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  1. been doing the k drive races and they are the worst thing ever in this game thing like and dislike and what need to be fix changed sorted what i like there fun to use when they work what i hate the never do ask i input the act like there on ice when grinding they give up and stop doing it what need change k drives need better handling better controls on console and make it where if they tap there toe they do get thrown 6000m away
  2. K drives don't need to be smoother the need changing you slide all over place need sorting the grinding on polls don't get me started on how bunk of S#&$ that is the one race I can't do as you have to grind and by the time you get to the end you 500 ft in a hole
  3. I'm asking de to revamp the k drive as they handle so bad they go all over the place it like you ice sliding every ware please sort it and make it better and not give up on it please the k drive was a wicked thing only to be left behind like a hunk of poo
  4. i dont even know where to find that as the website is also all over the place i only know this one in warframe there are many thing i love but k drive sucks
  5. the k drive are that bad and rubbish i see why the dev abounded the hell out of it they need to fix it it like handling a something that has a mind of it own they need to refine it and sort it before doing anything but they wont
  6. using the k drive is so rubbish and crap even arch wing is 1000x better then poopy k drive the control like poo and handle like poo fix it
  7. It defo the game as no other game does it this game has now turn off my system all together 7 times this game will never be played again as game that do this are trash and dev only go for greed guess they smelled the money and to blind to see they need to fix the GAME
  8. this game with every update the game frame rate get worse and worse and not one fix with how bad it is now on Xbox one x i thought it be more stable but was i wrong it so bad doing task
  9. no as when shotting him I was doing the dmg but his bar wasn't greyed out
  10. i was playing a mission killing level 60 and the shadow stalker comes and i was able to remove his blue shield but his health was not going down at all but when i giving dmg
  11. not one bit of dust but also endless loading in this game is why ill go as i have to close game every 5 mins when doing dry dock mission
  12. so playing this game and game crashed and turned my whole console off and i say any game that does it don't get played ever again and i unstill it as it means the de have now given up and gone to money and i hope de are not going like this but seen how broken war frame is getting it looks that way
  13. doing wave rider and since coming back to warfare I seen that they have messed with perfect controls of the k drive it now does stuff it never did like wont listen when i go drive back it will go forward instead or just start going in circles for no reason de sort it and stop messing with things that are not broken and braking them
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