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  1. We don't have the rework on consoles yet, but I'd like to join the feedback. Changes in this rework look better than 3.0 and I can see the +/- trade-offs too, I like it so far....even if just by the numbers..good work Pablo My question thou are: 1. Will base damage (on spores) still be 10 and effected by power strength? 2. Is having 2 or more Saryns in a squad blocking each other's spores being addressed? 3. Now we can maintain spores with recasts (resulting in a constant higher number of enemies effected) Will this effect Saryn players in lower level missions dominating games and coming back to bite you in the #um like "Ember" did? I can see it now, new/low MR players crying about how Saryn steals all the kills blah nerf blah blah nerf (I liked how 3.0 spore changes burnt out quickly on low level missions) That was smart! On a side note, I know this is about spores but Can Molt be changed so health regen is part of Molt and the speed boost be on the Augment instead? I hate volt speed buff and I'm fast enough already.
  2. I use channeling all the time in stealth missions (enemy killed with channeling their body disappears) How is this effect and things like "Life steal" going to be handled? I think dumping your whole Combo Counter into "one" attack is soooooooooo wrong! If you do use this system, I think it would be more fair if a Heavy attack used a set amount of hits from the Combo Counter giving the player more choice of a few big hits in a row, or deal with one big guy but then still have the bonus damage from the counter to continue killing higher level enemy. Edit: Grammer
  3. Sorry DE But just as I suspected Onslaught and ESO are just as broken on console as PC A: Not enough enemy B: 50% of enemy that spawn just sit in the corners not moving or gather around an Eximus or Fun-nulli C Enemy pathing is just horrid, causing players to run all over the map for 1 & 2 kills in every room making efficiency just plummet D. Rewards filled with rubbish I don't need 300 of each and drop rates that make buying the items easier and way less stress On a good note, Only one DC from host migration so far Plague Star (for me) is horrid, same problems that made me not play PoE any more Enemy that match the environment with dirty dust bowl lightning, or pitch black night where you can't see your hand in front of your face. I just hate going there and (for me) is the worst game play experience just beating out the 2nd place black rabbit hole Kuva fortress I'm not salty....Just disappointed :0(
  4. I got my goggles ready for the salt storm that is coming. I'm even considering just farming the crap out of plague star till the first few hot fixes hit us.
  5. I'm guessing they are having issues with cert due to all the bugs in "Onslaught" Beside all the issues with host migration causing problems, If they haven't fixed the enemy scaling in "NORMAL" mode, no one but pre-made meta groups are getting past round 6 with ease to get the Khora drops in round 8. Low > Mid rank new players ain't gonna get Khora anytime soon
  6. LOL DramaQueen, if you been playing 2 and half years you would know we get a cert update every month, sometimes 2. Take a break, smell the coffee, or read a book maybe. The update looks good other than Khora...what a mess she is Considering how well Nidus, Octavia, Harrow, and Gara were designed......Khora is like a black friday on Wall St. I don't understand how She has the statts of a DPS frame, but has CC abilities, Then not have the power base to be a caster...SMH IMO She is MR fodder and I'll just wait 2 years for the rework.....pffff
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