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  1. No sarcasim intended. I know scarlet spear has gone through some rough start and it still might have problems, but god am I glad that DE still shipped this major event despite the covid-19 putting the world into a turmoil. I am so glad that warframe is still keeping me company during this social distancing and self-isolation thingy. Thanks DE!
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Not receiving kill codes despite having many ground teams transmitting kill codes VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: 2/2 since last hotfix, happens around 1 hour into the attack wave EXPECTED RESULT: getting kill codes left and right OBSERVED RESULT: getting 1 kill code very 5 mins REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2 since last hotfix
  3. TYPE: Leader board not counting DESCRIPTION: On relay 77 during the attack wave started around 0 a.m. on March 26th, my squad and I did 3 full 17 condrix assaults but only got 4845 score and a rank 2 instead of 3 on leader boards. Link chat is not reflecting our kill code transmision and space squads cannot get kill codes VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: please dont let me reproduce this EXPECTED RESULT: get 6k+ scores on leader board and get rank 3 condrix emblem OBSERVED RESULT: 4845 score and rank 2 emblem REPRODUCTION RATE:once is too much!
  4. Yeah it really screwed me over. I recruited for a 5k team for the rank 3 emblem then 2 of them left after first run of 17 waves.
  5. simply tripple the payout sounds like a great idea. Also the 100/100 thingy makes it rather difficult to get 5k ground emblems if people are driving away murax too fast.
  6. Does my score counted for emblem/victory pay out gets reset? or what happens to it please?
  7. TYPE: end of wave rewards DESCRIPTION: I got 5.7k for space and 1.2k for ground, only got 2k bonus when it ends and a second murax III emblem, no crinnix emblem. EXPECTED RESULT: get crinnix I emblem and 10k bonus scarlet credits and Murax III emblem OBSERVED RESULT: Murax III emblem and 2k bonus
  8. still crashed while defending 2nd oplink site as space team
  9. I see the alerts showed up for me are the excal skin and the dex sybaris, I thought we were getting the dex dakra this weekend? are we still getting those?
  10. I am reporting a potential bug for controller users. When I press X on a controller to enter the pilot seat on my railjack, the aiming cursor goes crazy. By crazy I mean extremely sensitive and even erratic, even if I try to revert to my mouse without exiting the seat, it is still mess up. However, this is not an issue if I press X on the keyboard to enter the pilot seat and revert back to controller without exiting the seat. So it seems the control method used to enter the pilot seat is the key. Pressing X on an xbox controller to enter the pilot seat makes the cursor movement/ sensitivity go insane.
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