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  1. I have to battle those damn sliders every single time, I can honestly barely stand them, my scroll has been broken for months so can't use that (getting a new mouse finally tho) the amount of time it takes for the minimized bar to unminimize... Just feels so unnecessary. the times where it doesn't seem like it's noticing the mouse is there. And then there's the accessibility part where not everyone is able to comfortably do microscopic hand movements, I don't have that problem but I want all of us to not have to battle the UI, we're suppose to be battling the grineer 😂
  2. Perhaps an easy compromise could be to make it a toggle, by default the rewards potion covers the majority of the screen but you can see your teammates blurred out in the background and a toggle at the top that says minimize/expand and it turns into the extraction screen we see in the post? I at least think that that would work for me, idk what other people think of this yet of course. (if they get complains about it and they want plus points they could of course add an in screen preference button, default minimized or expanded )
  3. Love everything except some things in the extraction screen, I've always valued being able to see mods and resources separate and them being sorted by type, might just be placeholder and actively being worked on but wanted to mention it. It's way to messy for me to keep track of what i actually got and I'd have to spend longer looking at that screen then i do now. Not sure I like having to scroll down every time I want to look at how much exp i got cus most of the time i get standing from 3-4 factions at a time. I feel like factions should be at the bottom at least, weapon level feels more important over all 🙂 Finally getting an "amount of levels gained" number on your weapons would make me a very happy tenno (that never remembers what level my things were before i went to my mission) 😓 I also hope you will add a "right click to see details" on resources and rewards in the navigation screen just like in cetus/foruna bounties. I have a hard time memorizing the thousands of made up words in warframe and i'm sure non veterans could really use that as well 🙂 Good luck to the UI team! Can't wait to see it finished!
  4. thank you! speaking of textures missing, the LANX in URANUS underwater sections do not have any textures presently.
  5. I would really enjoy a simple tutorial for the new melee system in the codex training tab, banners that display the combos (and lift mechanic and combo system + future rage mode) and enemies to practice on. that would benefit a wide range of players from noob to founder 🙂 a quick way of testing and practicing combos and refreshing your memory if you haven't played for a while. If not then at least update the current training tab, it's kind of behind right now.
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