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  1. I want to add to being able to ride it as long as we want that the ghoulsaw has better responsiveness than merulina/k-drive. It turns when you want it to. Try it with spoiled strike on, no + attack speed mods.
  2. She should be able to use thrown weapons at least, including the hammer.
  3. I may have an idea to fix the lore side of things. We have infested salvage, where your armour starts corroding. Instead of needing life support capsules, they could simply make the air fill with corroding gas, or some toxin or other such agent, and change the name of life support to whatever combats the toxic/corrosive air. Not much work needed, just a slight mechanical/renaming change. It's not going to change the way the mode is played, or maybe just slightly. I've always kinda felt like survival needed to change anyway, due to it just being "park in a room" for whatever amount of time you wanna run the mission.
  4. She would be cool to use if I didn't have to press 2 every 6 seconds with max duration, let alone 3 times every 6 seconds. Yeah, I know, it's powerful and they didn't want to make her afk. But this is why, it's ridiculous and unfun spamming it. How about only 1 turret but it lasts 18 secs. That would be way better.
  5. They should drop 100% of the time. That's the whole reason people have jumped back into these missions.
  6. When I go into railjack to kill the sisters, I always go solo with Ivara and orvius. Should that be nerfed too? Sure, it takes a bit longer, but the enemies have no clue what's going on, and never fire a shot. She's basically immune to sisters/liches, as they never get to use their abilities. Ivara just stands there throwing orvius above their heads, while drinking her iced tea, waiting for them to die.
  7. I guess it's interesting that I have only 3 sister's weapons at 60% and my last run to get ANY weapon other than those, to fuse, gave me 4 or 5 of maxed weapons in a row. Yes, RNG, but that's still terrible.
  8. Between all the weekly resets for stores, the 4 day Ergo Glast store reset, the daily Ticker RJ Crew reset, and the invigoration resets, there really need to be more tabs on the star chart to remind us. There's so much to remember now. I'm getting old. Well, I feel old, anyway. It'd be nice if tabs showed what the weekly item is. For example: Teshin's tab shows 3x forma.
  9. He's versatile, not necessarily strong, since his staff died with melee changes. Baruuk, however, deletes enemies in any high level content with constant spawns...through walls even. So easy to get highest damage, not even trying. As far as the afk timer goes, it needs to either be removed, or be changed in behaviour. If I'm hovering over an excav as Zephyr, deflecting bullets and activating abilities/shooting things, then I should not get flagged as afk. It's nonsense. I shouldn't have to derp around to reset an afk timer. I don't have ADHD, I'm chilling out and defending something. Anyone can form their own group if they have issues with afk'ers.
  10. I'm fine with it being shorter if we get more verticality. Tired of flying up and outside the map with Zephyr.
  11. Just gonna repeat what I posted in the official feedback thread. If I pass up on a weapon, then I don't want it. Cross it off the list until I generate the weapon I'm actually after. So simple.
  12. Weapon generation is still bad. We have to get the weapon we actually are after, then get more of them to fuse if we want to get them to 60%. So if I pass over a weapon when I'm trying to get a specific one, then it should be crossed off a list until I generate the weapon I'm looking for. Also, after spending a couple of hours trying to get a kuva hek, I instinctively TAPPED X, and it mercied him, giving me a weapon I don't want. So 'HOLD X' didn't even happen. Now I'm stuck with garbage until I kill the cun...guy! There's already enough grind with the system. Remove passed over weapons from the generation list!
  13. I'm not interested in doing K-drive to get a frame, and I'm not paying plat for her. So, for the first time, I'm going to skip a frame. From what I've seen and read she has a lot of issues, but in particular, I'm really disappointed by her glaives. I thought they would at least break formation and fly around, attacking enemies, and then return to her. Not like Nezha, where they bounce between enemies, but go out, hit one enemy each, then return. Could've been a really fun ability. Too bad, I guess.
  14. Actually, most of my lich kills were with "gimmicky" invis Ivara and Orvius. It does great hovering above their heads, dealing damage while they wonder what the hek is going on.
  15. It should be reverted. You can also jump immediately after casting, or do a jump ground attack.
  16. I feel like they missed the point entirely. They were supposed to bring guns up to melee, but instead created more mods that new players aren't going to have access to, thereby not fixing the base problem. I have been watching someone play through the star chart. The guns are absolutely abysmal compared to just jumping in and meleeing. Grab a starter melee (no mods), grab a starter gun (no mods), and see which one both kills quicker, and gives you more survivability while using it. These "changes" don't help most guns in any way.
  17. It's my subsume slot, I don't find that I need her 2. She has fun options. I finally got my 2nd Protea for Helminth. Now I have a Zephyr Pez (dispenser) build. Can hover forever on any missions that you don't have to be highly mobile while using an archgun. I'm enjoying the morgha alot.
  18. It can go well over 9000! I've had about 13-14000% before. Endless missions with weapons like the cyanex can get you there. Any weapon with projectiles that hit but also bounce/lock on to multiple enemies.
  19. Well, you can easily balance 4. For example, rank up New Loka, which gives you Perrin Sequence also. Then you can switch to Red Veil, which gives you Steel Meridian also, and doesn't negatively affect Loka or Perrin in the process.
  20. I agree, that was a funny read, sorry @Xana_Skullsunder. I wish you wrote out the third instance. In regards to self-staggers, yeah previously all that aoe power was balanced by self-damage. Not scared anymore though, can shoot it at my feet without issues.
  21. I was hoping the glaives from her 3 would go out and attack enemies. Pretty disappointing that they just spin around her like that.
  22. Were you set to public/invite only/friends only, or solo? If you set it to solo and your internet cuts out, you can continue playing until it comes back on, and then extract. It will keep trying to reconnect for quite a long time, actually, even if it cuts out right when you're extracting.
  23. The efficiency mod, Streamline, and duration mods, Continuity and Augur Message, are really good starting points. Stretch for range also. As for weapons, I believe high rate of fire crit weapons are great for killing enemies trapped in her tornados, as the crit damage gets boosted when you shoot the tornados. To add to that, Zephyr has extra crit chance while airborne. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Zephyr/Abilities
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