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  1. Why do you believe fashion frame is bad?
  2. Any particular reason that you believe it's a bad idea?
  3. I just thought of another potential way to get custom colors. Allowing people to buy custom color slots with platinum to get slots like we do for most non-cosmetic items, possibly with a maximum limit on slots like Riven mods have. Allowing people to overwrite used slots with a new color for free or for credits would probably be an option, but overwriting existing slots would most likely apply the new color to any item that had been using the old color in that slot.
  4. I'd argue that there are, at an extremely low estimate, ten million colors possible with a scale of 0-255 for hue, saturation, and value. It would be impossible for the palettes that we have to contain even one-tenth of them. That being said, I have personally encountered several instances where a color I was looking for was not in any of the currently available palettes, and the closest color I could find to what i was looking for was noticeably different from what I wanted.
  5. I thought of that, and I realized that most people that would care would be the ones that are currently purchasing all the palettes due to the fact that an option like this doesn't exist, though I do recognize that there would be people complaining about it because they don't want to spend the time to trade for platinum, or the money to buy platinum, but you can't please everyone. That being said, it was only a suggestion based on my desire to minimize any issues with the way the market currently works, and it would ultimately be up to DE as to how one can acquire it if they choose to implement it. I suppose a 300+ day login option could be another viable alternative now that I think of it.
  6. Most of the new ones don't cost platinum and/or are not located in the market though, with I think the only exception being the Tenno II palette. That being said, in the case of a palette that costs platinum, it would be up to DE as to if the ability to use the custom colors is re-locked until the new palette is purchased, or if they let people that have already unlocked the ability to use custom colors keep it unlocked. I personally have no issue with either option.
  7. That's why my primary suggestion regarding how to aquire the ability to use custom colors was that all current color palettes have to be purchased before it can be accessed.
  8. I would like to suggest that we have a way to create custom colors, preferably via an in game UI that is accessible in a similar way to Favorited colors, and preferably would be usable in all situations where you can change the color of something, including companion fur colors and operator skin tones. I fell it should use Hue, Saturation, and Value sliders to maximize ease of use, with the final result being displayed in real time in a box much like the ones that are used to show the currently selected colors when viewing an item's appearance settings, and it would preferably have the ability to allow people to manually enter the hex code, as well as the hue, saturation, and value numbers. As far as unlocking it, I figure that, to minimize the chance of it being added resulting in no-one buying existing color pallets, it could be an available option for users that have purchased every color palette that is persistently available in the market, preferably with an option to pay for all of them and unlock completely customizable colors all at once, and hopefully with the price being equivalent/less than the price of all unpurchased color palettes. (In the case of fur colors, it could require all fur color palettes that are persistently available in the market to be purchased instead.) Alternatively, it could be it's own item in the market or one of the other shops, an event reward, or a twitch drop. Please open the spoiler for a crude example of a potential UI for it:
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