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  1. It may have already been pointed out but I would like to mention that sense mods are key to the games progression more so than any amount of materials or credits. That the addition of a "Mod Booster" will be extremely appealing to new players. With mod drop chances as low as some are, a doubling wouldn't even amount to much of a change at all, but a new player may not understand this and buy the booster thinking that they can take a big shortcut and develop better load outs faster. Not that long ago the game had a built in system to help with getting mods faster but like its been pointed
  2. Gauss's battery takes way, way too long to charge when in Redline. I feel like I'm wasting half my duration just trying to get it charged. It also seems to take this long regardless of applied duration. So it's not really a duration problem. Finally. It takes you out of the action. I can only speak for myself, but knowing that the goal is to charge the battery as soon as I hit 4 makes me feel like I have to hit %100 to accomplish anything. So I start spamming 1&3 over and over again to feel like I've gotten the most out of his Redline ability. I just ask that you all at D
  3. A problem that I see is that the opposing team can for all intent and purposes "camp" their rivals inzone. As an example; Sun scores on Moon and leaves Moons inzone. They get their scoops back, then immediatly rush in to steal the lunaro and score again and again and again...etc. Effectivly locking down the opposing team. This is a major problem when the match ups provide uneven teams. I see a couple of ways to fix this Option 1 A grace perioud of a few seconds, in which time the scoring team cannot enter their rivals inzone, allowing a team to throw the Lunaro out of their inz
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