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  1. Ive been playing around with builds, and i must say, i think its a really missed opportunity that Enveloping Cloud does not take on all of the new properties of Cloudwalker, aka healing teammates. This would really boost his team synergy, and make him a much more usefull frame. As it stands hes definitely more fun, but his usefulness meter has barely moved. I would really like to see that function being added to either the base ability or his augment.
  2. Appreciate al lthe fixes, but we have serious breakage in the arch gun modding menus
  3. Can we get the new snow globe glyphs as physical decorations? That would look awesome.id pay a good amount of plat for that. And can we get a fix for players not able to enter our orbitor rooms?
  4. I just spent like an he going thru this saving songs to use later, and I don't think I made it even halfway thru this list lol. Amazing job as usual. All I can say is 1)De needs to add more song save slots and expand the mandacord 2) I hope DE gives you something like partner status for this amazing contribution to the community. If not, if we ever meet at a bar, drinks are on me.
  5. Do you get a riven if you preorder? Notes are always vauge on this
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