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  1. JakeVanV

    players got banned for exploiting a bug

    Using a macro is irrelevant, because it is possible to just bind it to your scroll wheel and it would work pretty much the same
  2. JakeVanV

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    How difficult will the Railjack be to build? will it be possible for solo clans to build?
  3. JakeVanV

    Holiday Wishlist & A Happy New Year!

    A puppy-playground in the relay <3 It would be cool if you could train your dog and make it slightly smarter/stronger. :3
  4. JakeVanV

    Coming Soon: Devstream #64!

    Any chance of being able to use SOME of the augments on exilus slots?
  5. JakeVanV

    Is There No More Warframe Etiquette

    More like: "Wow, we got a trinity prime blueprint! lets go to 40 to see if we get another" *19 waves later* WARFRAME HAS CRASHED
  6. JakeVanV

    New Contest: No Stamps Required

    Oh boy! First archwing submission! (I think) w/ kubrow /wo kubrow
  7. JakeVanV

    Which Warframes Do You See The Least?

    Loki's. They're always invisible!
  8. JakeVanV

    Greedy Milk Won

    Sounds like a cool idea. paint.net ftw
  9. JakeVanV

    New Contest: Crafting Season!

    My Lex Prime out of nothing but paper and tape :3 Sorry for the Low-Quality. If your wondering, the 2nd image says "JakeVanV" and "Lex prime"