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    Hotfix 18.0.2

    I personally feel that adding a cap to focus makes it really feel like syndicates 2.0 Now that IS just me, just the vibe I got from reading the new cap. I feel it should either be way higher or that it should not exist at all. It really felt like a free flowing, natural, second nature kind of thing. Now it's..just another thing to cap and logoff. If you even DO hit the cap, which is asking a lot. Just my feelings on this one specific change in particular. Not knocking anything else right now.
  2. Horoutama

    Coming Soon: Devstream #39!

    Don't know if its been asked before, can't find it. WILL THERE BE: A manual frame limit option? PLEASE, either add this in or tell us where to mod your game to set this! Im getting nearly 1000 frames in your menus, 500 when outside of combat, and around a solid 190-220 IN combat. THE COIL WHINE IS INSANE. Please just let me set what frame limit I want. 150 to 200 would be nice, thank you. PS. We all know V-sync is garbage. Don't tell us to use vsync.