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  1. was going to report this as well, when i noticed it i was using a heavy melee.
  2. it comes back every 2 weeks, but this time it seemed to end abruptly. That progression bar was pretty full and the next day it was gone so idk what happened with that.
  3. Missing geometry in the load in tile with two landing pads. This fan is floating of the wall: (think it's on both sides) In the jackal fabrication room leading up to the Alad V fight this one is static. the "elevator" comes down from above and then moves back up through it and leaves it floating like so:
  4. I would love to see more varied modifiers and along with that make them "visual" i would love nightmare mode to have something special happen in them, doesn't have to be much. as an example, the light could be out like in the chains of harrow quest, or stuff is on fire or there's a red filter when there increased slash and bleed proc, it would make it so much more fun! 😄
  5. I haven't heard you talk about the intro tutorial in relation to this, are you going to change it along with the phases as to not utterly confuse new players?
  6. Game crashes as you try to load into an axi fissure mission after this hotfix. It just freezes at the start of the cut scene and crashes. We don't know if this is true for other fissures/missions.
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