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  1. your playing with symantics to try and justify your position. content is something you play, not something you look at. yay a boss fight i run 4-5 times till i get the weapon and then stop because theres no further reason to play it and despite being the best designed boss fight in the game is irritating as hell. they may know about it, but they arent doing anything about it. and this isnt the first time either, this has been going on since sd and been getting progressively worse. that was my bloody point, theres such a lack of meant and potatoes content, despite being at the very end of the game i would literally take the reworked player experience as serious content. For the first time in 6 years ive stopped logging into warframe, and started seriously playing other games i only played casually, and this will probably continue till DE puts out a real update. I also took the money i set aside for Prime Access and preordered Shadowkeep instead. I used to be a blind DE can do no wrong player like yourself, dont worry you will lose the scales over your eyes one day.
  2. 1)Tennogen isnt even made by DE, its made by a third party. All DE has to do is approve it and drop it into the game. Tennogen isnt content, period. 2)Railjack was teased as soon tm content a year and now 3 months ago. Thats not pumping out new game content. We havnt even had the drydock added yet which is supposed to come first to signal railjacks arrival and allow players to prep for it. 3)Maybe hes commenting it under every update notes so DE gets the message? We dont need more ideas for new content, DE has great ones, they just havnt implemented them yet. At this point i would take the new player experience as decent content to wait out the drought with.
  3. wait what? so thats why i havnt gotten any more despite clearing all the invasion missions. still, baaad design choice. thats worse then the 4 nitain per day, and, you removed that time gate....
  4. Yall do know that Warframe China is published by ChangYou and not DE right? DE only creates the material, ChangYou is the culprit here. Your placing blame at the feet of the wrong party. DE cant even do anything about it since they dont have majority share in the stock.
  5. Ive been playing around with builds, and i must say, i think its a really missed opportunity that Enveloping Cloud does not take on all of the new properties of Cloudwalker, aka healing teammates. This would really boost his team synergy, and make him a much more usefull frame. As it stands hes definitely more fun, but his usefulness meter has barely moved. I would really like to see that function being added to either the base ability or his augment.
  6. Appreciate al lthe fixes, but we have serious breakage in the arch gun modding menus
  7. Can we get the new snow globe glyphs as physical decorations? That would look awesome.id pay a good amount of plat for that. And can we get a fix for players not able to enter our orbitor rooms?
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