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  1. Ok i think that's just the point where personal Taste comes in (that's not negative). I haven't touched plague star since the first one because I already my the mistakes in other games burning myself out on grinding the exact same thing again and agan like a maniac. (Kulve Taroth MHW, Fishing Events in BDO) So I do rather some different missions distributed around the each week instead grinding one Event like a Maniac (also absolutely hated the Thermia Event)
  2. @KroneVanguard quoting myself to ask you the same Questions out of interest.
  3. Ohh, did they confirmed it somewhere? I agree here, the amount really was a bit overbearing in NW 1 but was managable imo if you focused on just getting the 30k each week. And while it's not confirmed I think it's rather safe to assume that we have at least the 10 weeks again. So i am going for the Average of 30 k a week again. (Did all of them this week so i can skip the bothersome ones like Eidolon if they come up)
  4. Out of interest did you really join all these alerts like 80 endo, 1 orokin cell, 300 plastid etc.? And if yes where is exactly is the problem to jump into missions that drops them with a chance to get more and at least most of the endless mission types shouldn't be any problem to find people there (it is not supposed to come across negative, just pure curiosity)
  5. Out of interest how much time do you had each day to jump into Warframe to grab these mission? Instant gratification was the only positive thing for alerts in my Opinion. And yes while you could be lucky to get multiple items you want if you had only a short time window each day there was also a pretty good chance to lock you out for months of specific items. (read somewhere in the forum somebody took 6 month to get cp and 9 months to get Vauban). Also for nearly every ressource alert dropped you could just march into a mission with that drop and have a good chance that you come out with even more in the same time window. (The only thing at the moment that would come to my mind at the moment would be kavat DNA) And personally i wouldn't call it sucessful for me it gave rather the impression that it was so irrelvant that most ignored it, the moment they got the few relevant drops.
  6. Nobody *totally not having a knife poking around in my back* Semi-Serious. Part of is really meant as an honest Question because i fail to understand most of the hate. I agree that Season 1 had quite a bit of flaws bit and was a bit overbearing with the amount of missions, in my Opinion most of it got resolved by Season 2 (at least in the first Impression, Gilding/Forma is still dumb) Also complaining about entitled People here while bringing the time they are in the game as an argument is a bit contradicting isn't it? Especially he also already 2,5 years here (at least according to his forum profile). You realize that this argument also works vise-versa here? Just because it's doesn't works for the people complaining here doesn't mean it isn't working for the rest. I, for example went from Log-In, Press Alt + F4 outside of Events to playing more again.
  7. While it was part of it when asked this i mostly asked because i am serious with this question because i simply cant understand most of the hate. While Nightwave still has it flaws and needs some more finetuning(Forma/Gild Mission) (though i think Season 2 did already good start here) it's way better than the RNG S#&$show we had before. (outside of maybe for the People that had like 16h a day to jump in or standing up at 3 am to do an alert). 95 % of the alerts were pretty much irrelant for most of the player base (80 Endo reward, single rare ressource etc.) Also what bothered me in most discussion that many people seem to ignore that you dont need to do everything. I skipped Eidolon, Groove Mission, half of the Bounty Mission, half the fishing missions and some more stuff in NW 1 i easily reached the level 30 even before it was prolonged and i am pretty sure that they wont lower the duration below the 10 weeks with what NW 1 started.
  8. Shouldn't by that logic DE stop doing events all together? since it forces you to do something you may not want to.
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