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  1. Keeping it effective.......,Unfortunately I would like to inform you that that did not happen Dear DE, I have invested a lot of time and effort to rank up in fortuna, grinded for resources to build catchmoon and finally invested more time to Rank it up and learn how to use it, AS a customized weapon its built towards high tier content {lvl 60+}, which is currently the path that warframe has been semi_enforcing with the high level material {starting from Fortuna Exploiter Orb Bounty and recently the newest Kuva Fissure}. I totally understand the Riven Disposition Change sin order to Balance the Catchmoon with other kitguns, However its functionality was never affected before and without Rivens it was still fairly balanced with other Kitguns, even with its Magazine and Surface hindered limitations, this was a matter of skill and player management to the weapon, Further more the Kitgun did its job good enough for High Tier missions {Sortie 2,3 - ESO - Arbitrations - High Tier Bounties - Orbs/Eidolon}. >>After the update I am having trouble killing enemies in Sanctuary Onslaught "Normal not Elite" at wave 6 [Enemy Lvl 55+] at close range [less than 12m] Kindly Review the damage numbers and reconsider the changes, the Damage Falloff seems to be severe! so am not sure if bugged or not If you are looking for Figures for your numbers , Then: -Decreased range of projectile from 40m to 30m and fall off range from 20-30m to 18-26m. Hope this feedback reaches you
  2. Hi DE, Ty for ur hard work as always This is just a quick feedback for The Leverian: >Structure Looks neat but need alil more work "as mentioned by others looks a bit like a place holder" >I love the narration and the showcasing for items, may be add alil animated/cinematic scene and this will be a great library of sorts >Please, Please and kindly please , [Replay Intro] is needed as I was just clicking stuff while i was watching stream and I missed couple of mins in the beginning, Also a good idea for future plans and/or similar content to have notification that its gonna have narration/cinematic, just so i can mute the other stuff 😉 Thank you DE Team
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