you do to Nezha this time ?
  9. Thanks. Now back to making my Darude Sandstorm.
  10. im having the same problem right now
  11. it is time to burn like hell IM A FIRING MHA LAZORS
  12. here come the bad, BAD puns from redtext
  13. Yaay, thanks for the fix on the thing that Sheldon likely broke.