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  1. i´ve been only getting one drop for each stream, even if watching it fully. 😭
  2. Clan Name: X D Warlord/s & IGNs for each: Hidrio How many members/clan size: GhostClan 10 with 3 actives Time Zone/Area of the Clan: GMT-3, BRAZIL After meeting some of this alliance members, i'm more than happy to apply here! I'm looking for nice community to share my gameplay with. :D
  3. I've head over to ceres boss Lieutenant Lech Kril with banshee hopping to make it faster with banshee sonar, after having bunch of grinner on me i use banshee abilitie Silence and after that, Krill runs off the fighting area and when i catch up with him he just stands there aiming at me, but not attacking or doing anything at all. this happen to me 3 times in a row. since i needed orokin cells, i head over to Saturn boss General Sargas Ruk, and like in krill after using Silince with Ruk, he just stand there doing nothing, stuck in his attack animation (the one he punches the ground).
  4. hey mate! I dont think you/we can trade vauban parts. :s i dont know about the helmet skins tho. a tip to get it, there's this twitter for warframe alerts, to keep you on track of any vauban part that may become avaiable :) cheers
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